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401 TVFilthyFrank

Somebody must be ' trolling this list. - AnonymousMann

402 LimboStudios

Wait, wasn't this that guy on Gamefaqs who wished that Nazi Germany won WWII so Fire Emblem wouldn't exist?

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403 Lynn Ann

For a 31-year-old woman, she's really mean, she really should know what to do and not to do by now. - AnonymousMann

404 Skyler Hawkins

She got terminated, why is she here? - SailorSedna

405 Uwe Boll Raw
406 Nascar221

This guy's a pedophile, especially when he paired himself with a fictional 10-year-old girl from Pokemon named "Serena". Really, he's smart enough where he shouldn't do that. What's worse is that he sees no difference between recoloring and actually drawing, as when you're actually drawing, you're at least attempting to do something, though when recoloring, you're basically stealing one's art, yes, you heard me. Recoloring is a form of art theft, and that's basically what Nascar221 was doing with basically all of his so-called art. He's very unoriginal to the point that really the only that he's obsessed with is monsters and trains, THAT'S IT. Also his avatar is also a recolor of Butters from South Park, and even when changing his "hair style", he's still a recolor of another South Park character, but I forgot which one (I believe it was Kyle). - AnonymousMann

407 MonkeyRapist65
408 0u75p0k3n
409 AdvancedEdition
410 Elly Stevenson

What's Elly doing on here? She did nothing other than argue with Trent when he started that whole war. - SailorSedna

411 William Jensen

Forget about him being on this list. Laci Green should've been on this instead. - AnonymousMann

412 rtecomtr

Otherwise known as Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he is the only dictator who actually made it to this list. Also while on Google+, he plans to do horrible things to his country. - AnonymousMann

413 Kurt Rustle
414 Deck Sucker

He/she sexually harassed me by asking me to post a picture of me twerking naked, he/she subscribes to people and asks them to post porn (since I had a Care Bears icon at the time, it shows he/she is a rabid furry pervert and he/she is most likely a clopper), he/she even threatened to rape someone else, he/she honestly needs to go to prison. - SailorSedna

415 Sonicscatfan1999
416 First Person Troller
417 Liquid Chris
418 Clyde Cash
419 Yoon Ho

This guy bullied me all because I hated Sailor Moon Crystal seasons 1-2 while liking the original one, and told me to "stop acting like a little girl" (I'm an adult man) and act mature, when ironically he was being childish, attempting to force me to like what I hated and harassing me. - SailorSedna

420 Nerry Marin

There are plenty of reasons why this 20 year old manbaby sucks. He disrespects opinions, refuses to respect them and tries to force people to have the same opinions as him with everything, if someone who makes Go! Animate Grounded Videos stops, he'll tell them in all caps to "BRING BACK THE GROUNDED SERIES", he hates restaurants like Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Taco Bell for no reason, he rages in caps lock at people and if someone tells him to stop doing that, he'll say "IT'S MY CAPS LOCK KEY" in caps, and he is racist, he uses the N-word, racially discriminates black people, even though he himself is black and is in denial, thinking he is white. If someone tells him he is black, he will scream he's white over and over.

There are also two other accounts named Alvin and Derelict Corneo which I've heard actually may be sockpuppets of him. - SailorSedna

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