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1 Call of Duty: Ghosts

To put it simply - Ghosts is a terrible excrement that Activision shat out. The maps are way too big, the campaign's ending is really unimpressive. The graphics are worse than Black Ops, and at the time, the majority of users who wanted to play Ghosts were being locked out for a false system requirement for a minimum of 6 gigs. Most had below six at the time. Also, Activision merged one of their most well-known and iconic brands, Neversoft, into Infinity Ward, a company in which is not the studio it was when it developed the Modern Warfare series. The game is also slow, boring, and encourages bad players and bad behavior. Oh, and lots, LOTS of campers. The campaign is mediocre, but steer clear of the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer community is WAY too toxic and full of sore loser, cheaters, and lots of others. I am glad this game is number one on the list, and not any lower. Ghosts is truly a piece of poop created into a video game.

The maps are too large, and by having these large maps it bring out snipers and campers that really change this from a Call of Duty game to something in between Call of Duty and battlefield. The maps are not as big as Battlefield maps but they are all larger than past Call of Duty games. For the maps that are normal size there are multi able levels ground floor underground and up to three levels in buildings can you say campers galore. Each maps has sections that are blind corners for campers and don't for get the leaning kills needed to get your gold camo. Leaning kills just shows the makers of this game think everyone love to camp no loves it happens but to promote it with needing leaning kills is pathetic. You don't see a lot of people getting 60 kills in a game although I know it happens I don't see it much if ever because the maps are so large you could run around the dam thing twice before getting a shot off at someone. Lastly the guns are not the same marksmen shot to slow subs ...more

So ed up! Just to let you Call of Duty fans know! This series brought the franchise to its knees. Halo is now way on top and Call of Duty is down there with Battlefield! Its now halo and Grand Theft Auto only at the top! MW2 was the best and the last actually good Call of Duty gamr in the series overall. Now black ops may have had an epic multiplayer that pretty much beat mw2's by gameplay, but the unrealistic campaign gameplay destroyed black ops in so many ways. Black ops zombies was the best, but lack of story and moderate amount of fans doesn't quite bring it back up.

Anyone who seriously voted for ghosts has clearly never completed the black ops 3 campaign on hardened difficulty. The only reason anyone would vote for ghosts is because they have never played the boring bland confusing campaign of black ops 3. No exaggeration at all... completing the black ops 3 campaign is probably the biggest waste of time I've ever spent in my entire life. I challenge anyone who voted for ghosts to play and complete the black ops 3 campaign on hardened difficulty. Then come back and say that ghosts is the worst... I don't think so. Honestly if you don't believe me go and try. I guarantee anyone who has completed that campaign will agree with me. I bet that less than 0.1% of the people who started bo3 campaign finished it and it's they did it was on easy mode. I have so much hate for this campaign because I genuinely feel it was the biggest waste of time on the planet. Seriously, before hating on bad campaigns like ghosts, TRY PLAYING BLACK OPS 3 CAMPAIGN, ITS ...more

2 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

This should be number one on this pages list. I can't believe people actually bought this game. I watched someone playing this, and the maps look awfully designed, the guns are futuristic to semi futuristic (mishmashed together with old models from the previous games infinite ward thought people wouldn't notice) plus a horribly made double jumping and wall running mechanic. In short everything about this game is gimmick central, a copy paste, or horrible innovation that no one wanted.

Call of Dutys fanbase has to be the absolute worst, I think its just young fanboys buying it and defending it at this point. No one asked for more space magic futuristic stuff, see I like futuristic stuff but as soon as I see it with call of duty its instant trash to me. I feel bad for the concept artists/designers and script writers who worked on this game; great talent and ideas but wasted on a dying game franchise. I mean what are they going to do for the next one? It's already a mishmash of ...more

The campaign was good, but is short if you do not do the optional missions. The multiplayer is where it goes to hell. It is pretty much pay to win where you pay money to speed up your progression in upgrading your weapons. Just add a recharge bar that decreases after every match and this would be like those trashy "free" mobile games. Also I am not a fan of the wall running and jetpacks or the different kinds of suits. in my opinion the last best Call of Duty was Black Ops 2.

