Top 10 Strongest Beyblades

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1 Hades Kerbecs

Laugh out loud this is the greatest beyblade I ever had! It destroyed half of my beyblades especially their metals, he even broke my basalt horogium in just 5 secs in the stadium. In a free-for-all battle, He is the mad masher there. Don't be surprised when he wins and almost all of the beyblades in the stadium is crashed and totally wipe out. Some of of the beyblades may actually have broken metals. Laugh out loud its very deadly. Don't use attack mode it sucks because it crashes in the tip of the stadium. BUY IT!

Hades Kerbecs is an excruciatingly rare bey. Its wide radius and special performance, enable ultimate stability and stamina. The Boost Disk spin track absorbs all low hits, making it very hard to to damage. If it manages to get itself on a lean, the performance tip suddenly becomes a powerful attack type, when combined with weight and radius makes this ability lethal. It isn't all performance either. The good colouring make it look beautiful in battle. Hell Kerbecs ownS!

According to me this is the best bey and some people are like its galaxy...galaxy is way weaker than many beys and its stamina is to less,it might have some power in it but its too weak compared to hades...I still don't understand how people voted for galaxy I guess they don't know abt beyblades and if they knew I am sure no one would pick that at first place...not only but on the other side that is on the side of hades... I swear it has lots of stamina and it can easily take 1st place and by the way I think people should start seeing beyblade first..

I can't believe one bey beat seven others in a free for all battle and was still at over 3/4 power!

2 Galaxy Pegasus

The best design gorgeous powerful rocks hades kerbecs meteo l drago and pretty much any other low tier bey. The strongest fastest pegasus and is my favorite bey!

It can beat my Hell Kerbecs with one shot! When my Hell Kerbecs landed it was damaged into parts. It can beat also my Storm Capricon cause, Capricon sucks remember? It beats my Earth Eagle in 2 shots, my Earth Eagle came flying off the stadium. Mine also beat the Meteo L-Drago by hitting it rapidly that it just exploded. It destroyed my Diablo Nemesis with a hit. Destroyed my Big Bang Pegasus and the Big Bang Pegasus was destroyed. Destroyed also my Rock Leone in less than 5 seconds. Destroyed my BFF's Jade Jupiter but it was kind of tricky, but whatever. Also destroyed my BFF's Poison Serpent and he was really mad. My Worst Enemy, Joshua, challenged me to a battle, I used my Galaxy Pegasus against 3 beys. The Phantom Orion, The Lightning L-Drago, and the Rock Leone, mine went rushing to the Rock Leone, it did no harm to me, I destroyed the Rock Leone so fast, then the Phantom Orion, came spinning to me and I got hit but the Phantom Orion went flying around the stadium that Joshua got ...more

Galaxy Pegasus is the ultimate bey. It has a fantastic attack which means there is no need for it to have a great defense or stamina as it can just counter-attack and knock out almost every single opponent. My Galaxy Pegasus has defeated all my friends beys like Earth Eagle, Rock leone, Counter Leone and Meteo L-Drago. The only bey stronger is, Big Bang Pegasus in Beyblade metal fight

Fast, amazing, and kicks butt. That's galaxy pegasis for you.

3 Meteo L-Drago

I can't believe that its in last place. It has awesome attack and spin stealing capabilities. If used in an attack type stadium, it can be an awesome beyblade. Though it has less stamina than lighting l drago it can be counter acted when used with a flattened metal spike or the hf which comes with storm aquario 100 hfs. Overall it is a good beyblade when compared to galaxy pegasus, ray striker, earth eagle, hades kerbecs. But beware that spin stealing capabilities are minimized when used against flame byxis, or the customization burn bull 230 sd as it has good defense and awesome stamina.

