Call of Duty Games With the Best Campaigns

This list is about the best and worst Call of Duty campaigns.

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1 Call of Duty: Black Ops

It feels fresh every time you replay it. The missions are so action-packed, and the story seems like it is just a bunch of random flashbacks. In reality, it is all connected, and it is truly amazing watching all of it unfold. They have vehicles present, they have some amazing battles in Vietnam, tons of memorable plot twists, amazing characters, and they even brought back tons of WWII weapons for one mission, to tell a continued story to the WAW campaign. I personally loved WAW to an unbelievable extent, and playing this mission for the first time gave me chills. Call of Duty was advancing here, but soon plummeted. I feel this was a campaign worthy of the peak of the franchise. Even if you are not a huge fan of Call of Duty- play it. It is more than Call of Duty. It is even above boyfriend campaigns. Truly wonderful.

This game starts off with an absolute bang and ends with a satisfying conclusion. You as the player, develop a bond between the characters and start to feel like you are actually within their shoes. This is a campaign filled with plot holes, mysteries, and unexpected twists! For everyone who enjoyed Call of Duty WAW's campaign, this story is connected to it in a couple of ways including the return of some characters and a mission entirely set-up in the 1940's after WWII. Even when you finish the story, there is a lot of conspiracy which leaves the player thinking and developing theories. Of course, I forgot to mention that it takes place during the Cold War and the Vietnam war so if you are interested with that, this is a must-play!

If you don't think this campaign falls into the top 3 you have a small mind. It was one of the few campaigns that blended historical events, had engaging and dramatic plot twists, and a story that made you think twice. Maybe the explosions or grand battles weren't as prevalent like in Modern Warfare 2, but unlike Modern Warfare 2 (which was painfully non-suspenseful and dull, despite big battles), Black Ops offered a changing story and a plot you had to follow closely to understand. For those who didn't like this campaign I think you just lack the intelligence to understand it... or didn't give it a chance because the multiplayer was lacking.

Your character actually gets a voice in this game, so...

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2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The modern warfare series does the best at making you hate the enemy... Modern warfare 2 makes you just want to stab general Shepard in his ugly traitorous face. Why ghost, why!?!?

This is one of the few games that I just keep playing the campaign over and over even years after it was released (in fact I have just recently started its campaign again)

The campaign is so accurate and well put together I don't know if any other Call of Duty's will be able to top it

Best campaing

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3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of duty 2 was amazing as this got me to buy an Xbox 360 along side gears, also world at war was amazing however this just tops it for being the best Call of Duty game for me

This was a revolutionary game when it came out, and the campaign was the first story in which you actually feel connected to the characters and feel for them.

This campaign is one of the best campaigns in gaming history! - Cimendaro

I played so many FPS games but in no game we get a story like this one.The ONLY game that can be a competitor for MW is black ops 1.I think both of this them have the best story line in FPS games.i mean they felt real,and story line makes sense and you feel connected to characters.Missions like All Ghillied Up with Macmillan was the reason that no FPS game could beat Call of Duty.But now the only thing that producers do is improving graphics and use a story line that is written by a blinded,cripple dog.(like Black Ops 3)

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4 Call of Duty: World at War

This campaign was written by actual educated writers that understand authorial methods and narrative devices. This Call of Duty broke away from it's macho invisible supermen and really presented the brutal reality of war. From it's amazing soundtrack to it's fantastic character building.

This Call of Duty exemplifies how the FPS genre can be more than a casual genre for those who don't play FPS games for the narrative. In comparison to Black Ops, WAW takes a more realistic grounded narrative than a ridiculous James Bond-esk narrative with ridiculous moments that cannot really be justified, but on top of this black ops claims to be the "Vietnam" Call of Duty which is absolutely ridiculous, maybe those who wrote the narrative for Black Ops should have made something along the lines of Apocalypse Now if they wanted to take the easy way out with a possibly mentally unstable protagonist in Mason.

In comparison to the Modern Warfare series, the concept of war in ...more

This was the only Call of Duty that actually kept me interested in the campaign. From guerilla warfare in the Pacific to marching through Europe, this campaign displayed what real battle looks like, not some unrealistic jet-pack movie sequence like the newer campaigns.

