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1 Dubs Vs. Subs

I initially preferred Dubbed because I A) Didn't like having to listen to Japanese voice actors as I couldn't understand them B) Well, that's just how I started watching anime.
But overtime, as you go deeper into the world of anime, you notice several things that make Dubs utterly pointless, ridiculous or frustrating.
1- The match up of the subtitles to the Dub is usually inaccurate, which I have to say can be funny, but you sometimes lose the essence of the subtlety in the original script.
2- Anime has a lot of emotion. The vast majority of the time the emotion stems from the voice actors. For me, the best emotion is in Japanese voice actors.
3- Dubs sound utterly ridiculous sometimes. The girls voices' are far too high and perhaps out of habit from being picky about voice actors, this makes me cringe and unable to focus and watch it properly.
Anime is Japanese and should be embraced that way. You also get to watch way more animes if you watch them in Japanese as they ...more - XxOtakuDesuxX

I like both. som, like Death Note and Deadman Wonderland are really good dubbed, but not all are. then you have some like sword art online that's really good subbed. I've never seen it dubbed, but it doesn't really matter does it people? The answer is no it doesn't. if you like to watch it dubbed than by all means watch it dubbed. if you like to watch it with subtitles than please do. its exactly what the other guy said:it comes down to personal opinion. - llamabaconllama37

The question through is if more emotion is really better because it seems the Japanese voice acting exaggerates a lot of its voice acting also aren't the English dubs more realistic because they are more subtle. Japanese theater is heavily over the top while American theater is more realistic.

SUBS! Apart from a few exceptions (Death Note, Black Butler and Ghost Stories) no anime should be watched in anything other than the original language.

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2 Naruto Vs. Bleach Vs. One Piece

I am a huge fan of the big 3 and have seen this debate everywhere. Just appreciate all three of them. They make up my top 3 favorite manga/anime. I think that OP may be slightly better than Naruto and Bleach may come third. But, anyway, I love all of them.

Clearly one piece is the best out of them, bleach shouldn't even be included in this debate and Naruto lost it's potential long time ago

Bleach is the best for me but that is just my opinion and I know there is no point in fighting with you guys I have seen a lot of the " anime fights"

I also love the three of them! But I think Naruto is still slightly better than One Piece

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3 Death Note Vs. Code Geass

Death note is perfect and its one error is the existence of episode 25 but I have to agree the ending of Code Geass is just so perfect and way better than the death note one but If I had to choose it would be death note just because the plot is better and the rival between L and Light is intense but obviously Code Geass is one of the greatest anime ever created.

As long as season three doesn't pull a "psycho pass 2" and screw everything up code geass pull ahead of death note due to it having the greatest ending of any show I've ever watched.

I would have to say code geass because code geass is an anime with both a great story and such loving characters. Well that is what I think so feel free to agree or disagree

Prefer code geass, gets too much hate from the L fanboys

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4 Pokemon Vs. Digimon Vs. Yu Gi Oh!

Yugioh because it has technology and even supernatural ancient history and action and battles and all Pokemon has is the same storyline meets someone or does something and team rocket steals a Pokemon but gets defeated by pikachu's thunderbolt it's boring and all digimon is about is the go into a weird world and have to save it because the digimon can't do it themselves and the make friends with digimon as if they were humans when they are more like weird animals trying to be heroic.

Digimon beats them all by a landslide if you don't count 02 due to a good plot with nice character development, for a show aimed at a younger audience. yugioh loses because its not really going on the monsters aren't really fighting and its mostly pure luck, not to say its not intense but it just doesn't beat digimon. Pokemon then is just to repetitive and has to much filler and nothing at stake,

Even though I'm not a fan, I still like Digimon the best because Yugioh is pure hax and pokemon is trying to sell, not trying to have a plot (show has been going on for hundreds of episodes and keeps rebooting and making characters dumber to attract a new audience) but Pokemon definitely has a much better game.

Why is this even on here? pokemon and digimon and both sucky copies of Yugi.

5 Shonen Vs. Seinen V 1 Comment
6 Anime Vs. Manga

I think it depends. For those older animals such as Fruits basket, or Sailor Moon the manga it beautifully illustrated. But for something like Sword Art Online, Fairy Tale, Inu X Boku, Your Name (great movie by the way you should watch it) and Attack on titan... they are more nice in anime. Hearing the voices, the heartbreak, the happiness, the more to which I would prefer.