I remember back in 3rd grade, I had Meteo L Drago, and thought it sucked. I thought ALL Attack-Type Bey's sucked. I gave away all of my L Drago's, including L Drago Guardian, Lighting L Drago, And Of Course, Meteo L Drago. I wish I hadn't. At school, I HAND SPUN my friend's Meteo L Drago, and it took out all of his beys, my beys, and my other friend's beys from that single spin. Meteo L Drago is very underrated, and I hope it gets more popularity soon. I know for sure I'm DEFINITELY asking for my friend's Meteo L Drago.

It tops all of the Beyblades on the list because it spin steals from right spinning beyblades with its rubber. Even though Lighting L-Drago in 5th place is Left-spin, Meteo L-Drago can still win a sleep out against it with its amazing LF tip. For an attack type, its stamina is purely amazing. Just that there is a Left-spinning bey, its rubber will make Meteo L-Drago slow down. Left-spin bey? No Problem. Put it on Assault mode so the metal will be exposed more than the rubber, making it not spin steal, but hit with its metal so it wont slow down because of rubber against Left-spin Beys. This should be ranked at 1st. Shame you don't know anything about this Beyblade...

First of all, it has a working spin steal fusion wheel. Also, Meteo L Drago will shake when it changes from attack to defense causing the opponent to miss %50 of the time. And finally a unique performance tip wich allows this bey to switch from attack to defense. My Phantom Orion which has a bunch of stanima will get one shot! Also my friends Rock Leone, Dark Bull, and Earth eagle were all defeated in one attack and they were all launched at the same time! This is the best bey ever!

4 Gravity Perseus

It spun for really long. Tested it against both my Flame Gasher and Flame Sagittario at the same time with its Left/Right spin. Now that my Right Spin Launchers are broken (I had two at the time) so I cannot test my Gravity Destroyer's skills anymore.

All I know that it's very powerful and can easily outstand any Bey attack. Since Flame Sagittario isn't a very powerful Stamina-type (for me) Gravity Destroyer beat it in a few seconds. If you want to rock the stadium, you should really buy this Defense-type bey.

Plus, for all the people complaining that it's supposed to be Gravity Destroyer instead of Gravity Perseus, in the Japanese version, (TakaraTomy's version) it's actually CALLED Gravity Perseus. In the English version (Hasbro's version) it's Gravity Destroyer. It's different production lines, man.

Its thick fusion wheel gives it a lot of defense. It can also switch between two modes and is the only left and right spinning bey. Although it is not the best on this list or the top ten best bey list it should be cause all those attack beys like meteo l drago and storm pegasus often don't win cause they bounce out of the stadium or smash into the sides of the stadium so hard they kill themselves. Also it's tip works in almost any stadium. Vote for it!

Should Be first Broke My galaxy Pegasus then knocked its parts one by one. I bet my basalt Horogium against my friend and he bet he would give both his Vulcan Horuseus and Bakushin Susanow and I won! Ultimateness just Ultimateness. Vote for this!

One of the most sturdy beys and one of the best. Gravity Perseus can annihilate Meteo L-Drago. Also he is awesome cause he has two different modes. He looks the coolest of all beys and can spin left and right. Vote Gravity Perseus!

5 Lightning L-Drago

I have a lightning l-drago and its pretty much the strongest bey I ever had since I was little. It took all of my other beys out of the bey stadium. Others say that lightning l-drago is weak but I can't prove it to them that lightning l-drago is the best bey ever made by takara tomy

Lightning L Drago Limited Edition is rare. But fortunately I got it yesterday. I came home and fought it with Big Bang Pegasus, Meteo L Drago and Phanthom Orion and it own in each and every battle. Hats off!

Yo when I got this beyblade I never used my other ones. Every kid in my neighborhood had beyblades and we would all gather up at someones house and my L-Drago would always win.

Lightning L-Drago is the best beyblade in the world. He beat Phantom Orion which is the fourth best beyblade in the world. None of my beyblade have beat him. He's so good.