OH BOY! This is a bad game, buckle up guys because this is going to be a long review. This game rip off Halo, Titanfall, and Treyarch Zombies. They're so stupid that they ripping off from other games. Even the name of the game is simallar to Advance Warfare. Honestly if FPS is going to space and the future, Titanfall 2 do a lot better. Sure this game is far from perfect, but it better than this one. The guns in AW, BO3, and IW aren't good because they use real guns and make a futuristic variant. Why not a whole different gun that fires lasers or wind like what Halo, Titanfall, and Destiny did. The Campaign was a complete waste of time because it's so garbage. All characters sucks! Multiplayer also sucks with futuristic real gun variants instead of future lasers and guns that looks different. I don't want to see the variet of the AK47 and the MP5, I want to see a hole different new futuristic gun. Infected is pathetic! What the point of playing zombies if you can play Treyarch Zombies. ...more

As a Call of Duty Veteran, this is the only Call of Duty that I got bored of after 2 weeks. This Call of Duty has no creativety and gets boring very fast. Hell, I would not even consider it a Call of Duty game. Don't even get me started with the zombies mode but that is such a disgrace to Treyarch zombies. This is hands down the worst Call of Duty and it is not even close to the runner up (Advance Warfare).

3 Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified

As a Call of Penis hater, Call of Penis: Black Ops - Declassified has to be the weakest and most torturous video game in the franchise. It can actually be compared to the Legend of Zelda games for the CDi. - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

Ever wanted to play A handheld FPS with graphics so bad they make the graphics in Star Fox on the SNES look good with bad controls and a dead online on a failed handheld? Here ya go.

Ghosts may be crap but guys this is the true worst! If you haven't played or seen it already, research it now! It is terrible... even critic reception panned it.

Definitely lives up to the rumours about how terrible it is. Avoid this game and buy something else.

4 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Multiplayer is AWFUL, Lighweight pro camera angles, you get shot by guys that are not even visible to you. Laughable hit detection easily the worse hit detection and lag infested Call of Duty game. Sometimes you shoot a whole clip into someone only to get about 3 or 4 hitmarkers which is why the sniping is OP its not just the aim assist it's the fact that it takes to long to drop people in the game making sniping to easy, lets face it sniping has ruined this game. Without the nuketown add on the maps were crap except maybe 2 of them. I can understand why people rate this game its full of action but for me it just makes me rage more then any other Call of Duty. Just way to much bull in it. Which is why it gets my vote for worst Call of Duty, and I did my fair share of play in this game I reached prestige master with 50k+ kills. So I do know what I'm talking about.

This is definitely the worst, from before it came out to after. First of all, Black Ops 2 should've took place in the 70s. Black Ops I heavily implied an immediate sequel, as it felt incomplete and pretty messy at the end. However if no immediate sequel was implied that just means the original Black Ops was a pretty weak game too. And in many respects it is.

So we don't get a 70s game. But the next issue is that it was so hyped up to being this futuristic game where "Rare Earth Elements" needed to make technology go scarce, and the world freaks out and the US goes into a Cold War with China. And all happens in 2025! (Which is actually in only 11 years from now, making it as futuristic as Modern Warfare).

Anyway despite this hype of the plot, all of this is just glanced over in the actual plot. The plot is basically about some Nicaraguan guy going on a killing spree funded through decades of drug trafficking and recruiting people through Facebook. Which is kind of ironic ...more

The multiplayer hit detection system is deplorable, lag compensation if awful, and scorestreaks are nearly impossible to get. The nonlinear campaign is a step up however it lacks the "covert black ops" feel that the first game had. To be honest this game wasn't that bad, at least Treyarch was putting effort into it despite not fixing many problems the older call of duties had. It seems most people play this only for zombies mode. Oh and Green Run was the worst Zombies map ever (vote for it on the top 10 worst zombie maps list).

It was terrible. It didn't continue the Cold War theme BO 1 started and instead jumped into the "near future" bandwagon.
The campaign was poorly made, and even laughable.

