Top Ten Colors that You Would Like to Rate Most

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1 Blue

9/10. I'm tying this up with purple because I'm kinda colourblind so I see purple blue, but anyway, great colour!

2 Green

8/10 I personally love darker greens on clothing.

3 Red

Wish I could say 6,000/10.

4 Black

11/10. This is my favourite colour. Black is the king!

Overrated in my opinion...

5 White

8/10. Black is better than white imho (in fact black is my favourite colour and I've commented about black) but white is a really good colour!

Where is the picture?

6 Purple

9/10 I've made a comment about blue saying I'm a bit colourblind, and I see purple blue, so, same explanation as it. Awsome colour!

7 Pink

1/10. I'm so sorry for those who love pink, but I absolutely HATE pink. But I'm not giving pink 0 because it does mean love and other good things. Normal pink isn't my favourite colour, but it is a pink. Hot pinkā€¦ I'm so sorry, please don't get mad at me.

8 Yellow

10/10. My favourite "rainbow" colour. God colour!

I love how bright it is

9 Gray

1/10 (sorry gray fans)

10 Orange
The Contenders
11 Gold
12 Cyan

My favorite shade of blue

13 Turquoise
14 Royal Purple
15 Light Blue
16 Dark Red
17 Teal
18 Silver
19 Light Yellow
20 Light Green
21 Lilac
22 Magenta
23 Scarlet
24 Indigo
25 Navy
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