6 L-Drago Destroy

L-Drago Destroy is the best Beyblade and I have most Beyblades from the anime. It's Absorb mode is easily capable of stealing spin and provide a powerful counter-attack. Like Big Bang Pegasus it has a performance tip known as the survival tip that is released when it is lox on stamina providing excellent attack, defense and stamina. Also its attack mode makes it easily one of the strongest beys overall especially in terms of attack and stamina

Yes, ldrago destroy has awesome spin stealing! It could beat diablo nemesis and every bey in the world! And it's 4d tip is epic and is very helpful when battling strong beys like fang leone, Big Bang Pegasus, diablo nemesis, etc. But in the. End it crushes its every bey with no problem! It is truly the most epic and powerful beyblades. Beware of its power, also it's staying power. Both staying power and attack power can destroy every bey with no problem!

L-Drago is a total beast. He's an attack type so he pack immense power. His whole flat part tip allows for rapid movement to strike any bey in the stadium. His rubber and metal frame gives massive smash attacks. His tip switches to a survival mode on it own when he begins to run out of spin. And being a left spin he steal power from every right spin bey in the arena. Without question, the best bey.

In my opinion destroyer L drago is the best BEYBLADE of all time because for 3 reasons.
1 L drogo spins reverse rotation there's a good chance that it can beat hades kerbecs. for
Example say it's counter clockwise and clockwise they can't hit each other the first to hit spins left. 2 L drago has good stamina and attack power with a bit of defense = almost
Impossible to beat. For example it beat the infinity diablo nemesis hades doesn't have enough stamina last but not least destroyer beats everything on its game. For example when it beat galaxy pegisis. So do you agree?

7 Phantom Orion B:D

Amazing stamina and acceptable attack. Good combo and I would know, I own one. These pieces are arguably the best stamina type pieces I've seen and can beat shogun steel beys with its bearing drive. I think the top ten are good, but this bey should at least be in the best three. It can beat earth eagle if you have a strong enough launch. I have that and I use newbie launchers!

I battled earth eagle Meteo l-Drago rock Leone and poison serpent and all of them clashed around phantom Orion really hard and he made them fly every where and he won. He won a lot of tournaments he is number #1! I have proof look him up on you tube! He won all the videos! So please vote for him!

This bey is the best bey I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean, it's just so perfect it has a 4D tip that can last for 7 MINUTES, yes. 7 DARN MINUTES. And its 4D Wheel is also a good attack type as I've seen a LOT of attack type combinations with its 4D Wheel included in most of the combos.

Phantom Orion B is the best. Its stamina can last for over seven minutes, its tip, bearing drive, is classifyed to be the best stamina tip. Its fusion wheel has two spots on in it like Wolborg to increase stamina. Phantom Orion could simply outlast defense, stamina, and balance-type beys. Phantom Orion cannot be bumped out because of phantom fusion wheel's fairly good defense. However, though, this may not be the best for the bey Diablo Nemesis is coming soon...

8 Gravity Destroyer

Gravity destroyer is the ultimate bey, and I think it's stronger than the heaviest Cetus. My destroyer is my strongest bey. Destroyer sure looks beautiful, more than Evil Befall, and he looks strong, I'd admit it. There may be beys better than him, but Destroyer's a champion in my book. He should be in At least 2nd place, and I feel like a winner with it. I feel like Julian Konzern!

I think gravity destroyer is the best Beyblade in the world. It defeated ever one accept for earth eagle. It tied once it won once and then tied agin. My opinion gravity destroyer is the best Beyblade in the world. I think gravity destroyer is better than every bey in the world including earth eagle.

Gravity Destroyer is just a boss bey. From its amazing defense, to its unbeatable stamina, to its superb attack power, it's an great Beyblade. For the reasons above and many, many, many more, you should make the right choice and vote for Gravity Destroyer. Go Gravity!

Gravity Destroyer is the most strongest bey. When I was battling with Earth Eagle instead of attacking the bey it dodged it and came from behind, damaged the opponents spin track and defeated it in a fraction of second!

