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21 Powerbang Gaming

Powerbang ROCKS!... nice teaching of strategies... I've been using for clan wars and it is effective... thanks bro!

Real 3-star war strategies relevant to clan wars

Very Helpful and his channel is similar to onehive raids!

This man knows his stuff. Well spoken, highly knowledgable, and very straight to the point. It also helps that he is directly linked with Supercell and has inside knowledge of every strategy as all of his clans are mostly successful. If I ever met him I would say thank you for helping to make me a better more effective clasher and helper. Ty
"Truehelper" of "The Old-New" clan.

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22 Tobi Kaiser V 2 Comments
23 Clash With Ash

Best strategy that you can actually understand. Well spoken, good energy. Clean content.

Amazing game play videos! Great content always keeps his viewers attention and will never hate on any viewers

Puts a lot of work into videos to maximize learning. Most dense information out of all YouTubers. Also funny

Why isn't he higher? - micahisthebest

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24 FsuAtl

Says the truth and his funny

FsuAtl is a really funny YouTuber and does lots of top 5s and rants a lot it's very good

Fsu is love fsu is life

25 Klaus Gaming

Entertaining, positive, knowledgeable, Klaus is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube!

Klaus is the best Clash of Clans YouTuber. He is providing quality content with various video series with regular updates.

He's one of the few great Clash of Clans YouTubers still around. Chief Pat and a bunch of others are quitting to go to Clash (Cash) Royale 😡
Hats off to you Klaus for being a part of the Clash of Clans Community!

26 gadi hh

I would put gadi hh in the top 3. I've learned allot from channel.

27 Clash Tutor

With her detailed and concise methods, Heather is easily one of the best Clash of Clans instructors anywhere.

Great tutorials for beginners or new to a certain strategy. Lots of in-depth content

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28 nickatnyte

His is good

29 MasterOv

Most of his videos have little to do with the strategy of the game. All he does is gem. He abuses the YouTube search system to gain subscribers. All in all my least favorite Clash YouTuber

He stopped doing clash of clans videos now what is the point of watching his videos

I love his videos. Mostly is that I don't know any other for YouTubers I watched some other people they were no way near MasterOV. I also like god son but... He swears too much

He sadly got banned from every Supercell game - micahisthebest

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30 Clash With Cam

Is really funny likes to mix up his video's from trolling to helpful tips

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31 ThinkNoodles

I liked his clash of clans channel, but he stopped once it was getting good. now nobody can run his clan. Please think I am your greatest fan and... Well I would love to be in your clan...:( KOPI4LIFE

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32 Ion Clash

Really silly guy. Does not know how to attack. Plushes rushed like hell

He's actually really good and doesn't get free gems

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33 Dubwar
34 ClashWithVodka
35 Shadowclash

Amazing base builds and just an awesome channel. I love his selection of music in the background!

36 Liam V 1 Comment
37 Biraj
38 Tyrael Gaming
39 Spencer23$

So, so, SO underrated. One of the few both helpful AND entertaining YouTubers that I've found.

Great videos deserves to be higher

He's good nice videos but not as good as Ichase, Galadon or peter17$ but he's pretty good and has a awesome clan

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40 KnightlyGaming

Highly suggest watching his videos also.

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