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301 maxmoefoe

He prank calls and tortures people for comedy and a job! He does gross-out challenges that make me want to throw up. And he has a huge fan base (June 2014) of 750,000 subscribers.

302 SuperGgangsta

A pair of gangster wannabes who make poor quality videos (They put "(HD)" on their video titles even though the video quality is always 480. ) that are usually negative towards Nintendo and AVGN. they also worship the irate gamer.

303 HillBillyJimPwns
304 iMustDestroyAll

IMustDestroyAll isn't a troll guys... - AnonymousMann

So much to say, if I did type it all out, I'd have carpel tunnel. In a nutshell: A kid that wears a warcraft mask, stands in his mom's bathroom and bitches, bitches and bitches about everybody he possibly can, over the most unimportant crap with a "demonic" voice. He refers to himself as a demon. No, I'm not joking. He has multiple accounts, and many fanboys. He's just a loser with too much time to spare.


305 Lotean Loris

Another butt buddy of hillbillyjimpwns and mrunite4thechildren. and a cyber stalker. All three of these no-lifers will follow someone from video to video, steal material and use it to slander (Von Helton mainly), denigrate, and harass. They have done it for years. They are obviously mentally ill.

306 Proud Asian
307 OG CJ

He wants Nintendo to fail!

308 SuperAmazingKithalt
309 ih8heels V 2 Comments
310 Mr. Clown

The biggest and most popular troll on YouTube he was responsible for taking down the aliens, yaweh and network of dweebles teehee

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311 Pressfarttocontinue
312 Ssundee Bros V 1 Comment
313 Chadwardenn V 1 Comment
314 Canadian Oneiroi
315 Internet Crime Exposed

A particularly nasty troll, also known as Sharon Godwin and Gill Appleby. Harasses innocent users by falsely accusing them of racism and paedophilia (without a scrap of evidence) and posts links to their channels on her page to enable her fellow trolls to attack them. Launched a hate campaign against a schoolteacher (whose channel/Google+ bore his real name, town of residence, place of work, Facebook link etc. ) out of revenge because he'd dared to stand up to her. Posted accusations about him being a paedophile all over YouTube and wrongly linked him to troll channels. I understand this teacher has now commenced legal proceedings against her. - TexasGal

316 GurigorloX

A mean troll who makes fun of Nintendo and it's fans and makes bad commentaries and top ten lists for the sake of trolling people. He is also very disrespectful to people who call him out on his trolling. GurigorloX is a mean, PS4 fanboy Nintendo-hating troll who needs to be destroyed.

He also hates Zelda, Mario, Mega Man, and Bayonetta 2!

317 Smosh

This guy impersonate the real Smosh.

318 PewDiePie Sucks V 1 Comment
319 Jeffrey Kemper

I'm glad I never met this wanker, he sounds like he a sociopath. I think I know why he does all this stuff: he's a sad prick in real life, he knows no one talks to him because of how horrible he is, this is his sad attempt to generate attention and he does this because we're the closest thing to friends he'll ever have, and since he has extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience, he does the easy way to get attention: pissing people off. - SailorSedna

Jeffrey Kemper AKA Kitty, is a british bastard who bullies children and sometimes adults with autism and down syndrome. You can find him on most videos relating to topics about disabilities, he also cyberbullies bronies, bullied kids and really popular YouTubers like pewdiepie, smosh or toby

He hates on autistic/mentally challenged people, deceased teenage girls, depressed people and doesn't feel bad for doing. He is evil

He has Antisocial Personality Disorder

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320 videogames

Most original username ever though.

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