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1 San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

It is the best best!

Go 49ers (and Giants)!

At least it’s better than LA :/

Boo! SF is ugly.

2 Los Angeles Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the best we have 3 million or 4 million population more than san francisco or san diego - SpencerJC

Los Angeles is the heart of California!

The worst city - Maddox121


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3 San Diego San Diego

Best weather ever, no smog, beautiful mountains, and really really safe!

Best weather in the USA

This should be #1

4 Sacramento
5 San Jose
6 Fresno

Many people say Fresno is a trash city with dumb people, they are right. But I think it is a native thing, If you grow up in the Downtown or on the West Side than yes it is pretty crappy. But living anywhere else it is a fairly moderate city I would say. There is a bit more crime than a city our size should have and we do have a homeless problem, but other than that it is a cool city. Most people have a, "If you're cool with me, I'm cool with you." attitude. It is very diverse, having a large Hmong, Armenian, and Hispanic community. We are between San Francisco and L.A, so you hear slangs and see culture from both of those areas.

Honestly, there is not much to say about Fresno. The City has its Pros and Cons, but that kind of depends on where you are. It is a good place to visit, but you might want to think hard on whether you want to live here or not. I love the place and do not plan on leaving, but many people will understand why if you do not feel the way.

I live in Northern Fresno bear the golf area and let me tell you.. I love it.. You get a good view from the Sierra Nevada mountains and you can play golf any time.. Many mansions and big houses that you want to live in! If you live near downtown Fresno, you wouldn’t like that area.. :(

7 Oakland

You've got to be kidding. Oakland is a dumping ground for humans. It has been voted "top crime" city in CA. It is scary. I am repulsed to ever go there and when thinking about it, I always have to think of the riots. Or the people who were killed chasing a murder suspect. Horrendous place.

Great community.

8 San Bernardino

Dude a terrorist killed people no way I'm going back to San Bernardino

In san bernardino this place has lot of tiny insects
i'm trying to grab flies or kill flies After that MORE TINY VERY TINY FLIES ALL OVER THIS PLACE IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA! I don't know WHY! - SpencerJC

9 Long Beach

Long Beach is like, THE BEST city to live in. We have really nice people, pleasant weather, and clean oceans! We also have some awesome sea life!

10 Redding

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11 Anaheim

Disneyland is in Anaheim.

We are aware of that

12 Hayward

I was born in hayward, plus it's near the bay area, so I basically am a bay area girl. Now I live in a boring city east of hayward. I want to come back to hayward.

I was born here.

13 Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a safe place not a lot of crimes and it's In my opinion it a amazing place but it's just my opinion

14 Santa Barbara
15 Santa Cruz


16 Elk Grove
17 Riverside

Palm desert - SpencerJC

18 Alameda
19 Monterey

Please people this place is under rated. It has an aquarium and a beautiful bay. You may get a glimpse of a California sea otter or a sea lion.

17 mile drive

20 Chula Vista
21 Beverly Hills

This is where I would want to live

Too many persians.

22 Carlsbad
23 Concord
24 Turlock

I live here

25 Malibu
26 Santa Ana
27 Rancho Cordova
28 Galt
29 Lancaster
30 Oceanside
31 Vista
32 Monte Sereno
33 Fremont
34 Del Mar
35 Culver City
36 Burbank
37 Waterford
38 Oakdale
39 La Grange
40 McFarland
41 Compton
42 San Luis Obispo
43 Pismo Beach
44 Avenal
45 Hickman
46 Hughson
47 Knights Ferry
48 Sonora
49 Merced
50 Hilmar
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1. San Francisco
2. San Diego
3. Los Angeles

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