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1 Meteo L-Drago Meteo L-Drago Product Image

Is this a question for anime? Of course its gonna be the best and strongest I mean it even took down Twisted Tempo. This bey pretty much was one of the most invincible ones in beyblade

Fun fact, Meteo L-Drago was never defeated in the anime. Plus its spin steal irl is INSANE. And satisfying UwU Even when its stamina is still good its speed is also crazy. It has a Left Flat performance tip, and I'm pretty sure it's one of the fastest performance tips, second only to R2F. Overall it's my favorite bey and it belongs to my favorite character

L-Drago with its maxed out strength it has only been beaten twice, once by Gingka with storm Pegasus and the other with diablo nemesis a forbidden bladder where Ryuga died giving it his all.
Even though Gingka had beaten L-Drago Ryuga shows Gingka once again whos boss when he beat orion, Pegasus and variares at the same time.
So it is safe to say with a strong bey and a strong blader that L-Drago is far the strongest bey and is unmatched.

Meteo l drago has spin steal and it crushed my galaxy pegusis, it should be best by far. In the movie meteo is undeafeatable so I don't understand why galaxy is on the top of this list. Also it's attack is crazily good. It knocked my friends best bey out of the stadium in under 12 second. BEST BEY BY FAR!

2 Galaxy Pegasus

It's a good bey with a great force. It can beat ray striker easily with a fabulous attacks and it can defend meteo l-drago's attack powers. It also defeat burn fireblaze. Its very powerful bey and one of the best attack type Beyblade in the world. Galaxy Pegasus is awesome bey in the world!

It had been a year since I am having galaxy pegasus. He would have loose some battle but next time comes with revenge. My pegasus becames stronger day by day. We are the good partners. I wish that one day my galaxy pegasus would evolve into cosmic or big bang pegasus.

It's a great attack type bey which rocks the stadium with its strong attack forces. It really moves very quick and smashes beys with its great fusion wheel. I have never got an fabulous Beyblade ever. It's my favuorite bey.

This is an awesome butt scratcher, I use this to massage my ass. Little babies play Beyblade so I use Beyblades to scratch my huge ass. My cousins spin the Beyblade on top of my ass and it makes it go red.

3 Basalt Horogium Basalt Horogium Product Image

It is the best defense bey. It even has a good stamina, and it jumps every body. Buy it!

He is the strongest and it beets all the bey battles. It even has great defense so it can beat rock leone, storm pegasus, storm capricorn, it beats meteo l-drago. It is 10 times stronger then meteo l- drago. You got to listen to me or not, you will get the bey, that is much more weaker then basalt horogium!

Twisted tempo is clearly the best bey. Its weight allows it to throw opposing beys around like rag dolls. Its performance tip allows it to go on a near endless rampage around the stadium. It has a high spin track for increased stamina and defense. And it looks simply divine. I f you ever find one of these rare oddities, buy it. Its well worth it. I have this bey and it hasn't lost a single match to date even against earth eagle.

Basalt Horogium is the best because right below my note it says that Basalt Horogium is 10 times stronger then meteo L-drago and it says that he will win almost every Beyblade battle. If you go on YouTube Basalt Horogium will win just about any battle. He is cool because he will win hard battles with a metal Fusion and metal masters Beyblades. It's my favorite Beyblade and I think it is #1!

It looks like a classic beyblade, however it is quite original. It has a very high defense stat because the wheel is almost completely circular. Even though it is a little bit gimmicky, it is very good and can beat most beyblades in direct combat (other then very long lasting beyblades such as burn fireblaze) If it didn't have the sipral staircase of death, it would be #1.

4 Hell Kerbecs

Damian Hart is my favorite character that was first introduced in Masters, and his special move is really cool. Like he literally sends people to hell what. and the bey itself is really cool and fun to use

Hell kerbecs is the best bey ever believe me guys I have 5 friends in my street and all with different beys I have gravity destroyer, rock aries, ultimate meteo L-Drago assault, fang Leone and hell kerbecs. Hell kerbecs has defeated all my other beys plus my friend's meteo l-drago and even basalt horogium! Really awsomest bey ever! Worth buying it

This is the best Beyblade ever. It can defeat every bey. It is extremely good if it is in boost mode. Don't even think once before buying. Close your eyes and buy it. If you think twisted tempo is a tough cookie, then just use the sliding shoot technique. Moreover it is a maximum series Beyblade due to its fusion wheel which is 50 millimetres wide. This is the widest non 4D fusion wheel. It can even defeat 4D beys. One good customisation in which hell kerbecs can be used is Hell Kerbecs BD145 EWD [boost mode]. It can defeat every bey in this mode.

