Top Ten Call of Duty: Black Ops Weapons

Which is THE best weapon in COD:Black ops in your opinion? These 10 weapons are my top 10, if you think there is a gun missing just add it and vote for it.

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1 Galil

Great gun easy to get kills and is a overall winner. Plus you don't have to be a high level to unlock it and then buy it. My favourite attachment is suppressor so with suppressor it 10 out of 10. Thank you treyarc for this amazing gun!

The galil is the real deal, it keeps all the noobs on their heels. It is totally the best gun there is, but without a silencer, it is really strange, so use suppressor.

The Galil, is best suited for those that like the mid to long range fight. Coupled with a suppressor and a reflex sight you can effectivly hit targets across the map. It's fire rate at mid to close range keeps rushers at bay without any problems. I constantly go >20-0 with this weapon but, I tend to play very methodical and get a bit campy.

This gun is so boss but it suck without a suppressor

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2 Famas

the famas is my favorite weapon even though I suck and sometimes I own like earlier I went 200 and 55 playing headquarters

This is a great gun give it to a starter and they will do great it should be #1 its great with red camo and a red dot site use it!

The galil may be an amazing gun, it's a close match to be honest.
though we can't deny how overpowered the famas is, almost everyone I met has said this was their first weapon to get gold camo in black ops 1.
it was my first too.
this beats the galil in multiplayer without a doubt, but in zombies galil is way better.
really depends how much you play each one,
if you play multiplayer more then you probably like the famas more.
if you play zombies more then you probably like the galil more
anyways they are both great guns. - OPminecraft

Famas is beast! In my opion it beats the galil any day unless you are playing zombies.

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3 Commando

Well commando should be first I don't know why the ak74u is first it sucks anyway the commando is good at long range and medium and attachment red dot sight no freaken surpressor or acog with scanvenger pro and sleight of hand pro and second chance pro.

I just play 100x better with this gun it has no recoil at all! and just does what you want

Best gun no bounce super powerful no wonder it gets unlocked at level 44

This gun is better than the other guns because it has no disadvantages. You should try this. I pull 30+ kills every game with it

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4 AK 47

great! gotta know how to use it but I guess that the same thing with every gun in black ops

I love this gun because it is so powerful. All it needs is extended mags and maybe a silencer, it takes a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it is a beast. Best AK47 on any Call of Duty, don't like it on MW3 because there's too much recoil and looks too big. Its not bad on Call of Duty 4 though.

This gun is just plain amazing. If you know how to use it it can be very good for long range, mid rand, and close range. I go with silencer on this gun and secondary c7z5 with fully auto. Ghost (or hardline if you prefer it, ) sleight of hand and hacker. Can't go wrong.

Woo good

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5 AK 74U

Its the best gun! Best with grip or rapid fire or suppressor or dual mag

This gun is so good. I hated this gun in the beginning, but after that I cried. I was first and I had 32 kills with this gun. Fantastic

Only been playing black ops for a few days and read a few reviews on the best gun. Just unlocked the ak74u and it seems it s unstoppable, I play it with suppressor and longer magazines and works well. (ghost). But as I'm only on level 18 I'm yet to unlock a lot of other weapons. But can't go wrong with this choice.

Love...just love o.o

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MILF! 2nd highest damage per second as proven in Call of Duty Wiki (Highest being the M60)Little recoil mixed with its awesome fire rate and high damage makes it the best gun there. Excellent a firing in burst for long range and shred 'em to pieces with a dropshot at close range! Combine with Sleight of hand pro and say hello to a 2.18 k/d ratio like mine!

I love the AUG's fast fire rate, and great range. Not the best gun for rushing, but great at medium to long range. The AUG is by far my gun of choice.

just the feeling to shoot with a AUG without a suppressor is great. Its a good looking weapon. It is just awesome. try it and feel it

I love this gun. - Zaxtin

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7 Stoner 63

Despite the slow movement speed and reload of this weapon, I believe the stoner63 is probably the best weapon in the game for a passive player or someone who is not rushing all game long. The high fire rate and damage gives this weapon a very quick kill at all ranges and I would recommend the red dot sight for pinpoint accuracy as I personally don't like the iron sights.

BEST gun. You can look at all of the stats out of all of the guns and you will find that this one is the best. Although it might not be the best at close range, it destroys at mid range, and if you put the thermal scope on it, it turns into a fully automatic sniper rifle. USE THIS GUN!

The stoner only is a bit heavy but that's fixed with lightweight. Its advantage is that its damage over long distances is the same as its damage at close.
I'm not sure if the iron sight is good enough.

My name with 9 instead of 3 - stoner69

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8 M60

If you use sleight of hand you can reload faster and besides that this gun is really epic it has 100 bullets per mag and has grat firepower and accuracy I got like 39 kills with this on multiplayer

The m60 is a great gun. Screw sleight of hand. The capacity is very large at 100 bullets. The gun is also the strongest automatic weapon killing in just 2 shots within medium range. Try using flak jacket with warlord and tactical mask. You can make your enemies cry.

I love this gun in Black Ops. It is, above all else, just plain fun to use. Extended mags make it even better, no need to reload.

This gun is amazing! I actually got 38 kills in a row and I got to use all my kill streaks, I'd reccomend you use this gun if your a low level you'd really level up fast

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9 M16

This gun has great range and damage. There's no need to waste your money on anything else. Plus with the hardened perk and grenade launcher you'll be force of nature.