Exactly I actually think it is very underrated game, sure the multiplayer was nothing special at all, but for me this is defiantly the best Call of Duty campaign so far and one of the best if no the best campaign I've ever played

I love the open battle maps. Reznov was a great character, sniping, flamethrowers- it had it all

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5 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The best Call of Duty campaign in my opinion, because for once the villain had some depth of character and motive, who you could feel for, instead of just someone you want to shoot as soon as you are introduced to them. Also the game wasn't as technology focused and was much more realistic than the other future-based games, plus the multiple storylines were very interesting, because choices finally mattered.

Easily the best Call of Duty campaign ever. An interesting plot, terrifying yet somewhat sympathetic villain, multiple choices and endings. While most call of duty campaigns set in the future so far have been complete rubbish, Black Ops 2's setting of 2025 strikes a near impossible parallel between the boots on the grounds warfare of the past, and the believable technological advances of the near future.

So Emotional, also it was not too advanced. The soldiers were still mainly soldiers, and it was only there were new bots and such that make it futuristic. The branching out and multiple campaigns was awesome, and for the first time ever in a Call of Duty, the villain isn't that bad and you could feel empathy for him.

Raul Menendez bias plus 2 timelines

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6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

What I like about this campaign was the diversity of mission locations. Unlike Cod4 where you're mostly in Caucus mountains, this game puts you in Sierra Leone, New York city, Somalia, Berlin, Paris, London, Hamburg, and Prague.

The campaign was just so memorable, it improved in nearly every aspect amazing progress and story telling everything detailed and the ending like always intense unique and unforgiving.

Boring it just feels like your playing the same level over and over again

Best Call of Duty

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7 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

This is the second campaign that actually makes me feel for the characters. It is so deep and intricate. The characters are amazing and hell even Ethan, a damn robot makes me feel for him. The end of this campaign is really saddening to me. MW3 is the other campaign that was good. Say what you want about this game but the campaign is amazing

The reason I loved this game was that Infinity Ward chose to do a change and risky move which angered diehard fans. Campaign has to be my fourth favorite. - Mumbizz01

Well written with fleshed out characters. Simple concept yet amazing plot.

I loved this campaign. Sad ending though

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8 Call of Duty: Ghosts

Worst campaign in the whole series by far. I'm guessing all of the comments here were posted on opposite day, because none of them are true. The majority of hate ghosts gets is because of its campaign. Multiplayer and extinction aren't perfect, but they definitely dance circles around the campaign. Not only did it reuse and recycle models and textures from past titles, not only was it overly cliché, not only was it boring and easily forgettable, not only did it piggyback on the success of black ops 2, not only did it make no sense and have nothing to deliver, but the main reason that tops all of them is that ending. Literally the biggest middle finger by a company in gaming history. The sole reason it happened was to make a piss poor excuse for a sequel that it doesn't deserve. It can't even be called a cliffhanger, its not worthy of that title. But I guess that's what happens when you don't give 2s about your product and only about maximizing possible profits. I will never EVER ...more

Call of Duty ghosts had some of the best champaign gameplay and the game brought me close to the characters. The multiplayer was not the best in the series but in my opinion and many others it had the best champaign gameplay and story. From the betrayal to the atmospheres of the levels it was great. Controlling Riley in one of the missions was one of the things players enjoyed about the game and how the Call of Duty franchise started to get into a new age that people would enjoy.

Actually, I thought this campaign was kinda good! The worst part about it is the gameplay, voice acting, and inconsistencies which are undeniable, but it has some good things going for it! I mean, the multiplayer is the worst thing about it by far, and extinction mode is average at best, but the campaign, despite it's major flaws, was a decent on, in my opinion. MW3 and Advanced Warfare are worse in my opinion.

Wonderful, unique missions, characters,storyline, damn, this was a good campaign, with a new twist and a dog this is really one of the most thrilling Call of Duty campaigns, ever, I doubt if there will be one as good..

sad that the whole Call of Duty community had to burn the game down because they did'nt like it, and then they get something new and you can wait for them to burn it again. Beautiful campaign, just beautiful. And then, yeah, that cliffhanger.. Well there would've been a Ghosts 2, with everything the player wanted but no, no constructive critism, but burning the whole game to the ground for being something new, well yeah.