I guess the multiplayer was decent, but it had the worst campaign I've seen in any Call of Duty game. And the dialogue was just cheesy. Guess what Treyarch? Just because the characters swear, doesn't make them cool!

Hard to believe they're making another Black Ops after this disaster.

5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I'm not going to overhype about this game, but I have small hope for it. This is the first I had for Call of Duty in a while now, but (as far as I saw) most of the maps look even (not huge w/ spawning problems) and even. The tsunami map is the only one I thought would suck. Story looks like it could be great (Kevin Spacy! ). It rips off Titanfall except it actually has small maps that don't mess the game up like ghosts and titanfall did! And this is coming from a hardcore halo guy everybody! In my opinion, black ops was the last fun and actually good Call of Duty game! Modern warfare, WaW, MW2, and black ops were the only good games! I hope this could come the fifth!

This is the game that started the absolute demise of Call of Duty for me. Because they introduced the ability to fly around all over the place, boosting and dodging out of the way making fire fights frustrating as hell, I fear there will never be another good boots on the ground MILITARY style Call of Duty ever again. BO3 took what AW did and turned it into a futuristic BS game with wall running, jetpacks, cheesy specialist kills, and it doesn't even resemble a military style game thanks to Sledgehammer and Advanced Warfare.
So AW is the worst in my opinion, because it set the stage for Call of Duty to never go without jetpacks ever again. I'm done.

One of the absolute WORST bot mechanics in the Call of Duty franchise. First of all, The bots (even the recruit level) use an unfair amount of auto aim. They kill you instantly, and they sneak up behind you too. That is a cool mechanic, but the 6 year old training bots shouldn't have MVP level coordination. Finally they pick up guns. I don't know why, but that PISSES ME OFF! I like playing the game types where it is just you Versus veteran bots with combat knifes and the entire game got ruined for me when those veterans picked up my own weapons and started shooting at me with unrealistic amounts of skill. Quick summary of everything I just said, this game sucks.

I hate this and black ops 3. I hate the futuristic non believable storyline and online. Climbing on walls? Double jump? Robots? So bad, like I'm playing a syfy. I want to play a real Call of Duty like modern warfare. What I would love is a present time happening or past. Anything in the future more than four or five years is terrible although for some reason I enjoyed black ops 2. I think it was cause it flashed backed to the past. With the graphics Call of Duty can make at the moment imagine that with a ww2 game or Americans in the Middle East. Yes please.

6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This is where Call of Duty took a turn for the worst. After West and Zampella were fired from Infinity ward and 1/3 of its employees left, the remaining members made this. It had a lackluster campaign with a generic plot, different characters (seriously Price, Soap, and Makarov aren't what they used to be), and no thrills compared to the first two games. It had a broken multiplayer that introduced nothing new (this also is the first time where lag comp for me was noticeable and bad) and survival mode couldn't compete with zombies.

Anybody notice how different the characters in MW3 are? They may have same names and appearances but they have different personalities. Price gives a pointless speech (ripped off from other historical quotes) before every mission, something he never did before, at least until the end of MW2 (which were two of the most epic speeches ever). Soap never even talks much until the mission he dies in, serving only as Price's crony. Soap is a mere shadow of the badass he once was in COD4 and MW2. Makarov, instead of being the ruthless terrorist in MW2 who does his own dirty work and trades blood for money, is degraded to a generic villain who hides behind his minions and kidnaps the Russian president and his daughter (one of the most generic plots ever). Finally there is Yuri who is nothing but a plot device to wrap the MW series together. This campaign was just sad.

Not a bad game, but I really expected more. I enjoyed more Modern Warfare 2 (until hackers ruined it), but survival is a good game mode. Survival can get boring after a while, but if you change difficulty, the map, and play with your friends (not any random guy or kid), you can have a ton of fun. I liked that the story of MW3 carries over MW2, but personally I think MW3 ruined the story a bit. And it has nothing to do with the "Call of Duty" since you are playing as some guys who want revenge. Multiplayer was a bit stressful, but some maps were really good, and there were many killstreaks. The best game modes were Search and Destroy (which was good because of the use of stealth to not get yourself killed and no respawns), Ground War (Which I believe to be the best game mode, long match duration, many enemies and allies, etc. It really is like a real war, well not exactly, but it was a great game mode), and the standard Team Deathmatch and Free For All. There where many weapons, and ...more

