Top Ten Reasons Why Linux is Better Than Windows

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1 Linux is free and open source

You don't have to pay anything to install Linux, and the code is available for you to use. If you want to create your own distro out of Linux, go right ahead. Windows is closed source, meaning only Microsoft has access to the source code.

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2 Microsoft owns your Windows OS

Using windows can be painful, and even if you're the admin of the computer, some parts of the OS are still blocked, to where only Microsoft has access. Since Microsoft is the head admin on your system, they can make any changes they want to your system. It's not your computer, it's Microsoft's computer and they decide who to lend it to. This explains why Windows gets so many viruses.
On Linux, you're the head admin. You get to control what programs can do to your computer. As a result, Linux is the safest OS to use, and if you know how to use it properly, it's also the easiest.

3 Linux is more stable than Windows

On Windows, you can download software on Google. Enjoy getting the latest software that's infected with viruses and can break your system.

On Linux, you download pre-compiled software known as packages, using a package manager. Each distro has repositories available that you can download packages from, and all the packages are tested before they are made available. Not only is it easier to install software, but it's also more secure. Some distros like Arch provide the latest packages, while others like Debian ensure maximum stability at the cost of outdated software.

4 Linux updates aren't as annoying

Microsoft forces updates on Windows 10 users, and they can take a while. You have to sit there while the computer is updating before you can use it again, and sometimes it will take hours.

On Linux, you just type in a simple command and the system will update while you're working.

5 Linux has a more powerful terminal

There are so may things you can do on the Linux terminal that isn't possible with the Windows command prompt. You can install and update software, run terminal apps such as htop (system monitor) and nano (text editor), and even create your own bash scripts to automate complex processes.

6 Linux is more customizable

You have complete control over your system. You can choose what kind of desktop you want (Windows or MacOS style, or something else), you can choose what your icons and title bars look like, and you can even customize your login screen and terminal. On Windows, some of that used to be possible until Microsoft made it too difficult to customize your OS.

7 Linux respects your privacy, Windows does not

If you're using Windows 10 to read this, then Microsoft probably already knows. Windows 10 spies on you, and it spies on your children even more, even if all your privacy settings are turned off. Linux doesn't do this (except Ubuntu). Some distros such as Tails are built to be completely private.

8 Linux is more secure than Windows

Linux has some features such as full-disk encryption for free that isn't available on some Windows editions. On Windows, you'll have to buy yourself a bloated antivirus, or download a free one with ads and hourly reminders to upgrade to the "pro version".

9 Windows is bloated and slow

Every time I install Windows, I have to spend hours removing all the bloatware that came with it, and it's even worse when you get a prebuilt laptop. With Linux, you choose what to install, and some distros like Arch and Gentoo let you build your own OS. Those two distros are also very frustrating and difficult to install so I suggest using Elementary OS or Linux Mint instead.

10 Microsoft has made it nearly impossible to fix your broken Windows system

Is there something wrong on your Windows? Good luck trying to fix it. None of the troubleshooters work, and the administrative tools aren't very useful. You can try to install third-party software to fix it, but then Windows may give you a hard time. Safe mode and other advanced boot settings are very hard to access because apparently Microsoft wants you to have a broken operating system.

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11 Linux offers more choices
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