This bey is very awesome! When I say awesome, I mean awesome! This can send opponents out of the stadium. It is also hard to find because it is a very awesome bey. If you need a good Beyblade, your choice is right here. Get it as soon as possible!

5 Gravity Destroyer

Wow what can I say it spins left and right. Has a defense and counter mode. It looks owsome. In a match after losing you can change its type to defense or attack to suit the situation not only that you cange change eits dirrection of rotation and slay Meteo L Drago which I used to like. But no bey can survives the wrath of GRAVITY PERSEUS/DESTROYER

See guys there are four legendary or master beys.
The beys are:
ATTACK: METEO L DRAGO. Because if you spin it with your own hands in a bey stadium against libra or lacerta etc it sucks up its opponents energy and defeats the bey

Defense: GRAVITY DESTROYER. Because it's a left spin defense bey. A left spin bey always has a advantage against a right spin bey. It's the only left spinnig defense bey so it always has win against its weakness, the STAMINA BEYS.

BALANCE: EARTH EAGLE. Because it has the best balance tip and a spintrack, its variety is that it balances its opponents bey's attack and and reflects the bey with a outstanding power.

STAMINA: EVIL BEFALL. The best stamina bey was BURN PHOENIX and it is the strongest stamina bey in metal fusion. So the metal master beys are a bit more stronger than metal fusion beys, when evil befall was
Out in shops all around the world it said in episodes that it had an endless stamina so think EVIL BEFALL IS STRONGER ...more

Gravity Destroyer is totally awesome bey. It truly has awesome defense and stamina. And little attack. But its awesome. And it can spin with left launcher and also with right!

It is the best bey. I don't believe that it must have 6th position. It beats my meteo ldrago, hell kerbecs and rock Leone. It also beats my black sun galaxy Pegasus. It's the best Beyblade.

6 Earth Eagle

Earth eagle is number 1! It spins smoothly around the stadium super well. One time he had so much stamina that he was spinning after my best stamina type {it's a lie he's beaten it every time}. One time he beat all of my 8 beys with only one launch easily. Last but not least he has perfect attack, stamina, and defensive power.P. S he always goes around the stadium a lot!

Technically not a metal masters Beyblade, but overall can beat many others even spin stealing ones like Ldrago. It's defense is second to none and any bey with wd tends to be really good in terms of stamina, smash attack, and defense. It's my favorite!

Earth eagle can beat the hell out of burnfire
Blaze. The Beyblade has bottom tip that last forever and good defense and sometimes attack. Awesome Beyblade.

Earth eagle has incredibly good balance, defense and stamina which makes it a powerful bey. It has also a strong metal which is nearly inpeitratable.

7 Burn Fireblaze

I have that one and also it bounced out of the stadium and then came back in and hit my brothers out of the stadium and hit him in face.

I prefer l-drago destroyer but burn boy smashed it through the wall of my stadium!

It is the best Beyblade ever.
It has awesome stamina.

If you use a defense performance tip, 125 or higher, burn from this and the rest of these parts from this bey or cetus, it like unbeatable

8 Ray Unicorno Ray Unicorno Product Image

Ray striker is very good as it has both stamina and attack power. It defeated my gravity destroyer and broke the fusion wheel of earth eagle. Its fusion wheel is a great attack wheel. It even made my earth eagle scrape the stadium floor!

Ray unicorno is so the best it has both stamina and attack which every attack type needs.

I recommend this bey, do not get meteoldrago as it doe's not always steal stamina, sometimes it gives stamina and twisted tempo(Basalthorogium) is alright but I have it and used it against unicorno and was defeated so get unicorno.

I have ray striker. It is super. I like it very much in bey blades. It attack has broken my brothers rock leone spin track.

Ray unicorno is cool because it has both stamina and attack power you got to get it it has a rubber coated performance tip!