9 Earth Eagle

Earth eagle is a DEFENSE type. He has good stamina even though he can win without it because of its awesome defense power.IT beat every bey I've EVER battled. If you get him you'll beat everyone you know seriously. He should be first place and he's definitely the best defense type in the world. Some beys it can beat are flame libra,samurai Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus,hades kerbeks,thermal Pisces and a variety of other BEYBLADE s. Vote for eagle or get him and you will soar through the sky's and become the best bey in the world.

Great balance and very good in sustaining stamina when attacked. Also has quite a bit of force with its earth wheel when it attacks. Also the spin energy rings shape allows earth Aquila very streamlined so it can give strong attack, that why it rocks!

Earth eagle(aquila)is a nice attack type bey... Very good defense and wide performance tip allow this bey to spin much good very nice bey and it is not expensive like l drago and meteo l drago and is stronger than l drago... Eagle rules...

Eagle is a great bey. Mine has beaten all of my non 4D beys including Hades Kerbecs and Twisted Tempo. It has beaten about half of my 4D beys including Diablo Nemisis. Earth Eagle is the best bey ever. Everybody should own at least one.

10 Storm Pegasis

Storm pegasus is OP and can destroy almost any bey, and has extremely good attack, and stamina, and it is also like the spin steal king.

He defeated the forbidden bey and was never keen to losing he is the ultimate bey along with Ginga.

Storm Pegasis is the best because when I first got him he went on a 27 win battle streak!

Awesome power out has but lacks in stamina but very nice Beyblade.

The Contenders
11 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegasis is the best bey ever in the world! I know what I'm talking about because I have Big Bang Pegasis. He has 4 modes for attacking: upper mode, smash mode, assault mode, and barrage mode. He also has an F tip (F stands for Final Drive). It's both the spin track and the performance tip combined! It goes from SF (Semi-Flat) to RF (Rubber Flat). So move Big Bang Pegasis to the number 1 spot because clearly he does not deserve number 21 spot. (By the way the way this bey's name is spelled is Pegasis not Pegasus).

Its final drive is the best, probably its on the 14th place because many people don't know about it. It can easily crush Galaxy Pegasus, Diablo Nemesis, Hell Ker-becks or any other bey. It has 4 modes (Upper mode, Assault Mode, Smash Mode and Barrage Mode). It also has final drive ehich means that when the bey slows down, a plastic tip pops out and gives it additional attack power. Why the heck is it on 14th place it should be on 1st.

Big Bang is unique and has one of the strongest parts. I beat almost everyone in my school with it it is absolutely the best in the world. One time me and my friends was doing a four way battle and all of sudden the all of the beys were attacking mines and than I beat them all. If you want a bey with heart get big bang Pegasus

If you know how to launch him, he will destroy the competition. He starts off slow, but in the right mode he can take them out with just a couple of hits at anytime. If he can't beat them before the final drive kicks in, then the opponent should watch out because their bey is going flying!

12 Rock Leone

It is the best bey blade ever! I knw it s a repeating line everyone says about their bey blade but it's nt true. It has amazing powers and stamina. I assure it can beat any bey blade with its high balancing powers. It is a defense bey blade and of course defense is much more important that attack! As "defense is the best attack"! Buy this bey blade and beat yr friends and you will be happy!

I think rock leone the strongest bey because it has amazing attack power
Unlike Pegasus who uses all his strength while attacking. I still don't
Know how Pegasus is top of this chart I guess hell kerbecs is really
Strong too. This should be the list kerbecs, eagle, fireblaze, tempo, leone, ldrago and finally dark wolf

Rock Leone is unbeaten till now against all my beys. Even when I use it against others it can rip the other Beyblade like a BEAST. Should be no. 1

I like it because it could make hurricanes. I also like it because it has a lot of defense in the Beyblade.

13 Diablo Nemesis

Diablo is Spanish for "devil".

The dragon featured on the Nemesis 4D Energy Ring might be a homage to the mythical Greek symbol, "Ouroboros", which was of a dragon swallowing its own tail.

