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381 The Super Swagsters

These jerks make rants on video games and are Call of Duty fanboys. All they like is Call of Duty. They basically hate everything not Call of Duty and I dare you to look in his Reccommended Channels area:
He's friends with Gligar13Vids.
These two probably work together to troll and don't even care!

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382 Iwillmakeyousqueal V 3 Comments
383 The Super Gamer

He has eleven videos. Seven of which are hate videos, mostly directed at iHasCupquake. 214 subscribers. This guy has weak and ungrounded points of why he thinks other YouTubers are bad, a horribly big ego, and makes fun of games like Minecraft and the walking dead. Oh, and did I mention that he did a hate video on PEWDIEPIE!? CutiePieMariza too. He is just a big troll and an internet bully who needs to have his channel taken down. I mean, it's okay to not like something but you don't bully the people that spend hours creating it.

384 sirdanik
385 Sedona Pecucci
386 TheLonelyGoomba

This guy needs to die REALLY! THIS GUY SHOULD BE IN THE LIST! he sucks and he should get a life!

387 Kitber
388 IntelligentDotaFanboy
389 123Littlebasterd V 1 Comment
390 Mrenter

This guy sucks!

He's Too Harsh

391 3LameStudios
392 GiIvaSunner V 1 Comment
393 MainstreamPoPsucks3
394 Foxy The Magnificent Bastard

This guy is a troll... He made friends with me once and one day... He started bombarding my notifications with "Kill Yourself" and "Kys"

395 Despameratos
396 Jim Sterling
397 Kaceytron
398 RebelTaxi

Used to like him but he putted megaman in rebels worst cartoon ever I BECAME INFURIATED THAT I COMMENT HIM TO GET A LIFE AND QUIT HIS CHANNEL! HE SUCKS!

I Used To Like Him Until He Put The Minions And Rabbids At Number 2 On A Worst List
I Felt Betrayed And Quit Watching Him FOREVER!

399 Aeroniuc
400 TTGMinecraftboy37
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