Every Call of Duty I've played added a brand new aspect of fun and innovation to it since Call of Duty 4;
Waw- made juggernaut and flak jacket separate perks, and ZOMBIES!
Mw2- create a class 2.0, and spec ops was really fun
Bo1- balanced the probs of mw2, and had an even cooler zombies.
Bo2- completely renovated EVERYTHING, and stands as my favorite of today.
And then you got mw3, arguably the worst Call of Duty to date. The campaign was okay, but the multiplayer and spec ops both suck. The multiplayer was so uninnovated, it's literally just a copy paste of mw2, and spec ops is just Crap.
If you are looking to get into Call of Duty, do not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, buy mw3. Play bo2, it is much better than this piece of corporate pandered horse crap.

7 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

More junk jetpack, thrusting in the air 30 feet crap. Add the cheesy kills people get with Specialists, and this game just sucks. Advanced Warfare was the first game I absolutely hated, but BO3 is the first Call of Duty I just stopped playing all together after only the first couple of months. I hate it. If Call of Duty doesn't go back to good boots on the ground play without giving players the ability to do stupid crap like boost way above your head or kill people too easily with some cheesy specialist ability, then I'm done. I'll just have to see what Tom Clancy's games are like. Rainbow Six is what got me started on FPS anyway.

I bought this game and I "loved" it. It was new and it was part of my favorite game series of all times. I finished the campaign the day I got it and...I was pissed. I mean, zombies? I love zombies but putting them in the campaign is stupid. All of the maps are kinda sucky. And the zombies map is stupid, I love a good challenge but it's just way to busy and confusing. Plus the map is huge. And the worst part of it all, the dlc, I was so happy to hear about Der reise (I may have misspelled it) coming back. But when you don't pre order it and you have to buy it for $50, that's stupid. I think it's safe to say that if I was advortizing this game I would say "buy this game, and remember, you have to buy a $50 dlc in order for it to be fun". Like I said before, I "loved" this game but only because it was new. I'm literally thinking of going back to my 360 because of how much this game sucks.

It's a damn shame Treyarch didn't go back to making historical Call of Duty games. Such as that World at War prequel set in the first World War that everyone's been demanding.
Even the maps in multiplayer set in WWII show how great of a game it could've been if this game was set in a past period.

However I haven't played the campaign yet and I hope it's decent, but still, Treyarch could've done a lot better by going into the past. Otherwise, the multiplayer so far hasn't bothered me much. It would've been a lot better though if the teams you're fighting for were more unique. It's like the Black Ops vs CDP might as well be blue vs red since there's really nothing particularly unique about them.

I feel this is by far the worst Call of Duty to date for multiplayer. Reasons are as follows:

1. Spawn system is dumb frequently spawning enemies behind you or spawning you on top of grenades, c4, and even directly into gunfire.

2. Joining a party has never been more difficult. I have great internet and connected with cat 7 yet still I always struggle to get in a party with friends. There's always error messages and cannot join messages. It's not just me either, all my PSN friends experience the same issue and I also frequently see it on the many livestreams I've watched.

3. The cancer that was quick scoping is finally gone but a new cancer has become dominant known as the headglitch. It's not a new issue in itself but black ops 3 makes it more easy and popular then ever for people to exploit. It's also completely legal and you'll never get banned for it so that just encourages the use of a glitch to get an unfair advantage on your opponent.

4. Team ...more

8 Call of Duty 3

1/3 bad because it was a console exclusive. It was even on the Wii for some reason. Console only means no dedicated servers so Multiplayer will one day die. (Unless it's already dead) Plus, there is no graphics settings to make it look better, but that's not a big issue. Also clunky controller controls force you to use auto-aim.
1/3 Because people got tired of WW2 based Call of Duty's (5th WW2 Call of Duty in a row! )
1/3 Of what was already mentioned below.