9 Rock Leone

Very good bey it can beat every bey like Diablo Nemesis, Earth Eagle, Dark Bull, Strom Capricorn, Meteo L-Drago, Lightning L-Drago, Basalt Horogium, Phantom Orion, Jade Jupiter, Hell Kerbecs, Ray Unicorno, Rock Giraffe and every other Beyblade in the world. It is really outstanding bey please vote for him and buy him if you want

This guy rocks. I bought it 2 days ago. Awesome bey. No joke, it beat 1 Basalt Horogium, 2 Rock Giraffe, 1 Gravity Perseus, 3 Burn Fireblaze and 1 Lightning L Drago. It is attacking type. You should buy and upgrade it. My brothers bey also rocks but it is L Drago Destroy. It is also a good bey but always lose to me.

Leone beats all the beys. His fusion wheel has high defense. Leones performance tip is like a ball and goes incredibly fast. I have him and he is the best Beyblade because all of his parts are realistic

My name is Bhupender. It's a very good beyblade. It has a lot of defense, stamina and balance. So please vote for it. Its really a very bey. It defeated all my friends beys in a few seconds.

10 Rock Giraffe Rock Giraffe Product Image

It is so awesome. The rubber wings o its spin track look so epic! I promise if I would see any beyblades first of all I would pick up rock zurafa. It slows down other beys because of its rubber wings. Its defense is too good. No bey in the world can beet rock zurafa. All of the beys are great but rock zurafa rocks and rules the world and history of beyblade. It also looks so cool. It can also defeat meteo ldrago! Its just too awesome.

Very good Rock Giraffe is a great bey due to it having the ability to right. Rock Giraffe also has a unique color scheme being all yellow, Overall Rock Giraffe is a great bey being able to hold it's own in battle with defense

Rock zurafa is the strongest bey ever. It defeated my earth eagle please vote. Best beyblade

It is a great bey! It can defend from below attacks, If you switch it's soin track with Galaxy Pegasus' spin track, It will rule the stadium.

The Contenders
11 Phantom Orion B:D

Hey whats this orion is in 19 position presently and it is the king of stamina it has 2 modes stamina and attak. in attack mode its stamina is not less but in stamina mode it can defeat all the beys above it all the beys. If you find this Beyblade somewhere never ever regret buying it. Or else you will regrei in the future

Its just invincible bey it spins for 7 minutes it can change modes between attack and stamina it is the best stamina bey with ball bearing in it which makes it unbeatable. Through this bey I had defeated all the metal fusion metal master and metal fury beyblade

This bey is great. Phantom Orion is my favorite and best Beyblade because of it's bottom. It beat samurai ifret. He is down at the bottom. I also relish him because he has attack mode and stamina mode. Also my little brother gets mad because he knows he is going to loose. In conclusion phantom Orion is the best because of its bottom the B part

He is awesome! He can stay balanced and has two modes. I am getting him for my birthday. He can also become a stamina that can spin for 7-8 minutes! Buy him, because he is incrediply awesime in stamina and balance!

12 Sol Blaze

Sol blaze's spin track some time give a special ability to make its fusion wheel and clear wheel move in both the directions in between the battle.
Its high stamina, attack and defense makes it strong too.
It too can befeat the one and only Diablo Nemesis X

Sol Blaze is the ultimate its rare and unique performanse tip gives it ultimate stamina and its legendary fusion wheel gives it equal attack and equal defense. It is the ultimate BEY!

Sol blaze rocks. My sol blaze eclipse broke my cosmic pegasus. You must buy it. Its also cool.

Sol blaze is the coolest Beyblade ever. My sol blaze eclipse broke my cosmic pegasus.

13 L-Drago Destroyer

L drago destroy is the best bey in the world. It can absorb the opponents stamina. Plez buy him. It broke my cousins earth eagle.

It can absorb the Energy of Other beys and his His Energy Ring is metal! That's so awesome!

This beyblade kicks other beys out of the stadium! Buy it! Please!

I don't know why dis is 14 it should be number 1 I was fightning my friend and I had dis bey and he had Galaxy Pegasus and I still won. C:

14 Gravity Perseus

Gravity Destroyer is a great bey due to it having the ability to spin left and right. Gravity Destroyer also has a unique color scheme being all black, and sorta purplish. Overall Gravity destroyer is a great bey being able to hold it's own in battle with defense and counter-attack.

