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1 Lahore


Stable and progressive as compared to other countries

I have lived in Karachi and love it but as it stands now my vote will be Lahore for many reasons. For example Lahore has better infrastructure and public transport, more cleaner and greener, comparatively less crime and people are more traditional and caring. Most of all it has all five seasons to enjoy with especially my favorite is winter in Lahore.

Best city and place in pakistan for living

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2 Karachi Karachi

This city should've been on Number One. The educational hub of South Asia as well as the port city of Pakistan, our country is incomplete without Karachi. Karachi has everything which Lahore has like culture, elite lifestyle, high rise buildings but Lahore is deprived of some things which Karachi posses. Examples are Beaches, Port, and the bearable climate itself. I agree that 'Lahore Lahore Hai' but a person who hasn't seen Karachi hasn't seen Pakistan.

Karachi is the biggest city of pakistan

The financial hub of Pakistan.

Love it

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3 Faisalabad

I am a Lahori, which makes me a resident of city that has a everything. But once you visit Faisalabad, you feel something that you've never felt before. Faisalabad has something which no other city has. That is its unique culture. The people of Lahore and Karachi have forgotten their true cultural identity but Faisalabad strongly retains it today. The people are very hospitable and the city itself very charming. Ghanta Ghar and the eight bazaars are worth visiting. Faisalabad might not be of that standard like Karachi or Lahore but it is place that's worth visiting.

Faisalabad is safest country for living

Faisalabad is very safest city & have great importance in cloths all over the Pakistan it is a industrial city.

Best city with everything

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4 Peshawar

I have lived in Peshawar a for three years. I feel no hesitation in saying that when I heard the news of our transfer to Peshawar, I was shocked and was very upset. I would prefer living in the wild than in Peshawar. Might it be the terrorist incidents or the city's conservative nature, I didn't wanted to go to Peshawar. However, my opinions changed once we were settled. The People were extremely hospitable, the city offered anything you required and the land of Peshawar felt very protective. Despite many bomb blasts, once I heard that we were leaving Peshawar, I literally cried and didn't wanted to say goodbye. I always have desire to visit Peshawar once again and wish all the best for its people whom I witnessed sacrificing their life for our country. Such a sense of Patriotism Iis deficient in another place in the Country. LOVE YOU PESHAWAR!

Peshawar is the most important city because it is the gateway to central Asia.

Peshawar is so beautiful.

Imran Khan change this city

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5 Islamabad

Islamabad is a very beautiful city among all

Islamabad is a modern city blessed with natural beauty. Rest of Pakistan simply don't come close.

Islamabad Is The Capital City Of Pakistan.

It is a very safe and beautiful city

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6 Multan

Love multan safest protected by the military

The City of Saints. No need to say more!

Multan is a peace full and safe city in pakistan

Deserves to be higher on the rankings

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7 Hyderabad

A calm and cool city but offers anything which residents require

It's a beautiful country because I am a Pakistani and at least it is better then America

Hyderabad is a great city

The City Of Kings

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8 Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is most populated city of Pakistan so its at no.4 in list of biggest cities of Pakistan

Rawlalpindi is the green city of pakistan

Good city with rush of people n traffic

Lahore lahore hai or pindi us ka shohar hai

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9 Sialkot

I had went there and I think it is beautiful then the white house in America and I know that America is really jealous of the beautiful Pakistan their so selfish.

Sialkot is an industrial city its famous products football, hockey, leather. Garments, surgical instruments etc

Very nice city&hub of Pakistan industry


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10 Gujranwala

#1 in many things like (brave, nice peoples, nice foods, etc)

It is the industry of Pakistan.. Pakistan can not run without an industry..

I love my city

Gujranwala is now Pakistan third largest industrial city after Karachi and Faisalabad
Gujranwala contribute 5% GDP
Sialkot, Guitar and Gujranwala forms golden triangle of industry. Gujranwala founded in 18th century it was state of Maharajah rangeth singh. Gujranwala 5th most populous city proper.

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11 Quetta

Best is always best

It is the best city

Best best best

Sharif Rahimi living in Sweden but born and raised in this beatiful city

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12 Bahawalpur

The land of black buck, palaces, loyalty and beautiful persons

Bhawalpur Has Small Aeroplanes.

Beautiful pace full city number one in pakistan

Bahawalpur is the city of palaces

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13 Sargodha

I love you my lovely sargodha

Sargodha is my lovely city and I think that Sargodha is good in studies

Sargodha is my lovely city and I think that Sargodha is good in studies

Sargodha ke shaheen✈

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14 Bhera

A great historical city on the bank of river Jehlum. Famous for Mehndi (Hina) production.
Land of Saints and Scholars. It is being funded by the Pakistan government to protect its history and heritage.
I have visited it few times, when I visit Pakistan (from USA), as it is the city of my ancestors - as such have special place in my heart.

15 Abbottabad

Lived there for 9months best place ever, clean, peaceful and beautiful scenery. Well mannered people too.

I born here and if you want to live in Pakistan its best because of beautiful nature. Its not a big city so it is quiet and peaceful.

Place from where Laden comes must be heart of Pakistan.

Love of my life and very pleasant atmosphere I am living in abbottabad for five years
very beautiful mountains
Very visiting areas
very calm city
awesome city
military academy kakul is situated here
harno lake is very beautiful natural lake

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16 Gujrat

The air is very clean as well as the tremendous scenery. The agricultural developments are ever expanding and had the potential to add immense value to the great country of Pakistan

Beautiful city

Best land of brave

My love

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17 Sheikhupura

It's the city among all, because my girl live there.