Call of Duty 3 was far too vehicle based. This, along with the inexperience of developing from treyarch at the time, made for arguably one of the worst titles yet.

It was one of the first games in the series that actually had a storyline. The ones before all you did was play the missions aimlessly.

To be honest, I was just sick of WW2 based Call of Duty games at this point. The annoying aiming system was bad too. I don't like how they didn't port it to PC.

9 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

I've played all the CoDs since CoD4. I quit this one in the first month and since then I played once or twice only to hate it even more. Black ops 4 is by far the worst call of duty of all time IN EVERY ASPECT. Simply put the game is boring and broken.

The supply drop system is the worst its ever been
The gameplay is the most boring it's ever been
The hit reg, mechanics etc are also the worst they've ever been

+ you have 150 health, manual healing, specialists... There is just nothing good going on for this game, or at least the multiplayer portion of it.

Lag, aim assist is broken. It feels like playing on 10 fps on console. They took away boost jumping yet made the specialists twice as overpowered and annoying. All the recycled maps play horrible. EVERY SINGLE THING is wrong with this game. I have never unistalled and quit a Call of Duty game this fast, even Advanced Warfare lasted longer for me. This piece of trash deserves to be number 1 on this list. I highly doubt they worked on this game for more than a year and I HIGHLY doubt this game was ever play tested. Screw you Treyarch, you're completely out of touch

So let me get this straight...you have a winning formula that has caused your series, and all its spinoffs, to be incredibly successful, and you scrap it so you can make...a Fortnite/Player Unknown Battleground type game? Considering neither one of those games is that good, I wonder what kind of drugs Activision was on when they made this decision.

This game maynot be out yet, but it might just be the worst Call of Duty for these reasons:

1. No single player campaign which they replaced with...
2. They are adding a Battle Royle mode to cash in onn the success of Fortnite and PUBG

hell they can't even get the roman numeral for 4 right, it's IV not I, and I thought Black Ops III was bad and the cover art looks the same as Advanced Warfare's cover art.

10 Call of Duty (Nokia N-Gage)

I heard it was terrible,

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11 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

The people who hate it are unoriginal 10 year olds who like futuristic exo suits, or they just don't like the graphics.

Who the hell out big red one on this list, TELL ME NOW,Best Call of Duty besides Call of Duty 4 and MW2, this proves that those dumb players just like the good graphics and zombies only.

This is ranked higher then advanced warfare, where people high or were the voters 10 years old.

This one is not the best but its still cool it rocks!

12 Call of Duty: Finest Hour

Not terrible at all. Not special and only for console peasants, but still ok. I recommend the Xbox version. It has the best graphics and effects, but is missing some minor animation at parts. The PS2 version was way too foggy.

O recent rebought this because I thought I liked it in the past, boy was I wrong. Just a terrible game all around. I played on both ps2 and Xbox and I must say it is the most aggrivating game in the series.

Very good game! The story was intriguing and had a lot of fun with it. First Call of Duty I ever had.

I had this game for the Wii and I thought it wasn't bad.

13 Call of Duty: World at War

Multiplayer is taken off of Call of Duty 4 instead of continuing their own amazing style with Call of Duty 3 multiplayer, graphics seem exactly like 3's with a little more color and blood. Guns online are drastically ranging in damage, multiplayer doesn't seem to make as much sense especially when Nazis are using M1 Garands freely, Treyarch shoulda kept 3's formula and improved it.

This game is BOMB! Plus it is the first time in Call of Duty history to have Nazi Zombies that completely revolutionize 4 player co-op in black ops.

You people are crazy this one of the best Call of Duty. Dummies this shouldn't be on the list.

This one was amazing! One of my favorites and a lot of my friends favorite ever.

14 Call of Duty

Call of Duty 1 is on the 7th place?
That game started the whole franchise! It was released in 2003. Graphics were good at that time, and gameplay is also good. But now, we have lots of new Call of Duty's with way better graphics than this one. But without COD1, you couldn't have others. It shouldn't be one of the worst. It is a good game.

