Top 10 Business Software with Salesforce Integration

In 2016, Salesforce is the best-in-class CRM on the market. Salesforce is so big that Business SaaS companies started existing when they got integrated with Salesforce CRM. If you are an SaaS company, startup or an entrepreneur you obviously need a CRM, and Salesforce rules the industry. The 10 tools listed below will help you to perform well. First you need Salestools for sales prospecting, the MailChimp for your email campaign, Hubspot for managing your inbound leads, Live chat for taking care of your customer care and Intacct for managing your financial processes. Then Conga, Evernote, Clarizen, MapAnything and LevelEleven will be great software to integrate with your Salesforce CRM.

The purpose of this list is to give the best sales software integrated with Salesforce which means this list is not complete and might be completed.
The Top Ten
1 MailChimp

MailChimp is a must have tool for any businesses to design, send & track email marketing campaigns. The integration with Salesforce help salespersons and marketers to manage their MailChimp subscribers directly from salesforce leads, contacts and list views.

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2 HubSpot

HubSpot is the an inbound marketing platform that integrate different features such as blogging, social media publishing, SEO, marketing automation and analytics in a single platform. HubSpot help SaaS companies to transform visitors into customers by leveraging inbound leads. Hubspot is easily synchronized with salesforce to help users to merge both databases (Marketing and Sales) and make them interacting in a perfect harmony. This integration make every marketing interaction (email sends, open, views, etc.) accessible by the sales team to reach customers only when they are completely ready.

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3 LiveChat

LiveChat is a well known live chat software for business to deliver an amazing customer service experience. LiveChat is used by companies of all size all over the world to deliver a very high quality and instant customer service to improve customer satisfaction and increase online sales results. LiveChat is integrated with salesforce to move customer information collected during chats to the CRM. This integration is crucial as it saved every interactions with your customers, contacts and leads on Salesforce without leaving LiveChat.

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4 Intacct

Intacct is a very famous cloud-based ERP software proposing a very foolproof multi-ledger accounting solution to suppress manual work and make complex financial processes as easy as possible. Intacct propose a very comprehensive financial controls as well as an extensive automation to streamlines your business processes, reduces labor, and saves costs. The integration with Salesforce CRM permit to have a full view of every customer and a more productive communication between the department that makes the numbers and the department that manages them.


Evernote is a well known document management platform that help salespersons, through its integration, to add context to their customer relationships while getting in touch with them. Sales reps can add notes, documents, and files from Evernote to their Salesforce CRM.

6 Conga Composer

Conga Composer makes easy for Salesforce users to customize, streamline and increase their high sophisticated documents generation, presentations and reporting across all organizations and industries. Leader in document creation, Conga generate proposals, account plans, invoices, quotes, contracts & much more in connection with your data store in Salesforce CRM.

7 Clarizen

Clarizen is the leader in collaborative work management software providing a very customer friendly platform that bring together cross-company project management, customize workflow automation and in-context collaboration. Clarizen is integrated with Salesforce CRM to streamline the flow from sales opportunity to professional services delivery.

8 MapAnything

MapAnything is a geo-analytics tool native native on that help salespersons to map their salesforce data. It provides a territory management, proximity-based searching and visualization maps to help sales manager to organize their sales force. MapAnything is a must have salesforce integrated tool for data-visualization, route planning, optimization and territory management.

9 LevelEleven

LevelEleven is an easy to use sales motivation software that help sales teams to be motivated and close more deals thanks to gamification. LevelEleven is integrated with Salesforce to help sales teams to focus & meet their KPIs and drive sales performance using real-time visibility and leaderboards. LevelEleven play on the competitive behavior of salespersons and make easy its implementation by being directly integrated to Salesforce.

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