Top 10 Best Cities in Austria

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1 Vienna Vienna is the federal capital and largest city of Austria, and one of the nine states of Austria. Vienna is Austria's most populous city, with about 2 million inhabitants (2.6 million within the metropolitan area, nearly one third of the country's population), and its cultural, economic, and political centre. It is the 6th-largest city by population within city limits in the European Union.

City of 1.850.000 inhabitants (in 2016) within the municipality borders. More than 2.600.000 inhabitants including suburbs. River Danube/Donau with one of the official headquarters of the United Nations (after New York and Geneve), city of classical music, theaters, opera houses, universities (150.000 university students) and Habsburg emperors and empresses. New Years Concert of Viennese Philharmonic Orchester. About 10.000.000 tourists every year come to see Stephansdom (gothic style cathedral), 100 year old Riesenrad (smaller but 100 years older than London Eye Wheel) in the Prater entertainment park, Schönbrunn Castle (1.500 rooms), Hofburg Palace (2.500 rooms), Belvedere Castle (with picture gallery with masterpieces of Gustav Klimt), the 150 year old ring boulevard (Ringstraße) with monumental public buildings like House of Parliament, Vienna City Hall, University, Stock Exchange, Burgtheater, State Opera House, many museums, parks and luxury hotels and typical Viennese coffee ...more

2 Salzburg

Together with Vienna probably Austria's most beautiful city. One oft Austria's wealthiest cities. City of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart situated in the banks of Rivers Salzach. Salzburg festival at Easter time and during summer time. Famous Mozarteum musical university). More than 150.000 inhabitants within city limits (250.000 people including suburbs). Famous Christmas markets. Picturesque city center (medieval Fortress, baroque Cathedral, Getreidegasse, Residenz). Hellbrunn Castle and park. Traffic cross in the middle oft Austria. Beautiful mountains and lakes close to the city.

3 Graz

Beautiful Renaissance city center. Clock tower on the top of Schlossberg. River Mur. Center for art, education, culture and sience. Opera house and theatres. Theatre and film festival. About 50.000 university students in a city of 285.000 inhabitants. Second biggest city of Austria and fast growing city in the sunny south of Austria. Although Graz offers big industrial sites (especially for car and machine manufactoring) the city is cosy, colourful and friendly. Highest density of shopping centers in whole Austria. Many people from Slovenia, Hungary and southern Austria come to do their shopping in Shopping City Seiersberg and in a couple of other shopping centers in and around Graz. Cultural capital City of Europe in 2007 Ort 2008.

4 Linz

Biggest industrial city of Austria (steel factories, chemical industry) and harbour at Danube / Donau river. Modern and very rich city. Not so famous than other Austrian cities, although Linz has an unexpected beautiful City center. Huge shopping center called Plus City close to Linz. Mount Poestlingberg and Danube tourist boats (trips Tod Passau, Vienna, Budapest,...). Linz is better than its reputation although tourists prefer cities linke Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz and smaller cities in the Carinthian Lake District such as Klagenfurt and Villach.

5 Innsbruck

City in the middle of Tyrol in the Austrian Alps with colourful medieval houses along Rivers Inn. Castles, churches and simply romantical roads and squares. Famous Christmas market. Olympic Winter Games in the 1960ies an 1970ies. 130.000 inhabitants and 30.000 university students.

6 Klagenfurt
7 Villach

Only 62.000 inhabitants, but city seems bigger / more alive than other cities of that size, many Italians and Slovene people come to Villach/Villaco/Beljak to the Christmas or Easter market, to the shopping center Atrio and to the thermal spas. A nice place. Vetter weather than in other cities oft Austria.

8 Wels
9 Sankt Pölten
10 Dornbirn
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11 Wiener Neustadt
12 Haag
13 NeunKirchen
14 Kitzbühel
15 Hallstatt
16 Freistadt
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