Best Yuri!!! on Ice Characters

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1 Yuri Plisetsky

Three words. Angry. Sassy. Russian

Him and Beka are the best characters by far

He is a very temperamental and super cool character. But what I love most is when he performs Agape. His delicate movements combined with the white suit make him look like a bird that loves to cross the sky with freedom and elegance. In my opinion he won the first place well deserved.

He may be a bit of a jerk, but he's talented and he deserves a better coach than the mean ballerina lady.

Everyone who does not think that he is just amazing is a real BAKA! I love him so much he is just adorable and all those funny faces he makes are perfect. Just perfect.

2 Victor Nikiforov

Aside from his obviously gorgeous figure, he is just all together a great character! He is funny! He has an amazing accent! He is kind! And he is inspiring! Did anyone else notice how amazing it was for someone at the top of his game to drop everything to help someone at the bottom?! That's pretty amazing if you ask me! Victor is an awesome character and I wish to be as great as he is!

He is a pretty boi and his real life twin is John Cameron Mitchell... just a fyi

He has a really nice personality and you can't hide your feelings from him and he knows what to do with you. Just take yuri kataski for example victor loved him more than yuri loved himself and he whipped him into shape for the grand pre final.

! I'm literally drooling all over my keyboard right now!

3 Yuri Katsuki

Like no offence to anyone that likes Yurio but I think Yuri was robbed in the Grand Prix Final. I liked his free skate more than Yurio's. He did not deserve second place

Most relatable character out of the whole cast. Sweet, even tempered, and over all a little confused with how his life keeps swinging in some drastic changes.

He's the main character and you can see how he's changed since the first episode. It's just aweosme

I don't know how Yurio beat Yuri to the number 1, Yurio is just a jerk who always gets his damn way, its ridiculous.

4 Kenjirou Minami

Minami is low key the cutest little chicken nugget I ever seen. He better get more screen time next season

He's super cute and sweet and just genuinely a nice character. When Yuri thinks he's got a dark past, Minami instantly shouts back that he hasn't got one and he looks up to Yuri.

He's really competitive and really looks up to Yuri.

He is the cutest character ever

5 Makkachin

He's just so adorable! I'm so glad he is okay


6 Axel Nishigori

DOn't say anything about how this item is 3 in one because they don't appear once when they're not right next to eachother


7 Michele Crispino

Hot as hell and has a cute, Czech boyfriend; what's not to love?

He does everything for his sister, which is cute, but she's tired of it for sure

8 Phichit Chulanont

Oh my lord, I think he's pretty beautiful and his dreams are big as well. He was even the first person to congratulate Yuri and Victor!

He's so awesome!

Absolute cinnamon roll

He is cute.. A selfie whore though XDD

9 Sala Crispino

She's a really smart person and knows what's best for her brother.

10 Otabek

Raise your hand if you ship Otayuri

In my opinion, he's best boy.

This boy, such a hard worker. So awesome

We need more characters like him

The Contenders

11 Jean Jacques Leroy

I think of him as a more realistic version of Viktor.

Arrogant, but still a pretty darn memorable character.

Hate this character with a passion

Episode 11 wrecked me emotionally.

12 Georgi Popovich

He's honestly suck a big baby crying about his ex. It's funny how dramatic he is.

I'm weak for this nerd. I can relate to him because I'm overly dramatic and petty as hell.

13 Seung-gil Lee

He is a little emo bean, so cute

Heonstly the cutest character in my opinion


14 Christophe Giacometti

This is not right chris should be like 1 u n00bs get a lyfe : ( *crys* u soren sponges go hug a rock

(Sorz not sorz)

15 Guang Hong-Ji

I think he's pretty underrated. He deserves better, this Chinese dumpling.

He's so adorable I love him so much

The cutest character in anime ever! Perfect pairing for Phichit.


16 Mila Babicheva

I love her she is my waifu

17 Yukko

Shes adorable

18 Yakov
19 Emil Nekola

Hella relatable, would do anything for his boyfriend, loves hugs, 11/10 would date

20 Seeb
21 Ichiya
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