Best Cities In Nepal


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1 Pokhara

Great place of nepal

The one and only destination. If you haven't visited Pokhara then you haven't visited Nepal.

Lead seal supplier in Pokhara


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2 Kathmandu

Kathmandu is best for daily life, where pokhara, chitwan,these are best for visit purpose.
you can find anything in kathmandu, and it's a place where dreams comes true, where k-town will provide so many good opportunities to all the peoples of NEPAL.

The Kathmandu valley has many nicknames like " K-Town", "City Of Event", "Cherry On The Cake". It is the most developed and populated place in Nepal. The majority of offices and headquarters are located in the valley making it the economic hub of Nepal. It is popular with tourists for its unique, rich, culture and architecture; including the highest number of jatras in Nepal. The valley itself was referred to as "Nepal Proper" by British historians.

Kathmandu is a great place. It is Nepal's capital and it is the place where you see all kinds of people. It has got the greatest palaces of Nepal and temples etc..

Hippie destination, rich in culture, party place, great sites and monuments, an awesome place to spend wonderful days of your vacation.

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3 Butwal

Beautiful city in the middle of country of lil bit hotty during summer

Butwal is number 1 city of Nepal to live in...

Most clean and develop city of nepal

Beautiful city I like this city lovley Butwal

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4 Bharatpur

It's quiet a small city compared to others but probably the best in terms of facilities outside kathmandu. The life style seems a bit standard and the best city to live in nepal.

Number one city of nepal

Heart of #Nepal

Bharatpur is the most rapidly growing city in Nepal. And might become more developed than Kathmandu in near future.

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5 Lalitpur

Yes, its mind blowing place visit to people

Lovely greenery environment, rich in culture, different kinds of culture heritage, friendly people, best place for trekking

Please correct the name. Its lalitpur not lalitpir...

Patan is the third largest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara. This city is known for its tradition, heritage, architectural monument, Jatras and people they live in.

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6 Dharan

Inside dharan is so beautiful and clean

It is also an british recruitment centre

Honestly Dharan should be right beside Kathmandu. DHARAN is cleaner than all the cities in Nepal.

Dharan also has the famous ghanta ghar were you can go on top and discover the beauty of bustling Dharan bazaar.

Dharan is also cooler than most of the cities in this list making it ideal to visit in summer as well.

Dharan is also known as a fashion city as it has a lot of stylish and fashionable people roaming around. - Arohan_rai

Lovely place I like it

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7 Biratnagar

Calm city
Awesome city
Best place to visit

Biratnagar is the most citu of nepal and so clear city popular place in nepal

Best city

A place to chill.

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8 Birganj

It is also known as the gateway of Nepal and it is a major industrial city of Nepal.

It is the major destination for education, health facility, trade and business, etc for the people living in the Terai Region.

It is the main route for trade between Nepal and India.

It has major Industries of all over Nepal.

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9 Hetauda

It's a greenest city of Nepal

Good city to live

The cleanest and the greenest city of Nepal. The main junction of all trade routes and highways, economic power house and a perfect climate to live in.

The centre for industrial revolution, the cleanest one, and being the junction of whole Nepal, Hetauda is emerging to become the best city in Nepal.

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10 Bhim Datta

Beautiful location, Facilities, decent people

Mahendranagar is the beautyful city of Nepal

I love Bhim datta nagar such a nice place and good people

Being the municipality it has got city hall very few municipalities have got city hall

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11 Dhangadhi

Big time rush is a band already

Not more but after few years it will surpass all!

Its cricket hub too

The city of cricket where every child is crazy about cricket...

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12 Birtamod

It's rising and it also holds significance because it is the spot from where you can access mountains as well as border with India

Birtamod is upcoming biggest city.

The best city in Nepal...

Municipal commette should take care of its cleanliness.

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13 Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur - Old and silent roaring with culture and remains of our ancestor masterpiece creation.

Bhaktapur should come at first...

Bhaktapur is best among all.

City with historical value.

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14 Itahari

Most organised city of the Nepal.

Itahari is number 1 for most development city.,In 2058 municipality,In 2070 sub metropolitan and finaly itahari will be metropolitan city soon...

Its going to be another metro city in nepal after kathmandu pokhara and biratnagar

Best city of Eastern part of Nepal

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15 Damak

It will be direct way to ilam

Best city to live

Growing city of Eastern Nepal

Best city of nepal number 1 city

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16 Janakpur

Mithla capital is number 1 janakpur City I love my janakpur city

A religious city which invites about half million pilgrims just in few days

The historical, religious and city ponds

It is the best. I love my city.

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17 Tulsipur

Is one of the beautiful city of Nepal

Tulsipur is most beautiful place in nepal

Tusipur city is best best city.
enviroment is good.

18 Syangja

Chapakot one the best

Syangja well developed district of Nepal. Very clean and green.

Our syangja our pride I love my syangja

Clean nature weather and peaceful people are live in syangja...

