Top 10 Best Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Levels

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most beloved first-person shooter games of all time, and it's not hard to see why. From its cinematic storyline to its intense multiplayer modes, this game has it all. But one aspect of Modern Warfare 2 that truly stands out is its incredible level design.

The levels in Modern Warfare 2 are a masterclass in game design, with each one offering a unique and thrilling experience. Whether you're infiltrating an enemy stronghold or engaging in a high-speed chase through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, every level in this game is an adrenaline-fueled rush.

But with so many amazing levels to choose from, it can be hard to pick just a few favorites. That's why we've put together a list of the best Modern Warfare 2 levels, as voted on by fans of the game.

From the iconic "No Russian" mission to the heart-pounding "Takedown" level, these levels represent the very best of what Modern Warfare 2 has to offer. They're the kind of levels that stick with you long after the game is over, reminding you of the incredible moments you've experienced with your favorite characters.
The Top Ten
1 Level 18 - Endgame The thrilling conclusion to Modern Warfare 2, Endgame sees the player pursuing the game's main antagonist, General Shepherd, through a dramatic boat chase and intense hand-to-hand combat, culminating in a final showdown and resolution.
2 Level 3 - Cliffhanger A high-stakes stealth mission, Cliffhanger tasks the player with infiltrating a Russian airbase alongside Captain Soap MacTavish, navigating treacherous icy cliffs and evading enemy patrols in a tense and atmospheric level.

The scenery for this is so amazing, climbing the ice sets the scene for this awesome mission. Stealthily going through headshoting people is way tougher and better than spraying an rpd at repetitive enemies

I can play this level again and again and again.

The snowmobile escape was the best part.

3 Level 16 - The Enemy of My Enemy A tense and unpredictable level, The Enemy of My Enemy sees the player navigating through a war-torn battlefield, forming a temporary alliance with a former enemy to survive and escape the onslaught of opposing forces.

Its brilliant cause they all come at you. Playing it on veteran is awesome.

I have mastered this level. I know where they all are. But, good weapons, long enough, and tons of enimies.

4 Level 4 - No Russian An infamous and controversial mission, No Russian involves the player joining an undercover operation as an American agent, partaking in a terrorist attack on a Moscow airport, pushing the boundaries of moral decisions in video games.

This was the easiest mission I've ever played, it was fun to play too. I don't know why so many people hate such an amazing level. Even the map it brought became a series staple. I think this level even got them game of the year.

My first reaction at looking how they murder a lot of innocent civilians I pointed my weapon at Makarov and killed him, even though I got killed it was worth it.

I hate this level. It's sad, and it makes me feel like an animal when I play it. I love the game, but this level was horrible.

5 Level 9 - The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday A stealthy and tactical mission, The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday involves players infiltrating an oil rig held by enemy forces, disabling explosives, and rescuing hostages in a high-stakes underwater operation.

We just need this level on multiplayer... Then Mw2 would be amazing... I could then never put it down. This game is cool!

6 Level 13 - Second Sun A chaotic and visually striking level, Second Sun takes place in the aftermath of an EMP detonation, as players navigate the crippled streets of Washington, D.C., amidst the wreckage of aircraft and infrastructure, fighting to survive and regroup in the darkened city.

This is definitely the best level. Fighting machine gun nests and snipers as you duck behind cover before you finally switch to close quarters in the white house. Then to top it off you have to race against the clock to stop the bombs from being dropped... Just epic. I'd expect nothing less.

7 Level 15 - Loose Ends A high-stakes and intense mission, Loose Ends tasks players with assaulting an enemy safehouse to retrieve vital intelligence, only to face a brutal counterattack and a desperate last stand to protect the information and hold off enemy forces.
8 Level 11 - Of Their Own Accord A desperate and chaotic battle, Of Their Own Accord sees players defending the United States from a Russian invasion, fighting through the streets of Washington, D.C. and pushing back enemy forces in a brutal urban conflict.

The sheer magnitude of the war is finally placed before the player in this level. I think I speak for everyone when I say my first reaction to this level was what... Nothing sends more chills down your spine than storming the building and then racing to escape as you hop on a chopper in a near impossible battle for the capital...

This level is crazy. Never seen more intensity ever in a war game level, you go from and underground bunker to blowing up choppers, to flying one, to crashing, all leading up to an emp moment no one will ever forget

9 Level 5 - Takedown A fast-paced and intense mission, Takedown takes place in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, as players pursue a dangerous arms dealer through the narrow streets and crowded neighborhoods, engaging in fierce close-quarters combat.
10 Level 10 - The Gulag A daring and explosive rescue operation, The Gulag sees players assaulting a high-security prison in order to free a high-value prisoner, battling through waves of enemies and intense firefights to achieve their objective.

So much action! You're sniping from a helicopter, then you're fighting on the roof of the old gulag! And running from the crumbling walls is awesome! And to finish it off, you meet Price! Then you are flown out of the exploding gulag while hanging on a rope. Classic level.

I don't know but I loved the movie the rock by Michael Bay and to be like the navy seals in the shower room felt incredible.

Coolest mission ever! So much action! And we get to see price again!

The Contenders
11 Level 12 - Contingency A thrilling and strategic level, Contingency sees players following Captain Price as he leads a covert operation to capture a Russian satellite control module, using stealth and precision to navigate through enemy lines and achieve the objective.

All I can say is, snipers, predator drones, RPGs, and all around awesomeness.

12 Level 6 - Wolverines A frantic and desperate defense mission, Wolverines tasks players with protecting a high-value target from enemy forces in a suburban American town, as they hold their ground against overwhelming odds and prevent further destruction.

Invasion of America... something beautiful

13 Level 17 - Just Like Old Times A nostalgic and suspenseful mission, Just Like Old Times sees players reuniting with Captain Price to infiltrate an enemy base in Afghanistan, using stealth and teamwork to navigate treacherous caves and eliminate key targets in a race against time.

Soap and Price, infiltrate Hotel Site Bravo and sneakily pick off Shepherd's men one by one. Just goes to prove how badass a pair they are.

14 Level 7 - The Hornet's Nest A high-octane and action-packed level, The Hornet's Nest sees players fighting through the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in pursuit of a key target, navigating a maze of narrow streets and rooftops while engaging in intense close-quarters combat against relentless enemies.
15 Level 1 - S.S.D.D. An introductory and training level, S.S.D.D. (Same Sh*t, Different Day) familiarizes players with the controls and mechanics of Modern Warfare 2, as they complete a series of training exercises and learn the basics of combat in preparation for the challenges ahead.
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