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21 Jessi Slaughter

She's a sellout. Why bother giving her attention?

Her videos are starting to bore me. Also, his father died in 2011 from the other video from her, because someone said bad things about her videos.

Jessi is great! So cute and badass back in her heyday. Too bad she turned into a slug...


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22 GyaradosBlood
23 Silverknight171

He is a 16-17 year old hardcore violence/war enthusiast who is classified as an extremist and can be reported by the police of the USA. He is deliberately searching for videos to insult people for what he doesn't like. He is a complete hypocrite, a homophobic, a fascist who hates freedom, love, romance, animals, always claims that humans are quote "God's most chosen and most superior, " a Warhammer 40k fantard, always claims that hatred, violence, and war is eternal life and beauty, and his typing skills, spelling, and grammar are extremely poor, as if he is deliberately using cacography. Is there any hope for this god-forsaken loser?

He is an extremist, a hypocrite, a fascist, a complete Warhammer 40k fantard, and a huge war enthusiast of a troll. I am dead serious. You can't even call this High School prick a "knight" at the slightest! He's an immature, evil, and random loser who makes humans look bad and he deserves NO FANS AT ALL! On the other side of the coin, I believe he only wanted to live in the world of violence, destruction, and warfare especially when he dies for good.

Since he is officially an extremist, he's just sick and tired of everything, correct? If so, then I rest my case. I believe he is deliberately searching for videos to insult people so that he can get them to blame him, which is what he really wants me to do (which is called trolling, by the way). For that matter, I have to feel sorry for this nimrod. Seriously. I also understand why he's against My Little Pony, including Friendship is Magic, since it's permeating the Internet with any fandoms of it that make no sense, and as a matter of fact that the animated T.V. show is supposed to be for kids, to learn what friendship is about. Just remember that I, for one, have nothing against bronies, or anyone who likes My Little Pony, including the series today. You also need to remember that what you are going to do to him is what he wants. Yes, he's rude as it is officially stated by anyone, but like I said, he's just sick and tired of everything. Trust me. I have learned the truth about ...more

I remembered him posting a cruel hate comment at some girl on YouTube who poses herself as Minerva Mink, causing her friend to make a serious message video about him. Unfortunately that guy who made that video deleted it, probably because Silverknight171 is old news like the rest.

24 MinnesotaBurns

He is very funny! He makes up a bunch of randomness toward random noobs and makes me laugh my heart out. Even his name John Trollsten makes up his trolls.

John Trollsten. Seriously people do not pick that up, probably Americans

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25 JustinRPG

This fiend is most notorious for marrying the Pokemon Reshiram and being idiotic with it at that. He's kinda like Nascar221 except he's doing it to an actual Pokemon and not a trainer. Also he doesn't even do any drawing of any kind. It's just edited pictures with some added pictures of himself, Reshiram, other pokemon he loves, etc. into the background. He also made disturbing fanfics of Reshiram and other Pokemon, and the one with Reshiram has him be a "sex slave" to his so-called waifu (Reshiram). - AnonymousMann

26 XboxAddictionz

Unlike other people on this list, this guy is actually a good kind of troll. His Minecraft videos are so entertaining and you gotta love the classic sky-high lava grief trick. He and Master of Luck, another good troll, are really good together, and both of them can troll any kid well. Good going, guys.

This evil guy Trolls some teenage boys and girls and uses the voice changer to make them sound like 5-7 years old boys raging

He's so evil! Avoid him at all! If he makes you sound like 6 years old boy raging, He will make people think that your just a 6 years old kid

This is one of the most hilarious trolls I've came across, love is videos of annoying kids resulting in them getting told off by their parents for screaming!

His videos are hilarious - PeeledBanana

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27 Alex Jones

Time travel could be possible but I did not know he has an account

He's a hick and a conspiracy theorist.
Also he is a Holocaust denial.

Fear mongerer, and lunatic. Seriously believes in "reptilian" people, time travel and the Holocaust never happened... Wait, what!

28 Da Bezd Chanl

He reviewed Super Mario Maker before it even came out

I wish this guy should get a life and worst There's another channel called the bezd chanl RFFA

I was in a flame war with this dumbass, and, it was not a fun experience. - IceCriticGamer1661

THIS GUY IS THE BEST - venomouskillingmachine

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29 Hocky521
30 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

THE FAKE PewDiePie can go die. Hardly any subscribers. STOP ADVERTISING AND STRIKING ON WHY THE REAL PewDiePie is crap. Guess what?
Fake Pew,
Go die in a hole with your friends.
It's NORMAL to swear! - SuperBacca

This is a FAKE pewdiepie channel that hates the REAL pewdiepie. The REAL one is awesome while the FAKE one is nowhere near awesome.

Fake channel, you say? Is he trying to get his attentions or something? - TheRegular1227

No - JPK

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31 The RFAA (Rabid Fanbase Assimilation Army)

Nothing beats the Bezd Chanl, TheRealCuteFuzzyWeasel, Betterskatez, etc. Oh and I'm also part of this group. - venomouskillingmachine

32 Sandcastles666
33 Jamesthepreacher

He basically thinks of women as wombs with arms and legs, that should not be allowed to read

Biggest douche on YouTube

Whenever I hear or see about him I just wanna go, "FUU! HAIL SATAN CRYBABY! "

34 mrkmusic13

He's a loser who wants attention

35 Meganspeaks
36 cmpuke101

This guy is hilarious! Laugh out loud

This guy never stops spamming about Ryback and he never gets off the internet

He's a wrestling troll. - MageSword

Cm punk sucks my ryback is a pg legend unlike that jobber

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37 Mandaswaggie
38 SammyClassicSonicFan

I hate him. Why? Because he trolls us with the words freaks, ear deafness sound, and he would not let us release sonic adventure 3 and sonic heroes 2. The worst video of all is the rant of sonic fanbase being ruined. I have words to say to sammyclassicsonicfan. You're a crook. You're a cheat and a swindler. That's what you are! How could you do a thing like this!? Build up Leopold's hopes and mine and smash it to pieces! You're a inhuman monster! I won't see you again! Goodbye!

Some pissed off little prick who claims to be a 15 year old gamer, his original account was closed, he isn't even a real gamer, he is just a lonely kid raging at a bad camera

Rant Against The Sonic Fanbase was absolutely, sickeningly hilarious and incredibly memorable. I'll give him that. - xandermartin98

Hilariously Awful - JPK

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39 Time4NRG/PSPfan98

Time4NRG is a dumb 14 year old kid who reviews every mainstream game that comes out and tries to spit on the supporters. He says his opinions are facts and rubs it in everyone's faces.

40 PimpinBast3rDX

This guy is a fan of PimpinMasterDX but his title is changed to PimpinBast3rDX because he worships him as a fan

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