Best Call of Duty: Zombies Maps

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1 Origins

THIS SUCKS OK IT SUCKS, unless your playing the bo3 version

2 Kino Der Toten

A great and simple map

3 Mob of the Dead

Obvious choice. The plane, the Golden Gate Bridge, introduction of Electric Cherry (one of my favourites), the Easter eggs, etc. Too good it is! - sryanbruen

4 Der Riese
5 Ascension

This map is the best. It is the most individualized to its setting. It was themed great. It was a map that was a great size with great routes and paths. Black Ops 2 and World at War weren't as good as the Black Ops maps in my humble opinion. - DanoMR98

6 Buried

Motd is great and all, but not as good as buried.

7 Nuketown Zombies
8 Call of the Dead
9 Der Eisendrache
10 Nacht Der Untoten
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11 Shi No Numa
12 Moon
13 Acension
14 Shadows of Evil
15 Zombies in Spaceland
16 IX
17 Rave in the Redwoods
18 Voyage of Despair
19 Revelations
20 Die Rise
21 Blood of the Dead
22 Carrier
23 Tranzit
24 Shangri La
25 Town
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