P. S:My top 5 list of the BEST ones in my opinion:
1. CoD5 (Zombies and Multiplayer are the best ones I have played)
2. CODUO (I think it is the rarest Call of Duty Game. First ranking system in MP)
3. COD1 (Simply, it started the whole Call of Duty Franchise)
4. COD2 (Good campaign, but multiplayer lacked ranks and vehicles)
5. CODBO (Especially from zombies. Never played MP because of some problems)

How is it bad? Sure some parts were frustrating because you had to die to learn where the enemy is, and there's that difficult panzerfaust level. But the campaign was done just right. You get to play as Americans, British and Russians and yet the game never feels rushed.

Call of Duty is probably only on this list because it's old and many things have changed since then.

It is not as good as the rest, mainly because of that non regenerate health.

15 Call of Duty: WWII

Objectively worse than World at War in all departments except for the expected visual upgrade for a several year gap.

Horrible Campaign, Horrible Muitiplayer, Horrible Zombies, This game doesn't deserve the Call of Duty title. It is just flat-out awful.

One of the Worst, if not the worst!

Not a bad game super fun

16 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game is god awful compared to other games. Has a great campaign and multiplayer is fun on split screen, but playing online is awful, all maps are uneven, noob tubers, one man army, commando, marty dom, and all other death streaks ruin the game, also no one plays the objective its all cancer in one game

Death streaks, boosters, OP explosives, commando, one
Man army, danger close were too gamebreaking. Otherwise great game with great maps and amazing connection and hit detection. Campaign was number 1 as well

This game could have been the best had it not been for all the unnecessary BS in the game.
- every gun instakilled you with stopping power
- Noobtubes ruined the multiplayer
- ump 45 ruined balance even more.
- so much more.

Horrible. Worst hit detection, bad sounds, campers, lag, noobtubers, worst weapons, slow ranking, bad ass graphics, terrible sound effects, overall bad. It's BAD.

17 Call of Duty: Heroes

Trash of clans: Call of Duty Edition!

18 Call of Duty 2

This was my first Call of Duty game and brings back nostalgia when ever I play it. This game should not be even counted on here.

Amazing! How in the name of god is it here?

What the hell is wrong with this list! This is really screwed up. My compliments to t

This is an amazing game

19 Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts

I like it it was occupying ( speaking from a kid who doesn't play it that much.

This game is okay, short campaign though.

Who has actually played this game?

A crap counterpart to the PS3 and X360 versions made on the PS2 with less content.

20 Call of Duty: Strike Team

It is a phone game, good to be honest. You should place Heroes instead

21 Call of Duty: Black Ops

Compared to World at War, its very disappointing. I was very hyped to the idea of a Vietnam/Cold War game being done by the same guys who did World at War, but it was a real let down. However it is still a whole lot better than Black Ops II.

The story well... how do I put this? Long but well 7 out of 10 missions were great. Zombies no map packs well your screwed and way too many kids sorry. Multiplayer play bots and your fine unless its after 9:00 +10 or the highest.

Only redeeming quality is zombies. I wouldn't touch the multiplayer with a ten foot pole due to the absolutely horrendous hit detection which is by far the worst of any game I have ever played.

Worst game ever, should be above Call of Duty ghosts, and mw3 up there? what? This game has big maps that hardly ever flow (at least modern warfare maps flowed great) and none of the guns are balanced, everyone only uses the galil and ak74u, like the third unlocked gun in the game is most op? What is this

22 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Defiance

This is the worst DS port, other than maybe Call of Duty 4/WaW. If you get past the graphics and maybe the weird yet nice controls, the game itself is just a copy of the earlier Call of Duty Black-ops DS port, or at least with the source code. The other last Call of Duty DS ports had a gun range and Call of Duty Black-ops had a nice zombie feature. This one had none of that, so it got boring fast.

Ds call of duty games? , how would that work exactly? The DS online isn't even that good, and the graphics would look like a potato

*Is a port to the DS. *Expects 1080p graphics with the best shaders and lots of polygons.

Not now, not ever

23 Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies

How is this the best Call of Duty game? It isn't even a game, it is a game mode within a game. This isn't all that good anyways...

24 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized
25 Call of Duty: Black Ops (DS)

Its probably alright.

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