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He's just a manchild who just misses his good old days and needs to set some limits.

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243 TheGreatOzzie1 V 1 Comment
244 TheCrimsonKunoichi

Oh boy... A Sonichu fantard. This YouTube user on the web idolizes Christian Weston Chandler and that infamous "Sonichu franchise". He or she, I don't know, calls us mean especially for no reason, always poses as an anime girl as he/she always calls himself/herself, and his/her channel, to me, never did any good. Also, he/she uploaded only one video trying to defend Chris-Chan, and you really need to turn up the volume to hear it. What a mangirl...

246 thor78zss
247 MrCornholio93

He's one of them mariotehplumber fanboys who constantly defends him and agrees with him always. He's also an Irate Gamer hater and loves to do cybersex.

248 Name From The Video

I believe that this kid might be one of the reasons why parents should not let their children on YouTube.

249 supermariofan682

Supermariofan682 is an ex friend of RJBandsma who's also a Thomas fanboy and he made a creepy video of him trying to seduce an underage girl, and he goes ballistic when people makes video on him and tries to them to take them down and has over 200 sock accounts.

250 MaggotsInDisguise
251 T.R.O.S.
252 TheElderlyMan

Yognaughts, beware this man. He is an absolute yogscast hater. Even to the limit of trying to fool us saying they are stealing content from his channel, trying to file a lawsuit against them and even trying to hack them. He also says he is the greatest league of legends player and says he owns everyone who plays it. He puts fake yogscast videos up which are either trolling, rickrolling or a dancing Japanese guy. Yognaughts this is a quick step by step guide to remove T.E.M. : step 1. Dislike all his videos. He only has seven videos. Step 2. Block him. Step 3. Remove him. Hope this helped and leave a reply.

Thanks for the help

Great tip

253 Majalski666

Oh guess what. Yes we have a theelderlyman fanboy yes. He hates anyone who hates the elderlyman or him and goes into rage mode when he or theelderlyman get a video teling them to stop. So pretty much this guy is a dumb dull and stupid troll.

254 MaddAlexis
255 SmokinJohnnyBlue

This guy is a big time troll. He's obsessed with wrestling, he's extremely cocky and he is an atheist. He also thinks that he is the smartest human being in the world, here's some proof how he messaged privately "While my mind is fresh, there is no f****** way you're gonna get the better of me on this. "


Mariotehplumber is an idiot. I'm literally just gonna watch his video and see how STUPID it is. Probably gonna make my ears bleed.

Guess who those guy is? I'll give you a hint. "WE'RE GONNA LEARN TO REMOVE THE VIDEOS! " Yep mariotehplumber.

This is Mariotehplumber's other channel. He constantly makes fake accounts of himself so he won't get off the Internet!

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257 MyLifeForMicrosoft

An insane Microsoft fanboy who hates on every single product that's not made by Microsoft


This guy pretty much represents what is wrong with the Sonic fanbase. He calls Nintendo games "gay and stupid" and overuses caps lock. Also, he says only Sonic games are good. Need I say more?

Not only does he hate Nintendo, he also hates ANY video game, including Mega Man, that is not Sonic. He keeps on using Caps Lock over and over and is especially the embodiment of people making Sonic look bad. If you think he's not a troll/fanboy, just take a look at his username. I hope this fanboy/fantroll/fantard I talked about is off the Internet for good!

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259 roguethrax

Why the heck are you overusing the word "loser"?

He's another guy who thinks PMD is a cool guy. What a loser, he has no life and loves some little loser kid who's a loser. Roguethrax is just a big loser and everyone should hate him. PMD isn't even a troll, he's just a loser kid, just like roguethrax. What a big fat loser.

This is another PimpinMasterDX fanboy who gives attention towards his haters. He and MaygerMayun1 are complete douchebags by knowing that PimpinMasterDX is awesome when I literally said to them that PimpinMasterDX is a troll, so that's what I'm calling this undisputed user, a troll and a "PimpinMasterDX fanboy"

260 KangarooBust

This guy hates on Asians and everything. HE IS A BITCH

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