M16 is the best gun the story about m16: m16 is a 50 years gun(it means golden jubilee) and it is originally use in the marines in the Vietnam war both sides were using m16 well.. Vietcong were using ak47 (which is second place) and even in the Iraqi and afghan war the us army were using m16 were ever you go you will see m16 and now this gun is 75 years in business

- -reaper-

Just got dogs its amazing just add a red dot or grenade launcher with hardline and your good to go

Cool weapon in black ops ii upgrade it to increase damage accuracy range ETC, - bman1994

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10 Ray Gun

The raygun... Takes me back in world at war -deep sigh- best weapon till round 24... The upgraded takes 2 shots in round 24! I hate this gun! Jk jk it just have hard aiming ability and reloading is too slow plus 1 shot takes 5.2 MICRO! Seconds NOT SECONDS! I must say this is a premium weapon the best part is it's good weapon for second in hand if you know what I mean... Although I vote m16 better!

This gun is one shot kill. It can shoot from long range and has a lot of ammo. The best part though is that if you need reviving in zombies it counts as an pistol so you get to keep using it.

The ray gun is good when you are in a low round like from 7-17 so it is a pretty good gun


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11 MP5K

This was first my favorite gun, but after I got the AK74U this baby only got on second place. It is still one of my favorite smg's. Good firing rate, good damage and just an overall good performance. - bigblackdragon

Put Rapid Fire on this bad boy and spray! No Steady Aim needed! Just had a 200-19 Domination game using this gun!

Horrible accuracy horrible reload speed horrible ammo capacity and horrible way too fast fire rate plus the worst iron sights ever they're too damn big no wonder it's the default smg unlocked this gun just straight up sucks use the pm63 instead - stoner69

Slower fire rate compared to most of other smgs but you get stronger bullets like the AK74U. The only differents between these guns is the Ak has faster reloads and is more accurate. The AK also has more attatchments. Either way the
MP5K a good gun.

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12 G11

I think it's the best because it's powerful and can get the scope that the snipers have (sorry I don't know the name of the scope) you just have to aim the head and his dead

Yes Famas and Galil are incredible weapons however if you know how to use this gun you can do so well with it, the only problem is the lack of attachments and late unlock of this gun

Amazing on long range and has smg hipfire with hardened pro hardly any flinch so this gun is amazing.

With the Low Power Scope it is GOD!

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13 Thundergun

Great Wonder weapon but not multiplayer accessible so I see the reason why it's this far down the list.

The thunder gun is so good why vote it 13 place if it's so good it blows like a whole round of zombies or is it not a rating I'm just saying it's so awesome

Are you people kidding me? T-H-U-N-D-E-R G-U-N is #33 out of 34, wow I bet you if this was in multiplayer it would have been EPIC.


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14 L96A1

My first quad was with this, now even though I don't play Black Ops I, I still love this gun.

Best sniper in the game use it with variable or infrared and it's a one shot kill above the waist only annoying when their using second chance but in zombies the druganov is better since its semi auto over bolt action. - stoner69

This gun is boss! Even though it is bolt action it is still awesome!


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15 MPL

Beast gun, very accurate, low recoil, and good clip size. Must pair with rapid fire. Slight of hand or steady aim is a must, depending on your play style. Iron sight is the only downfall

The only downside of the MPL is that is has disgusting iron sights. If it is paired with rapid fire, it's hip fire can be deadlier than the AK74u's one. It is also good in ADS even with it's bad irons. It also has a healthy 32 bullet magazine, so it naturally fits Rapid Fire. Overall, this along with the PM63 are my favourite guns.

By far the best smg in the game. Low recoil, good accuracy, high rate of fire and decent range. You don need any other smg besides this.

Mpl rapid fire MELTED

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16 Python

Give a python a speed reloader with sleight of hand pro and you will kill all enemies before they know your even there as long as you keep moving and don't camp otherwise your screwed

Dual Python is like a shotgun up close, extremely strong but poor accuracy and range which is exactly like a shotgun. If you feel like there should be a secondary shotgun pick dual python.

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17 Olympia

Best gun in short range

1 shot one kill at short, 2-3 shots at medium.

-No attachment

The only cons of this gun are its capacity and reloading speed. It destroys at close range. Maybe pair it with sleight of hand to push away the problems of slow reloading and a 2 bullet capacity.

I need the black ops three guns on ps4 I need the Olympia

Olyimpia is good because the dAmGe is pretty good but not many bullets. And no attChments

18 Crossbow

When pack a punched it draws the zombies away from you and to the explosive tip

This in Search & Destory use it with Ak47 and suppeser it kicks ass!

Crossbow is last srsly you don't even need to hit people to kill them with this pwning gun!

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19 Dragon's Breath

Come on people it shoots a bullets that on fire blow there feet of

This would be an awesome pap upgrade for zombies and a good attachment in multiplayer - stoner69

It's cool and should be given on 4th rank after commando.

Put it in multyplayer treyarch come on );

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20 Enfield

gun for the english man in side you good at all levels good if you a new to black ops had to be 10 due to mag size

also known as the SA80, this gun is the best all rounder in the game should be at least 6

This gun may not be the strongest or most effective, but it sure is a fun weapon to use.

Best gun ever when I first unlocked it I killed about 30 people so 5 out of 5

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