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121 TheLastAbacus

He snags top comment or draws dozens of responses every time he comments. He must be a mad genius or just really weird...

122 TheMysteryGuyRetums

Whoever wrote the review below: You CAN forget about this guy.

123 AnonymousGallery

Some people say that this obvious troll here steals people's videos and uploads them from his channel. Apparently though, to prove that he doesn't steal videos, he places the videos' respective owners in parenthesis within each video's title. He is still provocative after all, like the others.

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124 AntiSonicEnterprises

This user, whose full name is Vincent William Carousse, proudly proclaims himself as a troll as he attacks any Sonic the Hedgehog-related videos, making up false stories about how he owns those "Sonic fantards, " and other stuff that nobody cares about.

This Troll Is A Perfect Example Of "Taking It Too Far" - JPK

125 navgtr
126 howardnwhite

WHAT A POMPOUS LOSER! AN ARROGANT, VAIN, POMPOUS KNOW-IT-ALL! I mean I have nothing against people liking trolls, but! Does he have to insult us for having different opinions? I hope he's joking all right. But it's getting old! Not everyone can tolerate his vain humour. It's not funny! Supporting mariotehplumber and other trolls to death as a huge enthusiast? Not a good idea to me! I hope this loser stops shoving his opinion down people's throats! Like I said before, it's not funny at all in my opinion!

In my opinion, howardnwhite should be way, WAY higher on the list because he thinks he can change our lives by making us support and subscribe to mariotehplumber and other trolls he worships. Everybody should sue him, because he is an ungodly pompous, deluded, goody-goody, and disgraceful troll zealot who loves to do nothing but to add insults to injuries by shoving his enthusiasm down people's throats. He's the one who should leave mariotehplumber and other trolls alone! No offense to people liking trolls, but this guy takes himself way to seriously!

This man never elaborates why he likes mariotehplumber or other trolls in general with a passion. He doesn't respect people's different opinions by passionately insulting them with critical acclaim. I have to respect his opinion, but does he respect ours? NO! This man is just a pompous loser and a totally hardcore troll zealot at that! This idiot deserves to be considered none other than a troll himself!

Even though he has no troll videos but just him and his trip to the Philippines videos and his Drug Awareness video, and only about 8 videos total, why I put him on the list anyways is that he trolls on comments trying make us support trolls like he does. He is a huge troll enthusiast and a pompous loser because he loves to use generic insults on people for having opinions different than his. I have no other words to describe this guy besides the fact he has slapped the word "Vanity" on his forehead. He did get so much praise for his videos, but they never looked into his comments about coveting trolls like gods. I hope he stops provoking us with his pompous comments about supporting trolls, and if he doesn't stop, I don't care. Anyways, I, for one, am obviously not going to listen to him and anymore of his mumbo-jumbo. End of story.

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127 Backstaberxx1

This guy is surreal. Don't know where to start with this one...

128 Froggy Fresh

Formerly known as Kripsy Kreme, he is the master of all YouTube trolls. - Vesylum

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129 Swagangsta4lyf

Come on, with a username like THAT, he is obviously a troll. He has posted on many various videos, saying that the people in it need more "Swag", like him. He hates Minecraft, however loves Tobuscus, who makes Minecraft videos! He is a generic modern age scrub, by which I mean he runs about going "SNOOP DAWG NOOB YOLO SWAG! ". You know those people!

130 ELRealBoredMario64
131 John Jackson

This guy makes fun of sky antvenom and the yogscast. He shoves his opinions down peoples throats to hate minecraft and mojang. He made a video where he is spazzing out on a cputch saying how muck he hates minecraft. I absolutely hate this guy. Reply if you do as well.

133 xTheRisingSunx
134 GyroHedgie453


GyroHedgie453 is a sonic recolor who uses speakonia and made a pretty infamous top 10 video about which sonic characters were the most sexy (and he placed his recolor as #1).

135 Dean Braxton

He makes lies about Grand Theft Auto, pewdiepie and other things being in the illuminati, he says pewdiepie is using his bros as slaves. he has another account called pewdiepie exposed. where he makes all his lies about pewdiepie, he made a petition for the USA government to ban pewdiepie, which only has 9 signatures.
He is a lying attention seeking idiot that should be suspended from youtube, enough said

136 ProHeadShotGamer

1. Calls anything with anime weeaboo
2. "hacks" other youtubers (he just makes a new channel with a small change in the naming)
3. The BIG BIG BIG offense he made a rap song about killing elementary school children under the alias MC Arron (probably spelled it wrong) GET THIS MONSTER OFF YOUTUBE!

137 tomoyolovesakura

This person is a stupid child who is Roleplaying Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura. There's like a thousand of them on Youtube already. Anyway, she made everyone angry when she commented on a video of Bring Me The Horizon saying that she hated anyone who liked the album and she was being incredibly abusive. Also, she did the same thing on another video and everyone got pissed off because of it. The real Tomoyo Daidouji would never do that. And plus, she was using extremely bad Grammar and spelling. This person really needs to grow the hell up. Check her Youtube account, you will know what I mean.

138 Jaakko "Isvaffel" Järvinen

Jaakko Järvinen is from Finland and is really hard to understand his English and he often mumbles a lot and has the microphone way too close to his mouth. What makes when worse than any other AVGN ripoff is that he actually says he's The Angry Video Game Nerd and that's what he calls his show. He has the most misleading name on YouTube mainly because he sucks at video games and he's not even angry. He died on the second level of Super Mario Bros, He died in just a few seconds in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. He has 2,000 subscribers that actually think he's the real AVGN.

139 KJ Miller V 1 Comment
140 kossxf(Reddit Gold user)
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