Best Cities in Latin America

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1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Good list, but where's Santiago - Chile? It's a beautiful city

Amazing city, my parents took me there, it was amazing.

2 Santiago, Chile Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile, situated in the country's central valley at an elevation of 520 meters above sea level. It serves as a major financial, cultural, and political hub for Chile and South America. With a backdrop of the Andes Mountains, the city offers a unique blend of urban and natural experiences. Santiago is known for its modern transport system, including its extensive... read more
3 Rio De Janeiro, Brasil Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio, is anchor to the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area and the second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas.
4 Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City, or the City of Mexico, is the capital of Mexico and the most populous city in North America.

No doubt, the most powerful city in LATAM. Powerful and beautiful.

5 Bogota, Columbia
6 São Paulo, Brasil
7 Antofagasta, Chile
8 Lima, Peru
9 Montevideo, Uruguay
10 Medellín, Colombia

The Newcomers

? Tacna, Peru
? San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina
The Contenders
11 Iquique, Chile
12 Panama City, Panama
13 Viña del Mar, Chile
14 Quito, Ecuador
15 Mendoza, Argentina
16 Manizales, Colombia
17 La Serena, Chile
18 Cusco, Peru
19 Trujillo, Peru
20 Cordoba, Argentina
21 Brasília, Brazil
22 Monterrey, Mexico
23 San José, Costa Rica
24 San Salvador, El Salvador The capital city of El Salvador, San Salvador is situated in a valley surrounded by volcanoes. As the country's political, cultural, and financial center, the city is home to important Salvadoran institutions, including the University of El Salvador. Known for its active nightlife and shopping areas, San Salvador offers a range of experiences from modern malls to traditional markets like Mercado Central... read more
25 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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