Top Ten Beyblade Fusion Wheels

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1 Phantom

Because the Metal Frame is a smooth metal outer side of the Wheel, it allows it to focus all of the weight on to the outer-side of the Wheel. This gives it the best Stamina it can achieve. In design, the Core resembles somewhat of a miniature version of Scythe and being round as a whole. It is Currently the Longest Spinning Beyblade recorded (Longest Legal one at least). And when shifted to Attack mode, it can nearly match the attack power of Lightning Drago (Yeah you may disagree but I'm speaking from experience

Phantom along with its plastic core provides massive amounts of centrifical force due to the weight distribution. That givs it well over acceptable defense, stamina, and belive it or not: attack. That makes it a very versatile bey. And along with BD, it becomes a stamina powerhouse. It can fend off nearly any bey.

Phantom orion: best stamina wheel ever, defense: one of the best, balance:very good, attack: not the best. But is the best wheel ever

It's the best Beyblades wheel. I've tried diff combos and tests and phantom has the perfect weight-42g.

2 Basalt

Basalt was the heaviest wheel before diablo Also it’s extremely circular. The only chance anyone has to knock basalt out is getting it out of balance.

Being a huge phantom fan, it’s hard to admit basalt is slightly better overall. Yes, Orion has way better stamina however, Basalt has a perfect circle and heavy for insane defense along with good stamina. The ruts (lines) on basalts wheel surprisingly do lots of damage to stamina types (duo) while blocking attack types (Pegasus) and has more defense then any other wheel (eagle) they only made the staircase of death so basalt would not be too op. Hasbro has their version of basalts wheel with no staircase of death and that wheel is OP.

Basalt wheel is the best... It's the maximum wieght wheel of metal masters and by the performance of this wheel it makes the bey basalt horogium best... No one can beat basalt horogium... Didn't believe? Try YouTube... If you want to say hell kerbecs can beat it then also try YouTube watch all fights between these 2 Beyblades and the outcome will be the strongest...

Yes, earth is a good fusion wheel it has a qite good defense and of al it can absorb alittle spin just like meteo l drago but no fusion wheel beats bastl/temple it's the best at defending and at reflecting attcks it it self broke my hades kerbec in attack mode plus you can make some good heavy combo sinis basalt it self weights more that earth eagle it self best fusion wheel yeah diablo is a really good a ttack but no bey can resist its attack like basalt does :)) doble chin vote for basalt because you now it's the BEST!

3 Earth

The combination of Earth Aquila/Eagle made it the best beyblade in Metal Fusion and at points Metal Masters. The stamina was amazing, attack power was amazing and the defense power was amazing. Earth Eagle/Aquila 145WD is known as one of the best beyblades in the metal series. It personally is the best or one of the best fusion wheels

The earth wheel is the best because my earth virgo is my best Beyblade and the four things around it make it really well. Last, it might not be the best comparing it to gravity or something, but still makes it a awesome Beyblade. Well most people would think that one of the fusion wheels are better.

This is the best fusion wheel because it gives the bey great defense and stamina. It is also no to light or to heavy. It gives the bey a lot of balance. This is why I think earth is the best fusion wheel (especially on earth eagle).

Earth has a big wall so, poison and flame can'tknock it down so easily. Also earth has 4 cracks in it's fusion wheel, so some like flame and meteo get slowed down faster, but meteo can push one of earth's cracks and make the rotation slow down.

4 Diablo

Diablo can attack so hard and still have a lot of balance it's so awesome it broke one of my beys. Rock and earth can't even defend it knocks beys right out of the arena. SO GO BUY DIABLO NEMESIS!

This is the best wheel ever! Its weight makes it good in defense and attack, it looks cool, overall this Beyblade fusion wheell makes all the others look like scrap, vote this one if you have common sense!

This is the best metal wheel ever. It beat basalt horogium phantom orion and kreis cygnus in one hit and many other.

It has so much attack, defense, and stamina that it beat all of my beys with a stadium out.

5 Thermal

When used with an 85 or 90 spin track, this fusion wheel has viable smash attack, especially when used with an energy ring like Pegasus II or Lacerta, as the tall flat sides of the energy rings add some upper smash attack. When used with a taller spin track, like 130, 145, or 160, it has pretty decent defensive capabilities, due to the relatively thick fusion wheel, and the mostly round shape of it. Overall, Thermal is a pretty decent fusion wheel, and is one of the best in the Hasbro metagame.

It is the best because I have all the blades and it always wins whenever I use my thermal pieces or thermal lecerta they always win.

My friend has it and his bey is invincible

My godline pegasus I callit.but it's thermal Pegasus and it's so strong it's only been defeated by phantom orian and Leone it wins so many battles for me it's insane

6 Hades

It's definitely NOT the heaviest (Twisted/Basalt being 50 grams), but it's the widest one (measuring a total of 50 mm). It's a great combo for battling multiple Beyblades, due to it's width, which also gives it great stability.

