Top 10 Most Beautiful Colors

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1 Purple

Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time, "I just made it up," he said. ... Since Taehyung coined the phrase, fans have used the color purple to express their adoration and affection for BTS... As an army I say purple is the best

Purple means I will love you and trust you for a long time! I mean there is whole purple ocean out there (BTS ARMY) Purple is very attractive and it's a beautiful and relaxing color! PURPLE FOREVER

Purple is literally another word for love and trust! I purple you! As a BTS army I'll say purple is the most beautiful color in the world

I think purple is the best colour because it has this look that reminds me how cool it is, I like pink but I think there’s too much of that colour I see it everyday so I think it’s starting to get kinda boring no offence to anyone that loves the colour it’s just my opinion.But purple should have more likes because it definitely has lots of emotion to it, by that I mean look on google there’s so many things it represents and pink has only some things that it represents like the obvious one love.

2 Blue

This is the most beautiful color I've ever liked. The one reason that brings me into voting this is because it's the color of the oceans the seas and the sky It also covered half in the center of the earth.

This could also be used in different items/things

It can be the color of your shirt your hat or even your jacket. This is precisely the best color.

blue is as beautiful as the skies and beautiful seaocean it is very calming and it is just such a beautiful way to show peace because I just think that whenever I see blue I feel like talking good about something just like now when saw this amazing blue I just had to say something good about it P.S. for those red lovers I know you really like red but you don't have to be so rude like that you are just overreacting and that is the only childish thing here

Yeah, there is no doubt that the blue is world's most beautiful color of the world. It's so much peaceful and beautiful than other colors.

It's just so relaxing. Definitely my favorite color. Fun fact: when you walk onto cartain planes, the seats will be blue so you will be more relaxed during your flight, and when it's time to go lights will turn yellow or orange to help get people out faster

3 Red

Red is my number one color with just the perfect structure. I don't know why but it's a cool and normal color that represents me and my personality cool and normal.

Red is kinda like a colour you would use for blood and can be a specific colour that a lot of people like and that’s also a colour I thought that suited my dog Max.

Red is a color that represents many things. Love, a thing that is very beautiful to many, think of red and surely you will think of love. Anger a thing that is also a thought brought to mind when you look at the color red. Red is a powerful color and should not be put in second place because of blue. (Also if you look at blues comments they all sound like 6 yearolds compared to the comments in red, red people are true intellectuals)

This should be number one blue is ugly and makes me want to throw up everything blue should be an extra red in the world blue should have never existed and blue is one of the very few mistakes that god made and one of the worst of them blue is a sin to the world and should be banished forever red should be the most popular colour more things red keep us alive like our hearts and also just because of the dumb ocean and sky yes light blue is ok but dark blue is a sin really it is also red is evil well blue is sad and you just put that there like you don't notice so yeah ha!

4 Pink

I think Pink is a nice bright colour.However it can be festive on cakes or on Birthday parties and 90% girls when they were young love this colour! I love this colour because it can be beautiful in any shade of Pink and it will look amazing on your school supplies and backpacks, PE, Waterbottles and much more.

I can't see why this colour wasn't first. It is such a happy, bright colour and it is so pretty. It reminds me of beautiful Flowers, butterflies and particularly Blossom trees. LOVE PINK!

Pink is such a beautiful color, it reminds me of innocence, purity, and romance. Its just such a lovely color! I love it so much...

ok so I saw a vote and it said "90% girls said they love pink" but I hate pink like honestly people have no taste in colors pink is ugly

5 Green

Green is so beautiful, it is one of the main four colors...and the only one that's not a primary color! It is on every plant and so many birds...God must love green, too. Great green, Gracious Green, Godly Green, Gorgeous Green, Ghostly Green, Groovy Green, Garden Green, Gallant Green,'s a wonderful color.

green is just the best colour ever it is just so powerful and every thing you see around yourself is green its just the best colour of the rainbow

Green is the best color because 1) green is most snakes and I LOVE snakes and 2) it is the color of grass and leaves which help us survive.

Hey guys love green because it reminds me of spring and summer when the leaves are green

6 Cyan

Cyan is honestly the best color ever, I title it, "The Cooler Blue". Its bright, flourescent texture is very awesome. I used to like blue, but later, I realized that blue was too common of a color, so I picked Cyan as my favorite instead. I always love playing as Cyan in Among Us.

cyan is just so beautiful and its like the sky I watch marble races and some marble racers worry that they will get lots of hate coments and dislikes when they pot a video and cyan gets out in it

Cyan is like the sea. it also can be quite calming in certain shades. many people dislike this gorgeous color but it is very similar to blue which is an extremely popular colour, it is literally just blue with a couple drops of green in it that help enrich the colour. u people are so picky lol.

Cyan is so positive and its one of the among us skin color also and its bright and shiny

7 Yellow

Honestly yellow is just such a beautiful, bright colour and it looks got on everyone. It is just so aesthetic, definitely my favourite colour, puts a smile on my face anytime!

