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341 Mister Betta Goldfish

A professional troll from the high-tier depths of 4chan.
He hates the Bro Army.

342 ilovebeingabrony1234
343 Dougalmac54

I know that you like your college football team (Penn State) but quit trolling every video about the Pitt Panthers You have no life and are a leech to society.

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344 baloney9998887

Notorious for trolling Nigahiga and his many subscribers. - ethanmeinster

345 Mechaghostman2

This guy is a Metallica fanboy that will bash you for liking Megadeth.

346 123455thatguy
347 amazonparrot975
348 RatchetDevil1998

A Rainbow Dash hater.

349 WinLabTrollingTeam
350 Cook
351 DrewPicklesOgre
352 Mrkylil

Shadow the Hedgehog is pretty much the strongest villain/hero and my personal favorite sonic character, and Mrkylil is an idiot who probably knows NOTHING about Sonic. I mean, which idiot wants people to hate him? I'm done here.

He is a kid who just doesn't know how to make an opinion. He made a hate video against Shadow the Hedgehog and forces people to hate him.

How do you hate Shadow?!? Man people on YouTube these days...

People can have opinions on hating him. I'm not big on him myself. - SailorSedna

353 Achievement Unlocked

He post random comments that funny as hell!

354 The Uttp

Troll them back? I can do that. Oh, I can do that.

Ironically, the're trolls. Extremist trolls.

Hates fnaf, vgcp, roblox (I love all of them)
Pretends to be police
Just troll them back

355 Dave Warden
356 Artsy Omni

Made a very good fake Rayman leak for Super Smash Bros 4 and it pissed a lot of people off.

357 Ikereviews
358 Berta Lovejoy
359 The Swedish Spirit

This annoyance likes to heckle commenters. he just likes to heckle of heckle sake. his comments are intended to be hurtful, and almost NEVER have anything to do with the topic at hand.
If you get a comment from him flag him. don't respond, because he's doing it just for the attention

360 Mario Larsson
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