Top Ten Colors that You Would Like to Rate Most

The Top Ten
1 Blue

8/10 my third favorite color

In my opinion,blue is close to Joshua’s colour and Aunt Gina’s

2 Black

Overrated in my opinion...

3 Green

10/10 my favorite color

4 Red

Wish I could say 6,000/10.

A nice color

9/10 my second favorite color

5 White

Where is the picture?

6 Gray

1/10 (sorry gray fans)

I hate the color Gray, but I love the color Grey 😎

7 Pink

My favourite colour,of course

It’s an amazing color

8 Gold
9 Cyan

My favorite shade of blue

10 Purple

8/10 vibrant and striking colour. I love it especially when paired with blue.

Amazing colour.

The Contenders
11 Yellow

I love how bright it is

7/10 my 4th favorite color

12 Dark Red
13 Light Blue
14 Orange

Definitely,not in my favourite colours list

7/10 this color is not bad

10/10 my favourite colour. It’s bold, funky and can stand out on it’s own.

15 Light Green
16 Light Yellow
17 Turquoise
18 Royal Purple

10/10 this color is awesome.

Beautiful colour

19 Teal
20 Scarlet

Yes it’s a sexy and cute colour to have to rate the most

21 Lilac

Pretty colour,good pick

22 Silver
23 Magenta
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