Top 10 Strongest / Most Powerful Beyblade Bladers of All Time

This list tells the 10 strongest bladers from the original Beyblade to Beyblade Metal Fury. It is based on the characters' own strength only without borrowing from others.
The Top Ten
1 Ryuga

There is no discussion to be had, Ryuga is and always will be the strongest. His strength is universally recognized. He overcame the dark power all by himself, and he turned it into his own new power. He's a well respectable guy with overwhelming and fearsome strength. He doesn't get cocky, he's confident in his own power and the power of his bey because he trains so damn hard. Everyday and every moment, Ryuga is training to become stronger and stronger. No one works as hard as Ryuga does. Kyoya would be a close second. But no one else worked harder than Ryuga, and his efforts paid off, every blader acknowledges him. And any viewer with half a working brain acknowledges his strength as well. Ryuga is the strongest and that's undisputed.

Nobody comes close. I'm talking all of Beyblade. The original, metal, and burst series'. The next best Blader is Kai or Brooklyn, yet Ryuga can just absorb their power, or if he doesn't want to, do you REALLY BELIEVE anybody could survive Dragon Emperor Life Destructor? As a side note: I do not believe in counting Bladers such as Rago and Gingka with the power of all Beys, as it isn't their own strength. Also, I'm saying he is #1 by far without Lightning L-Drago's wins and dominance. Yeah... Nobody comes close.

The strongest character in all of Beyblade, including spin-offs and different sagas. He taught me that it's up to each of us to determine our own limits. He started out greedy and unhinged, fully controlled by the dark power. After his defeat to Gingka, he found himself; broke free, and became the best Ryuga, the Meteo L-Drago wielding Ryuga. All he did was help the entire time, with not a drop of greed remaining. In 4D, he did become greedy once again with L-Drago Destroy, but it's important to remember that he did allow Kenta to follow him and be trained by him, and when he took Kenta seriously, he kept his promise. He fully intended to help Gingka defeat Nemesis, but unfortunately, Doji was there to taunt him out of it. Out of pride, he did fight Nemesis on his own, it was a huge mistake as no one Blader can defeat it. However, in the end, he let go of his pride and greed, giving away the one thing he had... His Blader's Spirit along with L-Drago to Kenta. He died a hero, and one ...more

Ryuga is only the best for training alone and be able to harness the power of the forbidden bay he relies only to himself. I believe ryuga he could beat rago if he had used his dark powers but only the fact that he didn't.Shows that he rather lose than mess the world up. He knew he could win with the cost of losing control but prefer not to he wanted to use only his real true power and not dark power that he didn't own and that shows immense pride. He knew he would lose like that but he just didn't care. And believe me if he was feeling threatened and wanted to finish him for real trust me he would.

2 Kai Hiwatari

To me Kai is the strongest because he's as powerful as he is and a great blader by his own merit. He doesn't have the luxury of protagonist plot armour and doesn't get any boosts from outside sources. He constantly defies logic and his bit-beast Dranzer is a beast. Kai is the only known one to defeat Brooklyn and mastered the metal hard system in a space of a few hours, being the fastest to master his new blade, It took the others days. He's also the only one who can control Black Dranzer. Also imagine Kai if he also had the protagonist plot armour and boosts? This guy would literally be unstoppable.

Kai will always gonna be the #1 Popular blader and strongest of all, nobody neither Ryuga or Rago can work hard as Kai, if he lose, he won't gonna stop until he beats the rival, that's why Kai is the best of all Franchise and Strongest of all franchise with Tyson and Brooklyn.

The best blader of all time. He's just like his Beyblade dranzer - a phionex. And has a killer attitude. Man also believes in fairplay. The only one known to defeat Brooklyn - the controller of Zeus. He plans his moves in such a way that defies human logic. Also, for those who say ryuga can spin steal from him, all HMS beys can spin in both directions.
Kai rocks!

Make Kai #1 please. If you don't believe me just watch 3 seasons from original series. He had best character development. His practice and struggle is depicted throughout the series and moment when he beats Brooklyn, even the viewers get satisfaction that finally he got what he deserved. His never give up attitude, calmness it all gets embedded in you when you watch him.

3 Tyson Granger

Come on Tyson is the strongest protagonist ever! he can beat Gingka, he did the same thing, save the world and battle a god of destruction, Gingka only won because the power of other bladers, even Ryuga use his own power to battle Rago, that's why Tyson is best Protagonist.

The one and only Tyson! the father who start all Franchise, of course if they do a Crossover, Tyson would be the strongest also the anime directors know about it since is the most iconic character.