With the Beyblade spin track boost track it can take down any other Beyblade with different parts it can be invincible.

Hades kerbeks is the best beyblade ever it beat my twisted tempo and my diablo nemisis! I also used a brand new kerbeks and he won by 1 minute! Kerbeks killed all of my beys I have all of them! Yo!

It's a stamina piece but it has really good attack blades on it as well!


7 Duo

Duo has really good stamina and defense and outclasses several fusion wheels like Earth, Twisted, Rock, Flame, Hades, Evil, Jade, Burn, Counter, Fang, Beat, Thermal, Grand, Bakushin, Death, Fang, Scythe, Spiral, Mercury, Midnight, Night, Virgo, Variares, Thunder, Sol, Dark, Poison, Inferno, Wind, Heat, Divine, Forbidden, Lightning, Storm, Ray, Blitz, Kreis, Fusion, Mad, Omega, Galaxy, Meteo, L-Drago Destroy, L-Drago Guardian, Wing, and many more in terms of Stamina and Defense.

It's the best. Nothing beats it. Its invincible. My favorite. Great for defense and stamina. It's the best fusion wheel ever. It never gets ko by another beyblade. It is the ultimate fusion wheel.

I also think that duo is a good fusion wheel, and it does outclass a lot of other beys, and if you put it with like, WD or BD, then it'll be OP, trust me, I'll be using it for my bey, and it'll be pretty hard to budge.

Duo is a really good fusion wheel, with awesome stamina and great defense. MF Duo Aquario TH170WD is maybe the best stamina combo you can make

8 Death

I really like this fusion wheel. Especially because it can change modes. In attack mode, it can easily chip away the opponent's stamina. In defense mode its defenses are incredible. I recommend getting Death Questecoatl.

The Death wheel is really good in defense mode, especially if you get the Takira-Tomy version, which is quite literally more metal than Hasbro wheels. As in, actually contains more metal.

It is very good against attack types because of it's ability to absorb the attack.

Death is an amazing wheel that tanks so much and can deal heavy attacks. very op

9 Rock

I love the rock fusion wheel because it has a lot of defense and when it gets hit into walls it doesn't do anything to it. It beats my meteo l dago, my galaxy pegasus, my lightning l drago and my ray striker. If you are looking for a good combo for rock leone here it is, any leone energy ring, rock fusion wheel, an ed145 spintrack(my ed145 spin track you can take off the horns)and a be performance tip. Hope this helps.

It is the number 1 bey because it has attacked storm pegasus, flame libra, thermal pices etc... It is the most advanced bey because it has great defense attack and stamina and also it can defteat 88 beys im3 minutes. Some power is there in this bey. I love this bey very much

My best Beyblade is rock Leone. Has defeated al my beys, all my brothers beys and all my friends beys. Rock has the perfect balance of some well needed stamina and defense

Epic. Defense broke my phantom fusion wheel into three pieces with only one scratch to my rock leone energy ring

10 Dark

This wheel should be in the top five. It's not as heavy as other wheels, which is good, and the 6 blades of defense come in handy for attack types, the 6 attack blades are good for stamina types. Also this kick but balance wheel works with almost all tips, tracks, face bolts, and energy rings. It can beat 4D beys anytime, any day.

It has a great balance (attack, defense and stamina). It is the strongest wheel since it has all ultimate powers. There are some examples like Dark Wolf, Dark Bull, Dark Gasher, etc.

The best balance ring other than Earth I love Dark Wolf

Dark is thick and can counter a lot of attacks!

The Contenders
11 Lightning

Lightning has a lot of attack power. It sends other beys flying just in one shot. It rock's.

My arena has holes in it from this fusion wheel, you should buy this.

Has a lot of smash attack

May I just say, THIS FUSION WHEEL IS awesome! That's all. Thank you!

12 Burn

I have the burn fusion wheel and its awesome. Not only does it provide a smooth surface so that you can repel the attacks, but it increases stamina and defense, not to metion how its surface can beat any fusion wheel. I say you get the fusion wheel

Burn combined with even the simple 145 spin track and D performance tip can beat even my hades kerbecs. think what it could do if paired with the right combination. it might even be able to beat phantom orion

Burn is a cool fusion wheel it works energized but calm energy as it spin gracefully with the top! It's smooth and has good stability.

Burn! Burn! Baby! Hey check it out. You will never think of another wheel ever! Burn wheel is ' awesome! Bladers go buy a burnfireblaze right now! You'll know what I'm typing about!