Of course anime here. For God's sake it's the video version of manga. How cannot you like it? - Kiteretsunu

It depends on which anime or manga we are talking about. Some animes are basically like trailers for the manga but sometimes the anime stays true to the manga and doesn't leave on a cliff hanger and can be great. - Rachel_dango_luver

Manga has better art and detailed story.But watching anime brings out the emotions with the voice acting, animation and most important of all background music. Overall I respect manga more but anime is the better experience.


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7 Anime Vs. Cartoons

Anime is better because you can show a lot of violence and blood when in cartoons you can't show actual excessive violence and cartoons are more meant for younger kids when a lot of Anime is for an older audience and the artwork in anime is more detailed and better drawn than cartoons

YES! Anime is much better than cartoons! I love the gore! Cartoons appeal to me, and I enjoy them, but I would rather go with anime anytime.

I watch both but I have to say that Anime is way better than cartoons just because of how mature it is, something that America doesn't normally do. - Mcgillacuddy

It sometimes depends. I usually root for anime, but cartoons like Steven Universe and Avatar The Last Air bender, are really good shows as well.

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8 Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto vs One Piece
9 Funimation Vs. Viz Media Vs. Bandai

Funimation and viz media are the best and bandai is just a wannabe anime company

The three best known anime dub companies (san the infamious 4kids). The people who enjoy English dubs will debate what company makes the best English dubs. This is also the debate between what the best Dragon Ball dub is as well.

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10 Goku vs Saitama

I got sick when people start comparing these two... - Badassblackman

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11 Luffy vs Naruto


12 Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) vs Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Both are great shows, but only one can be the best let the debates begin!

13 Macross Vs. Robotech

Oh, yeah, I remember this one. I love them both though, great anime, extremely similar with almost the same story. I'd recommend watching any of these.

14 Saitama vs Goku

My opinion is that Siatama would because he defeats everything in one puck as the anime title emplies. Goku wouldn't have a chance because he has to scream for a few episodes to be a super sayan. Which to me is pretty cool when watching and it get you hyped up for whatever is going to happen next. But, if you look back on it you kind of wonder why he needed to act constipated for a few episodes. That's my take on it anyways. I hope it makes sense to people.


15 Naruto vs Goku

I'm pretty sure Goku would win is pretty much a god he shook the universe by punching Beerus fist and before he even went super saiyan (or knew how) he was at planet destruction level which means he could destroy a planet easily (with a ki blast at least) Frieza (in the Resurrection of F movie) pushed on the planet and destroyed it. Broly destroy the entire south galaxy in a instant Naruto's rasengan could only destroy parts of the planet like tiny little junks nothing major Goku could wipe out the universe if he wanted to...

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16 Tokyo Ghoul vs Akame ga Kill
17 Fan Service vs No Fan Service

Yeah, I would have to agree. Personally, I enjoy fan service, but sometimes it can take over the anime, and get in the way of the plot. Although, there are many anime series that have plots, but are chock full of fan service, where many people don't watch it for the plot, nor do they care about it, hence the infamous and ever-so-sarcastic term,"I watch it for the plot."

I don't mind the fan service in Fairy Tail, but in shows like DxD, I'm like really?

I'm fine with Fan Service if it doesn't take away from the story.

I don't might Fan Service, well if it doesn't take away from the story that is, animes that the FanService takes over is High school DxD, one that does well and doesn't take away is Elfen Lied

18 Naruto vs Naruto shippuden

The young naruto is good but once naruto grew it took it to a whole new level.

Naruto stomp period

19 Chibi vs. the Real Thing

I absolutely love chibi! At first, I didn't know what they were, but when I clicked on it, I was captured by the cuteness. However, my love for chibi is not as much as the real thing. True, I enjoy looking at them, but I really like the real version too. However, if anyone else sees this, please say what you think! There can never be any wrong answers with this.

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20 Chitoge vs. Onodera

Know that feeling when you had fights with your siblings because you hate each other's opinions about a topic? Well, Here you go - the most debated topic ever that almost caused toxic wars all over the Twitch, MAL, Facebook etc.

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