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19 Siddharthanagar (formerly Bhairahawa)

I m living here and enjoying my life only little much problem of electricity

One of the major economic and trade centres of the country. The only international airport outside the capital is under construction in this rapidly growing city. The city has a lot of future prospects. Big companies and entrepreneurs are eyeing here to make huge investments. Experts have assumed that if the development here goes in the expected manner without any interruptions, the city might well even overtake Kathmandu in the upcoming one decade!

I was stationed there as member of USA Action Peace Corps, 1974-75. Mission was to feed people in manner acceptable to religious restrictions: raised Common and Chinese Carps in ponds dug or in fallow rice fields. Developed many successful projects in local area. Enjoyed friendly villagers and spectacular scenery. Area appears ripe for expansions in culture, society and business.

It is best to live with all the facilities and low population.

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20 Daman

Most beautiful place of nepal in height


Lado ko most beautiful lado kha mjuhe

21 Tamghas

Most beautiful city ever for me...Just visit once then you'll know it deserves to be in top list of beautiful cities of nepal

It is the best city

Beautiful resunga hill and you can see city of tamghas and up to india on clear day from view tower.

Beautiful and Cline gulmi I love Tamghas

22 Tikapur

City with broaden roads and most open spaces.

Better than others. Well planned city

Best city in nepal

Best City of Nepal is Tikapur

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23 Pathari

number 1

Pathari will be the best city in future

24 Lamjung

Full of natural reaources.

25 Kawasoti

Yes it's very nice palce

Nice place and cover with green seen and hilly views.

Biutiful city centre of Nepal.

30 kilometres from Chitwan and Mahendra Highway passing through the City, it possesses a high potential for tourism (Royal Chitwan National Park lies within a few KM's) and a way to Pokhara would provide a shortcut for people coming from Lumbini to visit Pokhara. Lets see. But If things go well, Kawasoti is the Future.

26 Urlabari

Beautiful city of eastern region..2nd biggest city of morang district after biratnagar! its trade center

27 Lamahi
28 Chitwan


Chitwan is the best city in Nepal

29 Birendranagar

It is one of the beautifully planned cities with pleasant climate. You have much stuffs to enjoy here including natural beauty, historical monuments and adventure like rafting, paragliding, hiking, camping in riverside and hill stations.

The cool & best place


30 Lahan

In less time it gets more development
Fantastic city of siraha
First biggest city of siraha

Nice my place

31 Kusma

Town of bridges.Beauiful town on bank of Kaligandaki and Modi river.

32 Tarahara

Best place to live with friendly people.

Tarahara will be the best city in future

Best and planned city

I love tarahara

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33 Jeetpur

Best place for live

Love place

One of upcoming planned city

Good place for trade and business.and it is also an industrial area...such a beautiful place

34 Kalaiya
35 Beni Bazzar
36 Inaruwa

Now the inaruwa is making changes.
We can hope it to be a better city.

Inaruwa is the developing city.
It is the place with modern people.
Soon it will be developed city in sunsari district.
If the city grows at the side of mahendra highway it will develop in high rate.

37 Bhumahi

Absolutely. I think it should be in top ten spots.

It is a town or can be simply called as a small city. The peoples of this region are good and the relation among the society is also very good.. And Now it has become a common route from Butwal And Bhairahwa connected to Mahendra Highway.. And in future a short cut route will also be connected to Palpa..

38 Biratchowk

This could be the best well planned and organized city of Nepal.

It is rapidly developing city in the Eastern part of Nepal. Highly educated people with religious tolerance and out of any political suppression. People disobey any kind of Nepal banda in this region. City is developing with well-managed roads.

Emerging city of Nepal. Can be a modal city of Nepal in Near Future

39 Bandipur

How is Bandipur not in this list? Khwopa Newars settled in Bandipur in the 19th century for salt trade that went through Tanahu. It was deserted when the highway was built through Dumre and it was more profitable for the traders to live in Narayanghat. But it was rebuilt in 2011 and now it is the most beautiful little Newar village. Like Bhaktapur without the urbanization and pollution, in a mountain location. The view of Annapurna, Manaslu, Machhapuchharre, and even Dhaulagiri on clear days from the Bindyabashini temple, a temple on a hill 20 minutes walk from Bandipur

40 Lekhnath

City of seven lake, sakigo ni!

Lado pokhara pheri aayo mujhe jasto district

41 Namche Bazaar

Good places

42 Jaleshwor
43 Bardibas
44 Waling

Its been the best municipality in the whole country last year. And this is not in the list.

It is one of the rising city of Nepal. It is th

45 Nepalgunj

Nepal ganj top ten in nepal

One of the best city of mid western development

It is the biggest city of the Mid-Far west part of the country.Strongly developing..

Main city to koin Eastern n Western part of nepl

46 Besisahar

Best city with friendly people

It's good place

47 Bhalwari

Upcoming education hub of Rupandehi Nepal

48 Kalimati

Second capital of Nepal. It is among the best cities in Nepal

49 Devdaha

It is a municipality with much facilities. It is also the maternal place of lord Siddartha Gautam.

Definitely it is best place to live..
Well tourism place but need to conversate..
Biggest pakari tree maternal palace of lord gautam Buddha..
devdaha Lake..

50 Simara

One day surely it will be the most developed city & the tour center to the Tourists

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