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9 Call of Duty 2

So much Nostalgia! And no silly stealth missions where the unrealistic one-man-army aspect of Call of Duty shines really through, just combat, big battles and the most world war 2 you will get in the Call of Duty series. Also it didn't only last 5 hours to complete, which is nice...

The campaign is so simple that it's awesome. I loved missions like the pipeline and also repairing the telephone wire.

This game is supposed to have the best storyline in Call of Duty history, simple and sweet

Call of duty 2 was really

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10 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The story was awful, but fun... I can't say I didn't have a bad time! Kevin Spacey's performance was spot on, even though his character became Hitler in the end, and declared war on the world by threatening every world leader at a UN meeting right after getting accepted into it (stupid). I just thought the story was lazily written. The gameplay definitely makes up for it, though!

One of the best in my opinion. Every character had a great fighting aspect while staying completely Badass

I think the reason why people hat e this game is because all you do is be like robocop and hire one of the guys from house of cards ( or house of cods, get it ) with eyes that don't blink during gameplay ( but is still funny ) but personally I think this is one of the best Call of Duty games ever sin mw2. Everyone ready for black ops 3? How do I know black ops 3 is the next Call of Duty, because Call of Duty released a teaser of the game yesterday. it is hard to find so go check it out

This Call of Duty�'s campaign was honestly my favorite! I loved it

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11 Call of Duty

I bought this game back in 2005 when the multiplayer was still extremely active. The campaign was just like any other first-person-shooter at the time, except Call of Duty's had three different parts. There is an American campaign, a British campaign, and a Russian campaign. The Russian campaign is the most memorable, as the missions are the longest and most dramatic out of all the campaigns. The American campaign is probably the least memorable out of the three, as the missions are broad, and are quite short. The British campaign is long, but it doesn't include any super action-packed scenes. The guns available in the game are amazing compared to any other first-person-shooter made around 2003.

Classic, I love this game very much. It actually in only number 9 because it's old though, but I have no complains about the game. One of the best campaigns for its date. - Cimendaro

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12 Call of Duty: WWII

Best Call of Duty ever

Should have the number one spot the campaign has a violent but truly amazing campaign full of history and blood

Best Campaign of all time..

Best Campaign I've ever played through, the characters have personalities, and they build a better relationship for eachother, also it is the most realistic

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13 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Black Ops III is the only Call of Duty game that has a true narrative behind it. Filled with mystery that pulls you in for more with a massive revelation at the end. The plot can be confusing for some and it's not aimed at your traditional Call of Duty crowd. The BioShock like mechanics is also worth a mention.

The multiplayer is by far the fastest paced in the series and does a good job at ridding the game from campers. Over all this is by far and wide the best game in the series.

Campaign is old. Its like playing through advanced warfare AGAIN. The characters all lack personality, they're just soldiers. This is the only campaign I never finished it bored me so much. Its just shooting your way through levels. That's it. Nothing special.

Very interesting campaign. I thought oh bad guy we kill, but no after we kill the bad guy we get some wicked inception

At first I was like "This campaign is garbage", but once you complete the last mission and take hours to understand what happened in the last mission you think to yourself
"This is the best campaign out of all Campaigns"

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14 Call of Duty 3

This campaign is great, but it has a lot of problems, no real radar or minimap, This game is forgettable. - Cimendaro

Worth a try if a real Call of Duty fan you can get it cheap online or at gamestop but it is forgettible no real stuff happened in just your basic WW2 shooter but pick it up if you want to see what the old cods were like before jet packs and gliding

15 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

I learned the penis word today

This game is pretty awesome - CODcaker45

Me and my friend had sex the other day hehehehe stupid eleven year olds never getting in on the action just imagining it!

This list of comments is as long as my dick

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16 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Lol why is this on the list? It's a remaster, the campaign is EXACTLY the same!

17 Call of Duty: Finest Hour
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