S²D (Stern Semi Defense) is quite fitting as stern is another name for Nemesis in German astrology and in English astrology, the definition of Stern is "hypothetical star", also known as Nemesis.

Although illegal, Twisted, Duo, Crash, and in some conditions Vulcan can be placed on Diablo.

You can only use Ultimate Balance Mode with X.

Hasbro has changed all the colors on this Beyblade, so it doesn't look menacing overall.

When launched in Ultimate Balance Mode, the Hasbro mold loses a large amount of stamina, as the metal frame slips more than on the Takara Tomy mold.

Diablo in Ultimate Balance Mode can also fit an S130 Track, but the Face Bolt is too short to tighten the Spin Track.

If you look closely in Diablo's Core, you can see L-Drago ...more

This is a very good (and bad) bey first of course it defeated my beys meteo ldrago and poison serpent. So first it was in a battle royals with meteo l drago,poison serpent and my personal combo flash libra 230 WD, first it sent meteo l dragon flying into flash libra then defeated poison serpent last, and the bad thing is... Well... When Diablo smashed into it, the fusion wheel (metal piece to describe to non Bladers) broke in one shot D: so I hate it, and I like it

This bey is the strongest ever. It can win again any bey. IT can make other bey begging for their own lost. This is that bey that every child wants. I can say it can break other Beyblades like anything. It is the heaviest bey and its fusion wheel weighs about 52grams it can beat all the top ten bey in the above list.

As far as I know even Hades kerbecs and l drago destructor also failed to defeat nemesis. Everyone in our society almost 40 % children have l drago destructor and Hades kerbecs and 50% have nemesis. It is hundred percent clear that very rarely l dradrago and kerbecs win and almost every time they r blasted out by nemesis. Most probably nemesis is the alrounder champion then I don't know why l drago destructor and Hades kerbecs are in first and second position. Nemesis should aquire the first position that's for sure.It's a condition for everyone who see my comment should deeply try to understand nemesis's power. Because DIABLO NEMESIS is the strong stronger and strongest 1.

14 Variares

"The Ultimate Bey". It can spin either left or right (depends what you like). It can switch to attack mode or defense mode. It can switch its performance tip to flat tip (attack mode), wide ball tip (defense mode) and sharp tip (stamina mode) and also, D means "Delta Drive". The Ultimate bey!

This deserves to be where Gravity Perseus is on the list. It has the left ad right spinning capabilities, two modes, and three different performance tips. I may not own it, but it's still epic.

I agree Variares is epically strong it blows everyone out of the stadium his triangles go in and out for balance and the delta drive (bottom of beyblade) is like 3 bottoms in 1!

Variares is a bey I like a lot. It can change into attack, defense, and stamina mode. In fact it can even rotate left! I think Variares is a cool bey and it deserves to be number 5 instead of 17

15 Dark Wolf

Even without changing any of it's pieces l, dark wolf has great stamina and amazing balance, and pretty good attack and defense. It is almost flawless in battle.

It is awesome. It even defeated galaxy pegasis of mine. It won against every Beyblade of mine. It won against all of it because I made it attack type.

This one is good because I am death from puss in boots and the last wish.

One of the 6 people (something like that) who beat my best guy.

16 Vulcan Horseus

This bey causes chaos where ever it spins with a super sick spin track and strikes with enough force to destroy just about any Beyblade if you own this bey then you are awesome!

I love Vulcan horuseus because I have it and I have a rock leone. It is amazing because rock leone is way stronger and vulcan heruseus can smash it. Oh and I also think you should bye it because you will love it

Vulcan horuseus is the best bey in my bey collection. I have to say that this bey is truly epic. This bey is very rare. I got it from turkey. I love this bey

Vulcan horuseus can own anyone anywhere. He is like a atomic bomb! My big brother Jay has been dying to get him!

17 Ray Unicorno

One of the best attack type beyblades out there. Ray Unicorno is an ideal bey for you if you find sending other beyblades flying out of the stadium amusing.

