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181 PleaseDoNotHateMe

Please Do Not Hate Me? Oh, I'll hate you all right.

She is so rude! She cyberbullied young girls and started death threatening famous YouTubers like smosh or pewdiepie, she also hates Minecraft - wolfhavenxii

182 lovesicksuicide11
183 Clay Claymore

Clay Claymore is the biggest modern fanboy on YouTube. He has a biased hatred on Benthelooney and thinks people are terrible for liking him. Not to mention he wouldn't respect anybody's opinion on Ben. Clay Claymore is just a lifeless little kid who just wouldn't leave Ben alone or give him a decent chance.

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184 Atheists Anonymous

This troll is just ridiculous, he has so many sock accounts all made to troll innocents, he claims to be an anti-racist, anti-homophobe, anti-sexist etc. but all he does is attack people's channels and accuse them of being racist, homophobic etc. this dude gives atheists a bad name!

He even has a "army" called the "AA army". Which for the most part, do and say the same things Atheists Anonymous says and does. His "army" make up of his sock accounts and other people.

I'm actually quite a fan of Atheists Anonymous. He's very witty and highly articulate, intelligent and insightful. The people posting here are probably Bible-thumpers and racists who are getting back at him for sticking up for himself. He doesn't falsely accuse people of racism, as they claim. YouTube is a cesspit of race hate, as anyone can see, and he merely stands up to all the trolls and psychos who go to his channel and videos to rage against Atheists and post race hate. He defends himself with grace an wit and they can't handle it.

I'm scared. I don't want to live anymore

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185 xOppaxGangnamxStylex

He literally hates on everything except "Gangnam Style", he's quite pathetic.
He trolls on everything.
And does as much as he can to piss people off he's a saddo really.

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186 MrUnite4thechildren
187 Willie Wasaska

He finds 9/11 funny and insults others the worst

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188 Sharon Godwin

She uses slander and weak arguments to try and damage people's reputation. She is one to e very careful of.

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189 Jeffrey Kemper

Jeffrey Kemper AKA Kitty, is a british bastard who bullies children and sometimes adults with autism and down syndrome. You can find him on most videos relating to topics about disabilities, he also cyberbullies bronies, bullied kids and really popular YouTubers like pewdiepie, smosh or toby

He hates on autistic/mentally challenged people, deceased teenage girls, depressed people and doesn't feel bad for doing. He is evil

A total ass who targets people with autism and other disabilities, he is also known for false flagging YouTubers as well. He has tons and tons of socks, most of them have the name "Kitty" in them.
He's been terminated lots of times in the past for things like hate speech and bullying, and yet he keeps making more channels

He's An Anti-Brony, He Bullies Innocent People With Disabilities, Attacked Famous YouTubers
Horrible Person - JPK

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190 BrandMorder
191 The VGCP

The VGCP are a group of sick trolls who like to stalk little kids. Many VGCP members were suspended for sexual harassment towards kids and bullying innocent people

I let my 8 year old daughter use YouTube and the VGCP started sending sexual harassment to her. They are all just sick!

They also started arguing when they are criticized.

Never mind so IWANT097 Joined the vgcp to kill the uttp

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192 Manofknowledge1000

AKA Manoftrolledge1000...
He's completely inconsistent on his views toward Muslims. He either loves them or wants to nuke them all depending on the feeling of the thread. He's in favour of nuking Russia completely and likes the idea of killing rare animals and mass genocide apparently. Check his discussion feed it's got quite a few haters. To be fair to him even though he's just an emotional parasite, he does have a way with words. He's often the first to troll to post whenever comedian Russell Brand posts anything up on his Trews channel.

Looks like we got another racist troll... :(

193 Snickerdoodle123

Yea! He told lots of very popular YouTubers to die and kill themselves as well.

WORST TROLL EVER! Don't believe me? Go look up his YouTube channel, he makes fun of the elderly, and tells others to get aids and die. He likes pipweed, and is an extremely vicious troll. Please consider looking at his channel.

194 ScrewY0UguyS

He's an obvious troll! Do I need to explain?

195 JJ Walker

He comments on mostly every NBA YouTube video, and does stupid top 10 facts about a NBA player in the comment section.

196 BetterSkatez

He is not a troll.

197 GoonOnFire

He quit, but he's seriously THE FUNNIEST Grand Theft Auto TROLLER EVER!

198 Whyamibzsdmhalt1
199 Amy Standford
200 BobTheBuilderFan2008

Thank God this kid's parents kicked him off of Youtube and reported to Youtube he was on there whilst too young.

This person is why 6 year old children are not allowed to have a YouTube account. He loves Bob the Builder and forces people to watch it. He also loves grounded videos and GoAnimate and uses grounded threats to people who even hate the website, making him a GoFag. He even made rant videos on many YouTubers which is the reason why he got popular. He rages all the time and really hates profanity. He left YouTube for a while,money to come back as Junglejunctionfan2008.

This person is a reason why kids aren't allowed a YouTube account, He made rants on many YouTubers causing them to be angry at him. This guy rages all the time and forces people to like GoAnimate (Making him an official GoFag) and he loves grounded videos and even used grounded threats to you tubers. He says "SCREW YOU (insert YouTuber here)", "STOP SAYING BAD WORDS AT ME! " or ""YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR (Incert numbers here) YEARS! " he left YouTube a few months ago, only to come back as JungleJunctionFan2008.

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