I love Sheikhupura. Sheikhupura is beautiful city. hiran minar, qila sheikupura, company bagh visters no promble. former crickter aqib javeed imran nazzir muhammad asif muhammad kashif live in Sheikhupura

18 Mirpur

Beautiful place to visit

Mirpur also known as 'kotiya na shehr' (City of Mansions) very rich people everybody lives in nice house there

Very clean city. Pahari people are very simple & brave. I'm from Kohat I visit Mirpur and in love with this city and it's people

Nice people in mirpur ajk beautiful palaces
i am from AJK

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19 Okara

good city

Okara! okara! best and most beautiful cantonment but so much hot weather in okara

Okara is best is counted as big district by population of 2.5 million and good city by resident and by business.

20 Jhang

I think jhang is the best city for middle class families.All the necessary things for living are available here.

Jhang Is Best

I love jhang

21 Khuzdar

Khuzdar and region around is worth visiting. The people are honest

Best and beautiful city

22 Sahiwal

The most paeaceful city of Pakistan, and best for living, all necessities og life are available, well and properly is Lahore

Great city

Most Peace Full And Having All Professions And uppertunities. Govrnment should estblish a university here for higher studies

23 Swat

It should be number 1

Paradise on earth, the Switzerland of Pakistan, if some one want to see paradasie, so come to swat, the real natural beauty on earth

It is the best

It's the best place! Heaven in Pakistan! Good then the cities of India! I love my county Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡° πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

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24 Murree

It is very beautiful and green place

It's a bad place and I don't like it

This place sucks

I vote for it.

25 Rahim Yar Khan

I think its ranking needs to be updated.

Should be in top 15

best ha

The most developing city having historical places. Many colleges. schools, brands are open. The need of citizens for University is completed by Punjab Govt. by the opening of Mini UET (KFUEIT).

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26 Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad is part of pakistan muzaffarabad is part of kashmir

nice place

27 Gilgit-Baltistan

What a beautiful stunning scenic place to live your life in, I mean really living. I have a dream to live this paradise on earth, I have visited it numerous times and I am sure by the grace of Almighty I will live there.

it sate

Very beautifull place and people are very kindfull and nice

The most beutiful and nutural

28 Bannu

Bannu is the best city In Pakistan Bannu's people are very loving and careing.

Bannu hospitality is outstanding. and also business very good due to good geographic position.

29 Sukkur

There is a Pakistan's Strongest and Biggest bridge and its also nice seeing.

I think this is number 1 city in pakistan about seeing this scenery

Its Very Nice city it has a big hills of Pakistan

Very safest city of Pakistan and also 3rd biggest city of sindh

30 Jhelum

Love you Jhelum

I love Jhelum at winter it's cold and at summer it's very hot.I am from a village in Jhelum called kala deo.


I am Muneeb from the Great city of Soldiers JHELUM.
I lived in village KALA DEV which is away from the Bazar only 5 km...
If u come the Jhelum than please Visit ROHTAAS FORT..JHELUM RIVER...& KHEEWRA...KHANIQAAH E SULTANIA

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31 Khanpur

I love this city. It is most beautiful city in the world. I born here

32 Chiniot

I m from but my granfather is form chiniot punjabi khatri

33 Dera Ghazi Khan

Good info

love you

Dgkhan is most beautiful city of Pakistan. Fort munro is one of the best visiting place. Many other place are also available like sakhi sarwar indus river etc. Dgkhan is the city of beautiful mountains.

D.G Khan is the central city and also the heart of pakistan... The city have many visiting places like Fort Minru.. There are many magnificient housing colonies like Indus housing colony in D.G Khan... D.G Khan is a junction of all the four provinces of Pakistan...

34 Kallar Kahar

Best and beautiull

35 Mian Channu

Mian channu is great city All around the Pakistan...i am proud to be the citizens of Mian channu

Is Small but Good City For Living it is Call Little Lahore

A great city wd great and peaceful people in Punjab...

This is my city. people is good but traffic and encroachment is big problem. Land price very high because people can not like to move and many people live abroad send remittance to family mean people buying power is better then some other cities.

Uzair Mahmood Malik
Bhutta Center Upper Storey HBL
Mian Channu

36 Bhalwal

Bhalwal is known as citrus city, green, beautiful and peaceful city.

Bhalwal is known as the city of citrus.
This city is full of greenery and a lot of citrus's groves.Bhalwal is also a industrial city a lots of industries are there like Noon Sugar Mill Lmt.Nurpur Pakistan Lmt.
The major thing of papularity of this city is Citrus.This city have the best citrus of the hole world.They produces a larg amount of Fesh and juicy Citrus in the world.The Citrus which is produced here Exports to hole wide world.
If there is any Citrus you will see that's belong to BHALWAL...πŸ™‚

37 Renala Khurd
38 Pando Thana

My village a beautifull place all around abbottabad

39 Mamu Kanjan

Never heard of this city

40 Turbat
41 Nasirabad
42 Jaffarabad
43 Kasur

Kasur is beautiful city. It is historical city. Famous for leather.
Saint baba bullahay shah

44 Kotli

I voted Kotli because I'm from Mirpur and Mirpur isn't on the list. Bare love for all the kotlians and all the Pahari people of AK

45 Kohat

Kohat city is now e days growing in Pakistan...! - Awais_Shah

46 Dera Ismail Khan

My sir is from dera ismail khan he says that it is very beautiful place

No doubt D I Khan is the best city of Pakistan. Nice people and also famous for its food specially(halwa)...


47 Chunian

Most Safest city in Pakistan

48 Chakri

Chakri Is A Village.

49 Pindi Bhattian


50 Sibi
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