Best Cavalry Formations In History

The Top Ten

1 Polish Hussars

Undefeated for 125 years. That is essentially more than the US has been undefeated. And I mean battle for battle in a long bloody conflict.

They stopped the ottoman empire in the battle of Vienna and saved catholic Europe

Even against new, more dangerous technology. They were able to defeat armies up to 100 times their size. They were undefeated for an astonishing 125 years and even managed to fight against Mongol tribes established after Ghengis Khan.


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2 Mongols

One of the most feared cavalrys in history. They only stopped at Eastern Europe. Where after Ghengiss death they were routed by the Poles and Russians.

3 Persian Cataphract

First knights of the world

VERY impressive cavalry of the Sassanid Empire.

None of the other cavs would be as impressive, if these guys did not exist

4 Light Brigade

Put on this list because of amazing bravery and fighting against all odds.

If you haven't heard of the Light Brigade your uncultered

5 Mamelukes

Another Middle Eastern cavalry unit

6 Macedonian Hetairoi
7 Samurai Cavalry

Dangerous Japanese nobles who fought on horseback. Had very significant prowess.

8 Spahi
9 Polish Uhlan

One of the last cavalry formations. Yet not entirely successfull against new technology.

10 Suvorov's Russian Cavalry

A more moderanized hussar used by the Russian Empire.

The Contenders

11 Texas Rangers Division

From 1823 to 1919, Texas Rangers were posses consisting of 10 to 56 fronteirsmen. Their numbers grew to as much as 300 gunslingers at the most.

Texas Rangers were able to track Apache, Comanche, and Paiute war bands up to fifty times their own number and defeat them in fierce close quarters combat.

They defeated much greater Mexican armies in various wars. The US Army was able to defeat much greater Mexican armies in the Mexican´┐Ż"American War with a few hundred Texas Rangers.

A posse of Texas Rangers once defeated Mexico in the Los Cuevas War; the only time in world history a law enforcement unit won a war against a country.

12 Crusaders

Strong army yet quiet low win rate

13 Roman Cavalry
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