Top Ten Craziest Crayon Colors

Crayon colors have crazy names now-a-days. Pick what you think the craziest! [they may seem weird, but they're real colors]
The Top Ten
1 Pet Shop

How the hell can someone look at a crayon and go, "Hey this looks like the color of a pet shop! " what! I can't even think straight now. I'm trying to imagine what kind of color this would be!

Green Day is super sexy

I want to know what this color is it seems so very interesting haha... Walk up to someone and say your shirt is the color pet shop can you imagine the look you would get!?

That right there is the crappiest name for a color! I don't even know what color would represent it!

Wow seriously how can pet shop be a color pet shops can be any color

2 Grandma's Perfume

Grandma's perfume is one of the strangest names of a color. The end of the worst story ever.

After I saw this I went to my grandmas house to see what color her perfume was
It was...

I remember this one! It was orange

What the heck? This is awkward...

3 Macaroni and Cheese

Who named this crayon? Maybe he/she is so fat and he/she dreamed that everything that you see is food

I see this crayon when I was nine and the color of this crayon color is orange

Ah I loved this color when I was little! I still have it.

Well for one thing m&c is yummy and a very cool color

4 Wash the Dog

Wash the dog? Like what color is that? Cleaning products are all different colors. Is it the color of the dirt in the dog? Gross

Um... What the heck! Is this the color the dog turns after a wash? Cause well... Um... Nope!

What? Wash the dog is a order not a color!

Um what the hell is wash the dog?

5 Outer Space

To the anonymous user who said " um what is the color of outer space? " I had this crayon and its black. Though it is strange why crayola Named it that way.

This actually isn't black it's grayish dark greenish

Um whats the color of outer space?

6 Neon Carrot

They make neon carrots? What!?
Green Day is super sexy

Whenever I saw this colour name, I imagined a carrot with a tron style design. and if I ate it... ew.

Is this a neon orange or something?

neon carrot?
I know weird right!

7 Wild Blue Yonder

This is the best color in the history of the world

I saw this on a crayon and my life was changed

This is my favorite crayon color T_T

Laugh out loud
... Guycvkyetxtk7t do I kneed t9 ijwgr

8 Cadet Blue
9 Razzmatazz

WHat even is this

It's actually the cuttest among the 10 not the crazziest=)

10 Raw Umber

On the inside she's Raw Umber...on the outside she's pink...
You know who I'm talking about: The ugliest and most evil villain of book history Dolores Umbridge!

Raw... Umber, What the...
What colour is this...?

I assume this is a type of purple

This is a fancy artist color

The Contenders
11 Maize

I think maize is just corn

12 Unmellow Yellow

Hey let's throw an adjective in front of a normal colour and call it something new!

Its like the soda, except its un mellow

13 Koala Tree

Koala Tree. That's just getting a little too creative. I think that Crayola should at least call it the bark of an elderly tree that koalas climb during the day and eat the leaves and fruit off of it.

Awesome I can just imagine koalas growing on trees that would be so cool! I think it would probably be green or grey

Hmm really koala tree I bet the same person made the jungle green... AWKWARD!

This should be a multicolored crayon made of gray and brown.

14 Purple Mountains' Majesty

Your majesty. Is that royal purple majesty 's deal?

15 Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown

This is the funniest color I've ever seen. Fuzzy wuzzy brown! Crazy! It sounds like wow wow wubzy. Weird things people do these days...

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

Fuzzy wuzzy brown just sounds like a wrapper with fuzz on it I like the name though its is weird to people theses days

sorry to say this but they need to fire the 5 year old in charge of name

16 Mango Tango

this is a drink that I've had before

17 Red

Um... Last I knew everyone knew the color red like really r u people crazy... What the hell red is a primary color and it's not a new word it's been around for quite a while...

But, I thought there was already a color red I don't get it. Is there another color that is red or if their talking about red. Man now I can't think strait. I'm so anoyed.

I can't imagine what the board room was like. "Yeah, let's just make up out own word and pretend it's a color"

This is the worst color in existence. If you like this color, you should probably reevaluate your life

18 Royal Purple

Love dis color! It's like a neon purple mixed with indigo

19 Granny Smith Apple

Love dis color

20 Tickle Me Pink

Great color but what if there was a color Called tickle me elmo. DUN DUN DUN. That would be red and laughs when you press it, really.

I didn't know people turned pink when they were tickled

Tickle me! Haha! Now I'm tickle me pink!

this is a lawsuit waiting to happen that's just weird

21 Mauvelous

This is the most cheesy crayon name I've ever heard. And mac and cheese is a crayola color!

I once had a Crayola pipsqueak marker, and for some reason it was called Awesome. but I'm getting off topic

I think I have this crayon at home. It's purple-pinkish.

It's a really weird name for a crayon.

22 Asparagus

I have a 64 box of crayons with asparagus in it. Shouldn't it be called asparagus green?

From, pen from bfdi

23 Piggy Pink
24 Atomic Tangerine

Kool ya... Wonder what it would do to people if it was used instead of the atomic bomb...

I didn't know they sold atomic tangerines, I want one.

I could throw atomic tangerines at people...

I think that's also LSD.

25 Wisteria

I love this color T_T

why is this not the weirdest name in the group. WHYYYYYY?

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