Top 10 Characters You Want to Punch in the Face


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21 The Map - Dora the Explorer
22 Richard Rabbit - Peppa Pig
23 Suzy Sheep - Peppa Pig
24 Bella - Tweenies

I know it's a kid's show but man she's so bossy to EVERYONE.

25 Peter Griffin Peter Griffin Peter Griffin is the main protagonist and titular character of the American animated sitcom Family Guy.

The one from the later episodes. The one from the older episodes was tolerable.

26 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa

Hate this guy! - ChuckECheese

27 Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker

Whiny ass who needs to man up! - Mrveteran

28 Norm - Norm of the North Norm - Norm of the North

He's a dumb polar bear - Lunala

29 Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig Sanjay - Sanjay and Craig
30 Frost Frost
31 Zuri Zuri Zuri is a young lion cub from The Lion Guard. She first appeared in The Lion Guard: Return of The Roar. Zuri is burnt brown, with a two oval-like shapes below her eyes.

Hate her

32 Cordell Walker V 1 Comment
33 Pan Pan Pan (パン, Pan) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. She is the granddaughter of Earth's savior, Goku and the world champion, Mr. Satan. Pan's heritage is primarily Earthling, being the offspring of the Saiyan-Earthling hybrid Gohan and the Earthling more.
34 Peach - Super Mario
35 Pico - Boku no pico Pico - Boku no pico V 2 Comments
36 Kion Kion A lion cub who's the son of Simba and Nala, Mufasa's grandson, Kiara's younger brother, the prince of the Pride Lands, and the leader of the Lion Guard. He's the group's fiercest member. Kion serves as the main protagonist of the series.

Yes, The Lion Guard deserves to die!

Pretty much all of the Lion Guard characters need to be ktfo - Mcgillacuddy

Needs to be higher on the list. TLG is not a good show, people.

Basically everyone in the Lion Gaurd is a Mary/Gary sue.

V 1 Comment
37 SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants is a fictional character and the titular character and protagonist of the American animated television series of the same name.

I want to hug SpongeBob, actually. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

He Shouldn't Be Here

38 White Goodman - Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

He's an douchebag and kinda creepy. I want to punch his lights out.

39 Britt Westbourne V 1 Comment
40 Freddy Freddy Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.
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