Well Tyson is stronger than kai because he beat him in the first season to get his title and in the third season it was practically stated by kai that tyson was his motivation for blading cause he wanted to surpass him so up until there match in season 3 tyson was stronger than him. Furthermore Tyson beat him twice. Tyson beat all of the protagonists and fought brooklin who could create alternate realities, he also took down genetically enhance bladers now ginga did too but when I mean genetic I mean they had robots.

Tyson is significantly stronger than Gingka as he's won three world championships, to Gingka's one, his character was better developed (less Mary Sue had flaws to over come) and lastly he's faced and won against more powerful bladers, specifically Brooklyn who makes Rago look like Julian or Reiji by comparison (still powerful but outclassed and obsolete).

4 Gingka Hagane

Come on guys, he has the strongest blader spirit to have ever existed. The connection between him and pegasus is otherworldly. The title of "strongest" doesn't keep track of how many wins or losses someone has, it's about who continues to be at the top, and that's Gingka. His strength may not be immensly overwhelming like ryuga or kyoya, but it's there. And it always comes out on top in the end, especially when it really matters.

Lets be honest here, Ginkga has beaten everyone he faced properly in a 1V1 at some point in time. For example he lost to Yu in the survival contest but then beat him in the first round of the battle bladers. He is the number 1 trainer. He has been with us from the first episode. in which, he beat 100 face hunters (including Benke). Ginkga is OP and you can't deny the fact that he is a great trainer with the heart and attitude. If you ask me Gingka could beat Rago while handicapped if Rago did not steal the powers of the other legendary bladers. Ginkga can come up with special moves during battles (like when he beat Ryuga). He even never lost to Kyoya in the 4 times they battled. All of this 100% factual evidence proves that Ginkga is the greatest trainer of all time!

Gingka managed to defeat the God of Destruction. No one managed to do that but him alone. And for all of those who believe that Ryuga is stronger, keep in mind the last time they battled, Gingka had not yet mastered Pegasus. This should be the top 5.
Gingka and Pegasus have the strongest bladers spirit of all bladers. And they will forever soar across the galaxy as the greatest beyblade team of all time.

I think you are slightly wrong. I know that he took all the bladers spirit and combined it to win against the evil, but till the end he had not mastered his bey fully according to me. So if he would had mastered his bey then I am sure he would had won alone the battle with his spirit and beyblade pegasus. And we can say that combining all power is the ability only gingka is having. This also makes him powerful than all other blader.

5 Free De La Hoya

He is so awesome and should be #3.

He should be number 3

Should be number 2 or 3

6 Sakyo Kurayami
7 Kyoya Tategami

Kyoya didn't get bitter and toss himself to the side, no. He had the courage and strength to realize his own weaknesses and lackings, and he trained hard. He worked on himself constantly, and he got the results he deserved. I wouldn't call him the strongest, but Kyoya is certainly one of the strongest bladers out there.

Underrated he trains and works harder than Gingka, like Gingka was just plot armor, he, Kenta or Sora could be a better protagonist from Metal Era! him and Ryuga are the best bladers!

Kyoya is so strong. I think that his spirit is stronger than Gingka's and he definitely works a lot harder than Gingka, but the reason why Gingka has never lost to Kyoya in a one-on-one battle, at least not on screen, is because Gingka's bey is legendary and it's deemed the strongest in the world. But Kyoya did win in that battle royale in Fusion and was the first to win the 50,000 points needed for Battle Bladers, while Gingka was the last (but he was last because Phoenix destroyed his pointer, but still, Kyoya got in before him)

East or West kyoya is the best. you guys will ask that why I changed my opinion? Day before yesterday I see a dream that I have a Fang Leone and a star fragment goes inside my beyblade then kyoya comes and says that Leone is now yours. Next day waked up and I see that Fang Leone is in my hand then I changed my opinion and said that I will vote kyoya and I hate gingka and ryuga.

8 Lui Shirosagi

His bey is the first left spinning bust beyblade and is the beyblade in season 1 with a 100 % win rate.

Lui is da bomb! He has a %100 win streak with his lost Luinor and only lost twice with his lost Longinus. He is so overpowered and would crush everyone if his bey was a metal Beyblade.

Lui can beat ryuga

9 Brooklyn

Seriously? This ranking is probably a joke ... Brooklyn should be first as he is the natural genius of Beyblade. He can easily anticipate enemy attacks and copy their movements, he even has a vision of how the battle will end. He never trained in his life because he simply did not have to and was already at the world level in Beyblade. But that's not all, Brooklyn may solo the entire Beyblade (Original Series), Metal Saga and Burst, why? Because Brooklyn can distort reality (as it created a black hole that led to another dimension) and warping reality means that anything decision made in the past, any item ever created, any movement, choice, color, atom, or molecule that exists can be changed . All of existence bends to the imagination of a reality warper. Users can rewrite the laws of physics and then change them back in an instant, universes can bend to the will of a reality warper. Examples include erasing things out of existence, granting wishes, creating universes, creating / ...more

Brooklyn is far stronger than Tyson.
Tyson didn't beat His dark power.Tyson just Make Brooklyn to realize what actually beyblade spirit is.

