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281 mrthedopelover

Probably one of the most perverted trolls on youtube, anyways mrthedopelover is a perverted troll that goes around youtube looking for girls, and he asks them to sex with him.. luckily he got terminated, lets hope he never comes back

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282 Henry Gallamotto

He need to stop coming back and stop making (user) videos

283 Electr1cWaffles

Idiot who thinks Mario is Mexican, his videos are fake and have misleading titles, he is very racist and he is a douche

284 HEELKris V 1 Comment
285 Chris Brown Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

He beat up Rihanna at least twice and is nowadays obsessed with hoes and drugs. What'd you expect?

After hearing all the crimes this guy has committed, this guy is just a big loser. - SailorSedna

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286 Daughterofgodinzion

Daughterofgodinzion was some crazy mormon woman who would create video responses to popular videos and say racist, homophobic and offensive stuff. she caused a lot of anger around youtube, she would also creepily stare and smile at the camera for 20 seconds or sometimes even 2 minutes, she was really creepy and weird, in late 2011, she deleted her channel for unknown reasons, probably because of hate

287 0007mints

Some idiotic kid who hates smosh and threatened to hack their account,
He also makes crappy bad quality humorless offensive videos. he could get in trouble for his actions, stupid little kid

288 Bet Man

Recently this douche got terminated due to spam/sexual content but Unfortunately he has way more channels like David Starks, Odd Mann, John Coffey, Nikola Tesla and Joseph Green. he is a real pain in the ass to get rid of

If your a minor, don't search this guy! He is a disgusting scum who makes fake misleading troll videos like "Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber sextape live! " and gets so many views off of it! He also has so many sock accounts to reupload his crappy video if he gets terminated. if your
Bet man and your reading this, please just get off of YouTube you sicko!

289 Jenny Ddaddas

Jenny Ddaddas (also known as jenny monitor, jenny9787 etc.
She is a mean anime hater who hates on everyone who picks on furries, bronies, anime fans, and way more kinds of people. and lots of her accounts are terminated but she has so many of them! I hate her!

290 WorldsBestMama12

This person has received lots of hate and anger from parents around YouTube, reached 3 million views (almost 4 million) and became a YouTube partner and started making money off of all the hatred and views he got. tons people of reported it but the channel never got terminated surprisingly

K, what the hell? WorldsBestMama12 more like worldsworstmama12, anyways.. WorldsBestMama12 is some insane mom or dude who makes fake crappy videos about parenting advice. on her clothing video, she/he tries to convince parents to dress their child like a trashy chick and claims clothes and style matters, and for the fake misleading parent advice videos, she/he reached over 3,193,216 views in total and over 12 thousand dislikes and 11 thousand angry comments. she has dozens of sock accounts to defend him/herself and she says she is a "mother of 3 children" and used a fake picture of children and claimed its her children. which is clearly not, she is a massive troll

291 John Boy
292 90sPurist

He's a very annoying 90s kid that attacks and threatens to kill people who like anything that isn't from the 90s. He mostly attacks fans of the Regular Show and MLP and won't respect the opinion of others. He's also a hypocrite for using YouTube, which was made in the 2000s and not the 90s. His account was banned, but he made a new account called 90sPuristRevenge.

When 90sPurist dies and goes to Heaven, I know that God is not going to want him in his place.

I think he's actually going to go to hell, not Heaven. Death threats are illegal. - SailorSedna

293 PhilsSexyDancChannul

This guy makes rediculous "dance clips" and he insults people from other countries as Nazi in his comments. If you comment on his videos or somewhere, you'll have a YouTube stalker for the rest of your live. by the way, that guy seems to have a "little sexual disorder"..

294 SunderB00t
295 Josiepink64

I'm friends with her in the...

A Happy Tree Friends and GoGoRiki Fangirl that hates series like Digimon, Gravity Falls, Larva, Sly Cooper, and Dragonball Z for dumb reasons

296 Doctor Caffiene V 2 Comments
297 Chris M
298 SpongebobYesGreeNo

He changes his opinions on something every 5 minutes and lies all the time. enough said.

299 NeverGiveUp2014
300 AptFinickyTraumaDoer

This user insults disabled people, suicidal people, people with diseases like cancer, and also insults popular YouTube users. Some examples are PewDiePie, skydoesminecraft, and some music bands. He is very mean, and also attacks random YouTube users sometimes. He usually says something about them that makes them totally dumb and weak.

I have never been bullied (been yelled at by some issue people, been told to commit suicide) and I'm not suicidal, yet I play Pokemon and I am a huge fan of it. This guy is an idiot who need to go to h e double hockey sticks and just needs to stop making fun of people.

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