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1 Zangado

,this guy is amazing

why its amazing? just all the videos of your channel,ITS EPIC

this guy make review of games,and reviews and unboxings its just epic - BrKlein

2 GameplayRJ

OH YEAH,my favorite YouTuber

this guy make so many gameplays goods with excelent quality

best br YouTuber ever - BrKlein

3 Eletronic Desire ge

THIS IS THE BEST CHANNEL OF ALL TIME! FUNNY AND COOL STUFF! (at least,in 2012/2013/2014 anyway...) - ignorantjello

4 Canal Você Não Sabia

This channel its just awesome

i don't remenber the name of the YouTuber,but from the channel I remenber

the curiosities and the theorys of this channel is so cool - BrKlein

5 Canal Nostalgia

I cry seeing the videos of this channel

why you cry? because the name is CANAL NOSTALGIA,and seeing your videos I cry because the nostalgia come to me

just awesome this guy - BrKlein

6 Colônia Contra-Ataca

This chaneel is weird,but is funny too

i remenber of my first react on this channel

epic :P - BrKlein

7 Felps
8 Inutilismo
9 Rato Borrachudo
10 Maskara Gamer

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11 AssopraFitas

The focus on channel is games,its just here because of the focus

i love games channels

i hate channel for teens - BrKlein

12 Mr. Lupa Plays

A Pokemon channel? are serious, yes I serious

amazing videos, good channel and the focus is from not teens

charizard is my favorite Pokemon - BrKlein

13 Saiko

He is pretty funny.

14 Guaxinim
15 Calango
16 PKCanadianGuy
17 Nando Moura


18 TokuDoc

Just 1 phrase:i like so munch the tokusadsu

you all want see tokusadsu facts,well,this channel is perfect to you - BrKlein

19 CanalCanalha
20 Cellbits

i agree

21 cazum8

This guy play roblox

OH YEAH,finnaly,a roblox channel brasilian

i'm so happy - BrKlein

22 Porta dos Fundos

Hi, ( to begin with, excuse my bad English, I'm using google translator LOL) actually I will just add more items in this list because only ten channels, and has that nobody knows with about 200 subscribers so I'll just add more for Brazilian users of this site (or anyone who knows more BR YouTube) vote for this list get better!

23 WhinderssonNunes
24 5incominutos
25 Parafernalha
26 Galo Frito
27 Rezendeevil
28 Manual Do Mundo
29 Authenticgames
30 Eu Fico Loko
31 Felipe Neto
32 Tazercraft
33 Canal Kondzilla
34 Você Sabia?
35 Venom Extreme
36 Galinha Pintadinha
37 Coisa de Nerd
38 Cauê Moura
39 Brksedu
40 Invento Na Hora
41 Am3nic
42 Everson Zoio
43 Mussoumano
44 Tauz
45 Nomegusta
46 Programa Pânico
47 t3ddy
48 Japa
49 CasalDeNerd
50 Monark
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1. Eletronic Desire ge
2. Inutilismo
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1. Zangado
2. GameplayRJ
3. Canal Você Não Sabia


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