A Beyblading genius and a reality warper at 10..This list is for toddlers leave alone kids.

Brooklyn is so strong he at least deserves to be in top 5.

10 Shu Kurenai

He is the secondary protagonist in beyblade burst and undoubtedly the hottest character in the whole franchise.
But there's more to him than his looks, he trained harder than anyone to become the best.

I also like Shu because His skills were very powerful as people can say that he is genius bladder because of he saw how his opponent launch, skills and he only focus on the battle and he is one of the member of supreme 4 and he defeated all supreme 3 blader's bey. And I think He must be at the position of top 10 beyblade bladers.

He is the best. And if we see logically, actually he is the strongest of all bladders. "Think a little logically"

I think Shu should be the best blader because he is always calm and always concentrating even in critical situations.

The Contenders
11 Faust

Faust may never have won a battle but he has only ever been beaten by groups of bladers.

He is just unreal. He was made to spin His bey forever and that's what makes him so powerful.

He can control space and time. I mean come on guys.

Faust is all powerful needing the Dragon Emperor and the Cosmic Winged Pegasis to put it down

12 Chris

Chris has a phantom orion that makes him strong! He is also one of the legendary bladers! I think that chris should be number 1 or 2

My bey is phantom Orion, it is good to know that there was an owner before me.

Ryuga no trying and Chris was getting crushed, but he ran away.

Chris has an awesome bey

13 King

King is Masamune's Best friend and he's incredible. He was able to beat Jigsaw with only one hit and defeated Tsubasa's strongest move. Even won against Aguma which defeated Gingka and Yuki at the same time. He almost won against Ryuga and put up a great fight against him. His special move known as "King of Thundersword" Destroys everything. His Bey is Variares and can rotated counter-clockwise. His bey looks like a warrior. King is Strong! Variares is strong.

King's strength is unbelievable. Being able to defeat Jigsaw and break through Tsubasa's special move and defeat him like nothing is pretty incredible. Also, he managed to defeat Aguma, which Gingka and Yuki were unable to do. Personally, I think that King could defeat Gingka at certain points in Metal Fury considering his overwhelming strength.

He is awesome! His bey can change to defense and attack mode not to mention his bey can change it performance tip to stamina and speed.

King is also a legendary blader just like Ryuga, Gingka, and Kyoya. He is very funny too. He put up a good fight against Ryuga. His variares can use clock wise and counter clock wise.

14 Ray Kon

Real beyblade watchers know and have witnessed the greatness of Ray.. He has unique skills and even is very inspirational for kids! He stands out, there was never a character like Ray Kon (not even in beyblade ).

Ray Kon deserve either 3rd and 4th position. In top ten bladder. His team with White tiger's caption Lie and Mariya is awesome.

I love Ray Kon. He is my favourite bayblader. I like his looks. He is my favourite cartoon character.

Ray deserves to be at least in top 10.

15 Ozuma
16 Rago

Ryaga and Rago!
I have no idea of how Ryuga is first. Rago knocked the life out Ryuga. Face it. So what if he is the dragon emperor. Rago possesses Nemesis-the God of Destruction and The Black Sun. I understand Ryuga is BARELY unbeatable but he lost so badly to Rago. He also lost to Gingka. He has the dark power? He most certainly not- yes he did change with battling Gingka however Rago can turn into the same monster he turned and even more stronger. Nemesis even possesses the power of all the battles he played. Just take it. Ryuga didn't even have a chance against Rago. I am also a fan of Ryugan but I have to admit he got total wipe out from Rago.
Gingka and Rago!
Being a main character does not mean he is the best. Kyoya can easily defeat Gingka if Gingka never used helps. He always uses his emotions, friends and spirits, seriously.
So what do you think?

Man, I'm afraid you are wrong... You write that if Gingka had not absorbed the power of all the blades in the world, he had not defeated Rago, and here you are right, but why not. defeat? I do not understand this. Ryuga fought the Nemesis when he had the power of all the legendary shooters and continued to fight Rago as equals. Which means Rago wouldn't have defeated Ryuga if he hadn't absorbed L-Drago's power, right?
That is why Ryuga should take first place in the ranking of the most powerful shooters and Rago behind him.

Dude. Rago's special move did not kill Ryuga, this blow was just so powerful that Ryuga only lost consciousness, because Ryuga got up and gave the star fragment to Kenta.

He is just a coward. Scared to fight with his own bey power and begging for the power of legendary bladers

17 Valt Aoi

You can't not love this character. He's so funny and awesome. He won 2 years in a row the bladders cup making him the #1 bladder in the world.

