Best Characters In AJ Samih's Novel The Isolation World

The isolation world is the best novel ever written by AJ Samih and took the first position in the rank of the middle east as the best story and the best story writer it's sad and unique and have a great ending.

The Top Ten

1 Self Mc Lash

He is a very nice guy and he want god to forgive his mistakes so he - AnglinaKey

2 Kousm Arfeast

He is very friendly trying to help his friend and keep his life well - AnglinaKey

3 Father of the Church

He is the one who turn the novel up down - AnglinaKey

4 Raven
5 Aren Avlin

She is a nice girl and her ends so bad - AnglinaKey

6 Dan

He is a bad boy at first but with his frien help become a good boy - AnglinaKey

7 Megal Jack Mc Lash

He is the one who started everything nice charterer - AnglinaKey

8 Dallen

She is the one who loved by Self - AnglinaKey

9 Kasbr "Raven sister"

She is a very nice girl - AnglinaKey

10 The son of the father from the church

He is the teller he must have more rank - AnglinaKey

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