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1 Vilnius

Capital of Lithuania, population of 600.000 people. Located in the south east area of the country. First mention in 1323

Safest city to live in and the most beautiful one.

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2 Kaunas

Its ex capital, easiest to reach, really Lithuanian, more than in any other city higher schools and universities, best indoor basketball arena in Europe

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3 Klaipėda

Beaches broo

Must be an OK city. Used to be Memel (all German in the past). And then I was born there some 75 years ago.

4 Šiauliai
5 Panevėžys

I'm from Panevezys laugh out loud - Agniukas

I visited Panevezys and stayed there for 7 nights. This place is amazing and I think it will be safe to live here :D

6 Alytus

Its wonderful and super nice there is a lot of black guys and a lot of gays

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7 Marijampolė

My grandparents live here ( well mums parents)

Most beautiful city in Lithuania.

8 Mažeikiai
9 Jonava
10 Utena

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11 Silale

Great city no fights everybody care each other

An amazing city

Calm city

12 Nida
13 Nemenčinė
14 Pavenčiai

That place is where my mum used to own a hotel near trains. THEIR HONKS SO LOUD!

Ok now the same thing in Lithuanian:

Ta vieta ira kur mama turejo nama prie traukinus. LABAI GARSAI GARSUS!

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