Top 10 Best Metal Master Beyblades

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1 Meteo L-Drago

The best attack and balance Bey I have ever seen. Close your eyes and buy it. It can throw Hell Kerbecs also.

BEST BEY EVER! My Meteo L-Drago completely ripped apart my Earth Eagle and my other best Beys with just one hit! And I didn't even launch it hard! If you're going against someone who's annoying, or you don't like or hate... I completely recommend this Bey!

It's one of the best Beys that I have ever seen. It destroyed my Twisted Tempo and it went out of the stadium. I recommend this Bey.

2 Galaxy Pegasus

It's a good Bey with great force. It can beat Ray Striker easily with fabulous attacks, and it can defend against Meteo L-Drago's attack powers. It also defeated Burn Fireblaze. It's a very powerful Bey and one of the best attack-type Beyblades in the world. Galaxy Pegasus is an awesome Bey!

It's been a year since I've had Galaxy Pegasus. He might have lost some battles, but next time he comes back with revenge. My Pegasus becomes stronger day by day. We are good partners. I wish that one day my Galaxy Pegasus would evolve into Cosmic or Big Bang Pegasus.

3 Hell Kerbecs

Hell Kerbecs is the best Bey ever, believe me, guys. I have five friends in my street, all with different Beys. I have Gravity Destroyer, Rock Aries, Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Assault, Fang Leone, and Hell Kerbecs. Hell Kerbecs has defeated all my other Beys, plus my friend's Meteo L-Drago and even Basalt Horogium! It's really the awesomest Bey ever! Worth buying.

This Bey is very awesome! When I say awesome, I mean awesome! This can send opponents out of the stadium. It is also hard to find because it is a very awesome Bey. If you need a good Beyblade, your choice is right here. Get it as soon as possible!

4 Gravity Destroyer

Gravity Destroyer is a totally awesome Bey. It truly has awesome defense and stamina, and a little attack. But it's awesome. And it can spin with both left and right launchers!

It is the best Bey. I don't believe that it must have 6th position. It beats my Meteo L-Drago, Hell Kerbecs, and Rock Leone. It also beats my Black Sun Galaxy Pegasus. It's the best Beyblade.

Wow, what can I say? It spins left and right and has a defense and counter mode. It looks awesome. In a match, after losing, you can change its type to defense or attack to suit the situation. Not only that, but you can change its direction of rotation and slay Meteo L-Drago, which I used to like. No Bey can survive the wrath of Gravity Perseus/Destroyer.

5 Nightmare Rex
6 Sol Blaze

Sol Blaze is the ultimate. Its rare and unique performance tip gives it ultimate stamina, and its legendary fusion wheel gives it equal attack and equal defense. It is the ultimate BEY!

Sol Blaze rocks. My Sol Blaze Eclipse broke my Cosmic Pegasus. You must buy it. It's also cool.

Sol Blaze is the coolest Beyblade ever. My Sol Blaze Eclipse broke my Cosmic Pegasus.

7 Twisted Tempo

My Twisted Tempo absolutely destroyed my friend's Meteo L-Drago with no hassle. My Twisted Tempo is super old, and my friend's was brand new, but mine knocked his out of the park. Definitely deserves to be number 1.

Cool and very nice Beyblade. It rocks and it's balanced. It's a legendary Bey.

Its defense and stamina are unmatched!

8 Rock Aries
9 Fang Leone

One of the best lion Beyblades ever!

10 Flame Byxis

The best Metal Master Beyblade ever. Its tall spin track 230 helps the Bey to sustain more damage and evade harmful attacks on the metal wheel. It can defeat Meteo L-Drago easily by not letting it absorb spin. It can defeat many other Beys.

Flame Byxis is awesome. It beat my Hell Kerbecs and my Galaxy Pegasus without breaking a sweat.

The Contenders
11 Spiral Capricorn

It is the coolest Beyblade, in my opinion. It defeated Meteo L-Drago, Twisted Tempo, L-Drago Destroyer, Phantom Orion, and Galaxy Pegasus. It has solid attacking power. I must think it should be in first place.

What is it doing here? It should be at Destroyer's place. It can beat every other Beyblade and is in the maximum series because of its metal flat tip, and the screw wheel has great upper attack.

I have that Beyblade, and it is just awesome! I agree that Spiral Capricorn should be first!

12 Rock Zurafa
13 Thermal Lacerta

Thermal Lacerta is amazing and deserves to be in the top 10 at least.

14 Earth Virgo
15 Storm Pegasis
16 Beat Lynx

Beat Lynx is awesome. It has attack and defense modes, plus its Spin Track is the fourth heaviest.

17 Thunder Leone

This guy is not good fresh out of the package. His performance tip is not good until you wear it down a lot. I do it with sandpaper.

18 Evil Befall
19 Ray Gil

NO, man! It is the strongest Bey in the world. It is awesome. It is the hottest Bey in the entire UNIVERSE. It is the strongest attack type Bey, and it can defeat Meteo L Drago, Twisted Tempo, Ultimate Meteo L Drago, etc... And all Beyblades in the world.

20 Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Assault

Great Bey! It destroyed my Lightning L-Drago and even knocked out Flame Byxis. Awesome Bey.

21 Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Rush
22 Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Attack

It's the best. It has beaten Beys like Meteo L-Drago and Ultimate Meteo L-Drago with ease. If I say this Bey should be in the top ten, it has a lot of balance and attack. It spins like a balance top with high attack. It even defeated very strong stamina Beys like Earth Eagle and Earth Virgo. This is the best Bey I've ever seen.

It is the best Beyblade and can defeat mostly all Beyblades. It is also very fast and an attack type. I have had this Beyblade for many years, and for me, it is the best Beyblade ever made in the whole world.

23 Storm Capricorn

It has a very good attack. Its tip is so much stronger, and it also beats the Dark Bull and Earth Eagle.

24 Vulcan Horuseus

Vulcan Horuseus is strong, and it is a great Bey. It has a strong metal Bey on two sides.

Love the thing's smash attacks! It sent my Kerbecs flying a few times.

25 Poison Virgo
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