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1 Chara vs FNAF Cast Final Face Off

Yes, it wasn't the entire FNAF cast, but nonetheless, it was awesome. Two questions though
1) Why was it Balloon Boy that did the 2nd most damage? 1st being William Afton if you wonder.
2) Why did Chara faint at the end after she (WARNING:SPOILERS)

Guestions 1 Balloon boy is 2nd damage
Guestion 2 Chara would be having Spoilers Damage Of lots

(3 how Chara won if Springtrap have Kill her
(4 do Chara stopped the timeline but Springtrap delftware her

Chara Still beat Megatron Challenge but both Chara and Golden Freddy Can't be kill
But they can Lose to Unstoppable characters Like Zalgo or Beerus and Many Unstoppable character Can Beat Chara And Golden Freddy If God instagram presents appeared Was Teaming up FNAF Cast There’s 157% That Chara would Lose

2 Wario vs Knuckles Rematch
3 Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Luckily, AnimationRewind is using their meme forms. Anyway, this was hilarious and interesting. Watching the 2 duel off as memes is just plain funny. Also, watching both of them getting owned by fictional characters (Saitama, Sans, Goku, etc) is satisfying.

4 Thanos vs Darkside

If a battle between 2 of my most favorite villains isn't cool, I don't know what is. The two have their most powerful possessions: the Anti-Life Equation and the Infinity Gauntlet. Usually, 3D animation is terrible, but this time it's really good.

Infinity Gauntlet Thanos vs Anti Life Equation There’s 859% Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet would Win

Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet is Crazy Overpoweringly
Darkseid With Anti Life Equation is Powerful
But Not Going to be Strong against Thanos with infinity Gauntlet
Battle royals between Infinity Gauntlet Thanos And Anti life equation Darkseid And beerus

5 MLG and YouTube Poop vs The Illuminati

MLG vs The Llluminati
YTP vs the Llluminati
But Now MLG And YTP vs The Llluminati Final Off

6 Episode 69: The Meme Free-For-All

The liiuminati is a cheater he Should be fighting
and sanweegee is unstoppable I mean he fast
godly and ultimate weegee is powerful to kill sanweegee


7 Sans vs Bill Cipher Rematch
8 Super Smash Bros vs Playstation All Stars

Seeing smash bros characters face off against the play station characters were awesome its totally one of the most entertaining in season 3 and the animation was good

Simply amazing

9 Freddy Fazbear vs Chuck E Cheese

Not only is it pretty good, but it's the first, and only time where FNAF won.
Edit: and Freddy won against Mama Tattletail. Yay!

10 Kid Goku vs Gumball

Mum Kid Goku is Powerful than Gumball That Does Make 5% Of Vote

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11 Mario and Luigi vs Sonic and Tails Rematch

The first ever good animated battle! The match was close. They both had over-powered power-ups they could use.

I love this battle so much

The enfing was mind blowing

12 Mario & Luigi vs Sans & Papyrus Rematch
13 Bill Cipher vs Asriel Dreemur

Bill cipher is the CDE of TYE and the evil of WDA
asriel dreemurr is the REG of 8YM and the evil of P9H
bill cipher and beeru vs asriel
Bill and beeur
age 1 trillion
power 1 zillion
speed 1 billon
tontee 1 millon

power 1 hundred
speed faster than dark
age 1 hundred thousand
tontee 57484

14 SMG4 vs Super Mario Plush

I love that episode

15 Creepypasta Free for All
16 Mario vs Mickey Mouse
17 Sonic.EXE vs Slenderman

(Insert evil laugh) The notorious Sonic.EXE vs Slenderman. The first episode of season 2. AnimationRewind said that they were fighting to see who would lead the creepypasta team in the MLG vs Creepypasta Total War. Not only did Sonic.EXE win, but the episode had good animation.

18 Lucario vs Renamon

Really good quality in animation

WAY les cringe than Lucario vs Foxy

19 Snoopy vs Cutie Mark Crusaders
20 Kevin 11 vs Atlas

Ben 10 vs. Astro Boy!

21 Wario vs Knuckles

The first episode. While it does lack in quality, this is the first episode, so you can't blame AnimationRewind. It does provide good entertainment, but it's here because this started the Cartoon Fight Club era.

22 Axe Cop vs Bobobo

The animation is what cements this fight as a good fight, since it looks like I just watched an anime!

23 Wario vs Shadow
24 Sonichu vs Coldsteel the Hedgeheg
25 Batman vs Goku
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