Gravity destroyer can spin both ways! I think it can beat Meteo L-Drago. I really want to own it! By the way, does anyone know what Gravity Destroyer's special attack is?

My gravity destroyer just smashed meteo-l drago out of the stadium it's a very good bey indeed and the most interesting part it can spin both sides.

You know my gravity destroyer smashed hell kerbecs with a special move. And its stamina is also great. It's my favorite Beyblade.

15 Rock Zurafa

Rock zurafa and rock giraffe are the same thing same with grav. Destroyer and grav. Perseus

Best bey ever made

16 Twisted Tempo

My twisted absolutely destroyed my friends Meteo L-Drago with no hassle. My twisted is super old, and my friends was brand new, but mine knocked hos out of the park. Def deserves to be number 1.

Twisted tempo has limited defense and deserves to be at least 4 place and also I have it.

P.S. it keeps spinning.

Cool and very nice beyblade, it rocks and it balanced it's a legendary bey

It's defense and stamina is unmatched!

17 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasus is pure awesome! It has so many modes! Such as: omnidirectional attack mode, barrage attack mode, smash attack mode, upper attack mode and final drive.

Big bang Pegasus has an amazing speed. It can defeat many beyblades like Meteo L-Drago, Earth Eagle, Poison Serpent etc. It has four modes.

I just got my very first Beyblade and its Big Bang Pegasus. I like it because the name is so cool and its named after the birth of the Universe.

It's the most awesome bey I ever watch in Beyblade.

18 Infinity Libra

Infinity Libra was banned for a LONG while until the fixed the fusion wheel issue that made it insanely powerful. Now its power is very powerful and still a good match. It is like a twin of the thunder libra which has a very similar fusion wheel. So I would say this bey should at least be in the top five.

Infinty libra is awesome it defeated my grand cetus with a stadium out cool.

Do yu people know how mush power infinity libra can bring!? It was banned for its power until they removed a few of its fusion wheel parts then it was a fair fight but any way IT IS INSANELY POWERFUL!

Infinity libra rules, it won against my burn fireblaze and twisted tempo

19 Diablo Nemesis

Best one ever he crushes all my beys and I never ever will lose to my friends because his switcher makes him have the upper hand and able to destroy in seconds on his attack mode has tons of stamina.

This is by far one of the strongest beys! It beat my meteo l drago. basalt horogium and more. I don't know why they put rock leone on top,I beat my friend's rock leone 3 to 0.

I love this bey because my friend has this bey we did a match so he win

Worst bey ever

20 Fang Leone

Place it to be 1 plaese vote for it it is the best beyblade in the world go to a stor and say Tyrin send you. You will get at lest 400 bey if you make it number 1 I will pay you $44 a day come on it kicks butt it even beat ld and 123 bey some of it was a peguse and leone vote for it and buy it

One of the best lion beyblade ever!

21 Thermal Lacerta

Thermal Lacerta is amazing and deserves to be in the top 10 at least.

22 Nightmare Rex

Has a awesome spintrack and awesome designs. Nightmare Rex can beat glaxy pegasis but can't beat fang leon

I haven't seem this bey but I herd it has awesome powers but gravity destroyer attack is stronger

23 Grand Cetus

I have the green one. He is awesome. I really like the face bolt. I love the tip. He spins for a long time. I have had him for now 2 weeks. I have always wanted him. I got him in a double pack with hyper orso. He is awesome too. I have wanted a defense type Beyblade. I got it. I got the two pack at Toys R Us.

24 Diablo Nemisis Xd

It is sick it is the the worlds heaviest Beyblade and because of that most of the time it will win. It weight's about 62.5 grams. It has two modes mormal (attack) and ultimate balance (because it is a balance type anyway) but I just think you should buy it.

Amazing, it has attack and defense the performance tip can be changed to either mode. It has several modes and is a 4d season bey.

Diablo Nemisis is the ultimate attack type and can beat any bayblade if you use it in the right stadium.

25 Rock Aries

Rock Aries is the best bablade it blocks attacks has good balance, stamina and defense in a stadium it can defeat ray striker, meteo l-drago, and earth eagle it must get at least 5 in the least

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