I think that Ray Unicorno (striker) is #2 because he's 50/50 compared to galaxy pegasus but ray striker is ok. That's why I think he should have 2nd place. (buy him)

I think Ray Unicorno is so powerful because it can knock Beyblades out with ease.

I think that ray unicorno is a really strong bayblade I have seen him battle and he is really strong and really good.

18 Thermal Lacerta

It is the best beyblade I had ever had. It has smashed many beyblades. I have won many matches with it. All of my friends also like this. They like it very much

Thermal Lacerta is the best Beyblade ever! It like, took out all my friend's Beyblades. Once it smashed into a Beyblade so hard, it broke it to pieces!

It is a awesome bey it has beaten my brothers gravity destroyer, grand capricorn, rock giraffe and many more it is the best bey I have ever played. If you buy it then your in luck

Thermal lacerta is a great is a great bey, but I think thunder lacerta, ist metal masters evolve is better. I can beat any bey with thunder lacerta.

19 Flame Byxis

Very good defeats ray unicorno galaxy pegasis storm pegasis big bang pegasis fang leone rock leone

They really awesome!

Sorry can't talk right now I'm listening to some music I got to say this is really cool

20 L-Drago Guardian

I have L Drago Guardian and he put proto nemesis in check. No joke it was pretty much a infinity battle, love this bey you should get it now

It is powerful! It can defeat many Beyblades that get in its way! Even L-drago Destructor!

L saw this bey rock

21 Dragoon

Dragoon is the number 1 bit-beast, how it get place 50
Dragoon's updated versions is the best from another bit-beast. It is true and most of the beyblade fans know it.

I don't like it but good

Dragoon g is a lot better considering it can beat almost all beys

Beat of the best

22 Tornado Herculeo

Herculeo has loads of strength. Just using my hand hand to spin him can beat a L Drago Destroy launched with a V2 Launcher he is the ultimate attack type if you don't have him you don't know what you're missing

23 Poison Serpent

Poison serpent is the best it never fails man in the movies it is so destructive it smashed my cousin's cyber Pegasus energy ring is hardcore buy it!
Vote vote vote vote!

It is super strong, it defeated many beys, like strong enough to get to the top 10, though 7 beys are stronger.

Better than all the other beys. I know that because we have it and we battled it with all our other beys and it beat them all

It is a 3 snake bey in bey blade. It broke ares

24 Mercury Anubis

I'm getting mercury Anubis and I seen him battle. He can go around the stadium faster than galaxy Pegasus. His stamina lets him spin for 3-5 minutes! EPIC!

It looks so cool and has more stamina than most attack types! It should be was way higher than this.

Awesome my mercury anubis just beat my gravity destroyer!

I beat gravity perseus, vulcan horseus, fang leone and tornado herculeo

25 Basalt Horogium

The best so far. The three things that matter the most are the tip, the ring and track. You need weight to your Beyblade so it doesn't get pushed around in battle and loose its balance. You also need your tracks info. Its important you know how tall it is, so the offending bey doesn't get under you. And the ring is important to. You need an attack with ridges, a defense with a tall, round ring, a stamina with a blalanced, light ring.
Basalt horogoium is great in all catagories. Oh yeah, its tip is the best defense tip out there.

This is a great bey. The ridges on the side of the fusion wheel slow down the spin of other beys. Plus the weight of the fusion wheel provides incredible balance which will keep the bey spinning for a long while. It's also great if you want to make your own defense bey. Definitely should get it, it even defeated Earth Eagle.

Basalt Horogium is the best Beyblade. Because its fusion wheel is very resistance for many attacks! Its performance tip is the best, and also got a very resistance end defense! Its energy ring has like a ancient clock, so it is very handsome! Its track is very tall, but got very resistance!

Also known as twisted tempo is by far the best bey around! I have battled many times with it and never lost. It is by far my favorite. The only beys that are close - earth eagle and earth virgo. But they still fall short every time I battle them. Basalt Horogium is the best!

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