13 Vulcan

A comment wrong vulcan has a low defense but a great attack and a low defense type. a better attack type than galaxy and storm

It has great defense but has low stamina it has helped me so much I mean like even big bang pegasis in 2 of it's 3 or 4 modes couldn't beat it


14 Flame

In my opinion flame is the best fusion wheel, I have 4 years experience of flame fusion wheel.
It has 40 percent Attack power,because of its four edges it has 70 percent defense power and the design on backside of its edges provide it speed it's just shaped like aerodynamic which provide it 60 percent stamina power.
It sounds like balance type fusion wheel.
However if trust at me than buy a beyblade with flame fusion wheel it's the best to resist opponent beyblade, if it is not better in fight the play more. More you play the more perfect it will be and will become number 1 beyblade in your list like me.
Otherwise if you customize the flame fusion wheel with the Pisces clear wheel, WD 145 spintrack and Flat/Eternal sharp performance tip. It will totally become a balance type and become strong in defense,Attack and Stamina.
If you use this combination you will become number 1 in bey battles good luck.

I watch it on T.V. And flame libra has ultimate power he took down a player from russias team which was hard for him because he was cheat but he found a way to mess up the levitation contraption

It is the best fusion wheel. I have flame libra and it could could beat the best bey galaxy pegasus and meteo l drago only with fusion wheel 'FLAME'!. I THINK FLAME should be no. 1

Flame is the best fusion wheel. You should see it beat other beys. If you have seen it battle you would surely vote for flame

15 Poison

Hay person with the poision virgo thing. Thermal is know where near poison level so your either a poison can or a chump. AND the person with the POISON POISON POISON! That's me Isaiah Jones-London a future Beyblade United States champion.

POISON POISON POISON! Like com on people. Poison is good for attack and defense. It can also be used for stamina but I didn't try it. Once I get my befall, he's gonna be a tournament winner.

Poison is a horrible wheel do to its small smash attack and it also has HUGE recoil. Poison should not be used in any customisations. Poor defense, stamina and attack.

Its very good at hand-spun spin stealing and if you make it a little sharper it can even break other Beyblades. Use it with attack types

16 Meteo

In my opinion I want to say one thing now it is a attack type fusion wheel and if you use my formula than I will come number 1 in the defense beyblade list.
If you merge the meteo fusion wheel with L Drago metallic metal frame it will become to much heavier and will increase it's defense ability then it will able to resist them brages of attack an it can resist the strong smash attacks.
If you rotate it left it will repel all the right rotation attacks and the oppent beyblade will lose and L Drago 50 percent stamina will be there on the stadium 50 percent saving you know.
Trust me try this combination you will like it.

Man this is really good I think it should be number 1. Cause it beats lots of others. If only it would go on the other energy rings it WOULD be number 1.

The meteo fusion wheel is thin so it can go under more Beyblades but it's a shame that it only works with meteo ldrago.

Its got great attack power which is great and its not big and clunky which allows for fast spin

17 Fang

Fang is great for smash attacks.It can send opposite Beyblade flying out of the stadium with just one hit.

I vote fang because fang leone is the BEST!

18 Evil

This one is the very best. In my opinion it is second to none. Combined with a stamina type performance tip it even stronger.

My opponents never stand a chance against my Evil Bull

Evil Gemios is the best bey ever sort of

This should be no. 1 instead of Basalt

19 Gravity

Ita most exciting. Its is defense type but it does attack ore. Its awesome. Buy it its superb. I beat earth eagle littaelly 10

It also beats meteo l drago superb, bey.

I think this the best because I went againts all the other different types of fusion wheels and gravity ended up winning as the best so my opinion

Lasts long and very strong! 👍👍

20 Grand

My grand capricorn which has Grand rules.

I think grand should be first because with that fusion wheel I beat earth eagle, meteo l drago, hadeskerbx, and twisted tempo

21 Cyber

Wow come on people its legendary and attack and defense its best by far

A great balance type

This thing is insane for attack and defense, I made a custom beyblade with my old cyber fusion wheel, and it dominated all of the other beyblade s I have, and even the basalt wheel couldn’t handle the power, I will do some further testing to keep you updated, make sure to vote

22 Storm

Storm shouldn't be ranked 8th, I say ranked 2nd I mean I own people with it. Storm Pisces T S Sharp tip to take hard hits and tornado Fusion wheel to endure stamina. Storm for attacking. Pisces for defense and Pisces facebolt for whatevere.

Its fusion wheel is awesome power it wins storm aquario, meteo l drago and many other Beyblades.

Good all around wheel!

It a great wheel.Just try it.

23 Ray

Ray is the best all around balance fusion wheel. It can kill anything

This fusion wheel is rather decent. Not mauch recoil

Ray is very awesome!

24 Galaxy

Galaxy is the BEST! With my specialy customized Galaxy Pegasus 105WD, I beat the thermal version, the flame version, the rock version, and the storm and the earth versions of the beyblade. But the energy ring is Pegasus I.

Applying the Galaxy Fusion Wheel and you just became a champion!

It hits the opponent so hard that it hardly spins anymore.

It's the best I have seen

25 Bull

This isn't a fusion wheel

Buul iss cool eat bum

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