Biggest Problems With Fortnite Youtubers

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1 They Use Clickbait

We have jake paul putting ninja in the thumbnail - B1ueNew

This issue used to happen with Grand Theft Auto, but fortnite has twice as more clickbait

*cough* Ali A *cough* - KingSlayer93316

How is this bad? Clickbait is the best thing in the history of YouTube.-Hippocrite

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2 Lack of Variety

Nearly all the content is the same thing

3 Lots of Them are Desperate for Money, Views and Subscribers

Ali-A for a example: when he made high quality Call of Duty videos he had 9 million subs but when he switched to fortnite, he got around 14 million subs and extra video views

4 All the Content is the Same

That what usually happens when a bunch of Youtubers play the same popular game. Boring? Yes. But it's gives them more views.
More views = money.

5 Awful Memes

Orange justice, Ali-a intro, drake and ninja, vbuck scams etc.

Ali a intro, this idontcare song,why u runnin

6 Cringy Thumbnails

I am looking at you Ali-A

Here’s how to make an average Fortnite thumbnail: Start off with a screenshot of the game, add some arrows plus the “Victory Royale” sign, and a picture of you faking a smile. - MrCoolC

7 Everyone Uses Them for Views

I remember seeing a video by kwebbelkop with him talking to ninja on omegle and it got loads of views

8 Lots of Them are Overrated for Being Good at the Game

Ninja is a fine example. - MrCoolC

Anyone can be a pro at anything, but you still won't be popular

9 They Cuss Too Much

They cuss so much without knowing their fanbase is mainly kids - B1ueNew

So that’s how Best Trends got the idea of that infamous video? - MrCoolC

10 All Their Content Gives YouTube Gaming a Bad Name

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11 They are Boring and Repetitive
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