Valt Aoi is the main character of Beyblade Burst Anime and he is very funny, joyful that's why I like Valt as a Blader and he also defeated Shu when shu becmes more powerful as red eye and he must be at the position of the top 10 beyblade bladers.

Valt aoi is best. He is legendary blader and also no 1 in the world revealed in manga. He is legend of legends. He defeated shu and break only one move to lane vallhallah .

Valt the main character of beyblade burst. He have a blade name valtrie . He has defeated many characters .

18 Kenta Yumiya

Kenta is a confident boy but he thinks he is ready to face ryuga and he has not beaten tsubasa or masumema before also Kenta thinks he has awesome bey but nobody thinks that, wants to join gangan galaxy and he doesn't have any type of ultimate, strong, legendary, power he doesn't even have ultimate but just a little bit of strength but he doesn't have any not even a little bit of legendary power. Kenta doesn't put any of his heart in blading or sole he needs to put more heart and sole to be the strongest legendary blader.All Kenta thinks about is stamina, power, defense and speed even though gingka said you need to put your heart and sole in blading and bey forget about every thing and practice.

Kenta is determined, smart, cool, and strong. He trains so hard to master his bey in metal fury and he was acknowledged by Ryuga and that's how he got flash sagittario and became the new blader of summer. He deserves to be in top 10.
He rocks!

After he gets flash Sagittario, he is one of the best. He has a lot of spirit and did a great job facing Nemesis. He deserves to be in top 5 if you ask me.

He gets flash sagittario which is a very good bey but not with his own power, it was ryuga, so he doesn't deserve to be in the list.

19 Phi

He was almost undefeated and only auger is the only one who defeated him .

20 Dynamis

He is a more powerful blader than Chris and Aguma combined. He is the man that pieced everthing together. FEAR HIM-Oh and Kyoya wouldn't have beaten him if he hadn't been controlled by the dark power of Nemesis.

Dynamis is the one that pieced everything together! And on top of that, he's one of the strongest bladers, defeating hyoto (I think can't remember his name. ) so easily

I love his bey he is strong and I really love his design! He is so strong and HOT!

I like dynamis

21 Damian Hart

He is the best can't you see his beyblade and it's spin can you see he defeated Julian. Damian had been a legend and should have got a shot with Ryuga where he would have beated him and proved him.

He is on a different level. He lost to Gingka because Gingky(I call him personally like Yu) had used the spirit of all people otherwise Damian and Kerbecs would have crushed him. He is similar to Brooklyn in Beyblade G revolution. He could defeat Ryuga I think so

He must be, at least, on the top ten. He's clearly stronger than Nile, Masamune, Yu and Ray ( maybe Kenta, even).

Damian has a very good spirit.

22 Tsubasa Otori

I just love the way he battleships so smooth and cool .
He has real bey spirit and strong persona he is a pure heart and is intelligent too.
I love his bye earth eagle and his feathered friend tooo.

Tsubasa is amazing and he is kind thoughtful and plans his strategies carefully.

Thought he was a women . I just love the way he battleships so smooth and cool .

He is actually very powerful and not enough people give him credit!

23 Masamune Kadoya

Masamune is one of the best bladers out there. He's hot-headed and often rushes into things without thinking everything through, but he's got some serious power. Him and striker make a great team, and I wish the series would have treated him better instead of making him a support for other characters to grow.

He is supposed to be at least in the top 10 because he was in the world championships and he won it alongside Gingka, Tsubasa, and Yu. He also was able to defeat Gingka unlike Kyoya who never defeated Gingka.

Masamune has good bey spirit.

Masamune is number 1

24 Yu Tendo

I think Yu is the strongest non-legendary blader in Beyblade. He has awesome potential and is one of the most friendliest characters in Beyblade. He's funny as he calls Gingka "Gingky" and does the same to others. He somehow managed to battle against Kyoya and Tithi really well. He could be stronger than Yuki and Aguma. He once beat Gingka in metal fusion too. He can turn the stadium into sand and his final inferno blast destroyed the black sun's wall of Nemesis which gave the legendary bladers the advantage to complete zeus' barrier (Even though he wasn't alone). Yu was amazing from the beginning till the end of the series.

I love Yu's attitude towards life. He has a "YAY, LIFE!" sort of attitude and it's great.

One word awesome

25 Max Tate

Max is a pure strategist and a defensive player. He can be ranked next to Tyson and Kai. He always comes out with a new technique.

He is cutepie . His defensive power is awesome. If he want he can defer Tyson easily . I always like his strategies . He must come before Tyson.

Max is a pure strategist and a defensive blader. He might be ranked just after Tyson and kai.

I like Max so much. He is so cute and smart.

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