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321 Internet Crime Exposed

A particularly nasty troll, also known as Sharon Godwin and Gill Appleby. Harasses innocent users by falsely accusing them of racism and paedophilia (without a scrap of evidence) and posts links to their channels on her page to enable her fellow trolls to attack them. Launched a hate campaign against a schoolteacher (whose channel/Google+ bore his real name, town of residence, place of work, Facebook link etc. ) out of revenge because he'd dared to stand up to her. Posted accusations about him being a paedophile all over YouTube and wrongly linked him to troll channels. I understand this teacher has now commenced legal proceedings against her. - TexasGal

322 GurigorloX

A mean troll who makes fun of Nintendo and it's fans and makes bad commentaries and top ten lists for the sake of trolling people. He is also very disrespectful to people who call him out on his trolling. GurigorloX is a mean, PS4 fanboy Nintendo-hating troll who needs to be destroyed.

He also hates Zelda, Mario, Mega Man, and Bayonetta 2!

323 Smosh

This guy impersonate the real Smosh.

324 PewDiePie Sucks V 1 Comment
325 videogames

Most original username ever though.


This guy thinks that video games need to be banned.

327 KittyThemotherf*cka

Look at "Jeffery Kemper" above this rank to see details about it

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328 Reverend Geoff Leonard

He is a troll and a cyberbully who has a few other sock accounts that says really mean and racist things to good users

329 John Smith

A racist bastards who hates on pewdiepie and calls everyone who's against him Mexicans

330 Oscar Ferguson

Oscar Ferguson is a nasty troll who likes to harass little girls on YouTube, he rages all the time when people tell the truth about him

Oscar Ferguson is a big troll who likes to prey on the youth on YouTube

Oscar Ferguson is a persistent troll/pedophile who has harassed me in the past. Stay clear of this weirdo.

This guy is a racist and hypocritical as he says stuff like "I AM NOT RACIST YOU (N-WORD)". He 99% of the time rages in caps lock, claims his haters are trolls which is hypocritical. It's also said he robbed a candy store once and he also sends out strangling and death threats at people. He is a 20 year old who acts like a 3 year old. - SailorSedna

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331 TheVideoKid782

A stupid 10 year old boy on YouTube who thinks he's cool. He makes fail videos and he is mean to innocent people on the internet

When he get criticized, he will start complaining about it, pretending that he didn't do anything!

Quit calling people names, TheVideoKid782!

He also fails at making a good argument.

V 3 Comments
332 DJ Timothy

This stupid kid enjoys cyberbullying people

He's a part of the troll group VGCP

333 JumboWittleStone
334 xxXFalcoloverXxx
335 Unfukmeesboyfriend3
336 GoAnimateAndGarrettSimmersSuckD***

People actually like Rebecca Black?!? Well, you learn something new every day...

He is someone who loves Rebecca Black

337 hadmiar8

I'm actually sick of this guy. He has trolled on evey single R5 music video. Fine, he may have a different taste of music, but doesn't mean he should enforce his taste on us! He thinks he's intelligent when he hates on r5, BUT CONSTANTLY HATING MAKES YOU LOOK INSECURE AND PROVES YOUR IGNORANCE. Constant hate is considered harassement and he should be removed off YouTube before he can spread anymore negativity! Fine, call me a person with bad taste for liking r5, but remember: I will not change myself for you! Coming from a male.

338 Hater4321

He is a comment troller and he trolls many people.

339 Filipe Lindo
340 Peter Clements

Peter Clements will get butthurt if you do not like the band he likes and he will stalk you via Google +. Peter Clements is also a metal poser.

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