Yellow should DEFINITELY be higher up on this list! It is one of my FAVOURITE colours! It just makes you want to smile and hop up and down! All and all a very pretty colour! :P

It's a great color for aesthetics I make. It also is very pretty and aesthetic with black which I wear black a lot so I probably will start wearing yellow a lot too.

I LIKE YELLOW because it when it rains outside yellow gives me Hope and it's a sunny colour!

8 Black

Black embodies the mystery and the wonderful beauty of the unknown... I love all the colours of space. Most of my clothes are black velvet, a few are black satin.

Sexiest color of all time. Some idiots don't understand the beauty beyond it. Only cowards find it scary. Everything in black look so mysterious and sexy. Humans with black hair and eyes with pale skin are the hottest.

I like black. It is mysterious, dark, sexy at the same time. It is a soothing colour. I don't know why, But black just has a different type of appeal. I mean blue is everyone's favourite but black is for intellectual people.

Black has been my favorite color since I was five, the weirdest thing is I wear black in every outfit I wear.

9 Orange

Orange makes me feel confident and I believe it is the most beautiful color I'm sure it is.

That picture looks more yellow than orange to me...not sure whether that's just me or not

It's a bright beautiful rich colour

Moods me up and my favorite are green and orange!

The colour of beautiful sunsets and sweet fruit. Makes you feel all warm and happy

10 Gold

Gold is a rich type of yellow that brings wealth towards everyone.

Love gold. This sample isn't very gold but it's STILL pretty.

This sample is a bad type of gold, but I still love gold!

YES I love gold although Viridian green is better

The Contenders
11 Midnight Blue

I like midnight Blue because every time I see this colour it reminds me of the stars and it looks like a wonderful night to celebrate parties! It also reminds me of SPACE!

A colour that truly holds all the wonder of the night sky, it is very similar to indigo.

Personally I look good in this color, and it looks like the night sky!

Looks like the sky with a mixture of night colors

12 Silver

It is one of the rare eye colours and is very mystically beautiful. I think the only reason why people don't say it's attractive is because they don't normally see it.

Silver is the colour of the moon, the side which I have been on since the beginning of time.

So pretty and cool it is underrated at least it is above gold (right know)

Is really really pretty I love it on anything

13 Blood Red

Who doesn't love blood? It makes me faint but the color is pretty(when it's not coming out of you)

I like this color, it's kinda like maroon

Guys red is ok but I like green better

Ahhhh yes blood red is used for gory speed paints and is a colour that I think would look great in horror movies!

14 Lavender

Lavender is just like purple but lighter,I think this colour is beautiful just look at the smoothness of it when you put it between other colours.

I love lavender. It's just such a beautiful and calm colour. In my mind, lavender represents calmness and wisdom.

The colour of dusk and dawn... A sweet, mysterious, and less cliche alternative to pink.

Lavender is a wonderful color... Very calming, I associate it with sleep. Sooo pretty.

15 Aqua

Seagreen/Aqua is beautiful in every way. Green and blue have always been a little too bright for me but this is perfect. It reminds me of the coral settling under the ocean

The IMPROVED version of green and blue. Such a tropical colour. The ocean is beautiful when it is an aqua colour - I want to swim in it straight away.

This colour is the best shade of blue ever. Aqua is water and water is the best thing on earth!

Aqua is such a calming and relaxing color, I love it so much, reminds me of a beautiful sea...

16 Amber

Amber is one of my most favourite colors. It must be higher on the list.

Another color for happiness

Looks like gold

It's fairly close to my favorite color(Mustard Yellow) ans it's just beautiful!

17 Violet

Violet makes me feel comfy, safe, alive, home, and it kind of brightens the mood for me sometimes. Have a great day for whoever sees this

Violet is a color that is a little hard to see, but it's very beautiful.

Violet is my 5th Favorite Colour

It's just beautiful

All the beauty of purple, but with a better name.

18 Scarlet

Scarlet isn't too bright but its not too dull, its just in the middle which makes it a good color. Like reddish-orange but lighter, it calms me.

Yes. It is beautiful, rich, and deep. It is a color that many find beautiful.

I don't know I like the colour because its red

A brilliant vibration red

19 Turquoise

Turquoise is such a pretty colour. The sea when it is clear looks like this colour and it is ever so lovely.

I love blue and most of anything I have is blue my clothes are blue my furniture is blue and so on.

I really like this color. This looks like the color called "Viridian Green", but lighter!

Why not, I like green and blue and it is a type of jewelry and it is pretty

20 Magenta

I love it! It has that settle combination of a pink and purple.

A beautiful colour to use in art.

Magenta is really energetic (I know it’s embarrassing for me)

21 Indigo

A colour that holds all the wonder of a night sky full of stars, it truly embodies the beauty of the universe.

Love the color. The darker the shade the better, this one is a little to bright...

Indigo like purple but much much darker another favourite of mine!

Beauty came because of this dark color!

22 Viridian Green

This is my favourite colour. It just reminds me of some of the plants in Australia. Some people don't like it because they think it looks gross but I see colours allot different from most people.

Wonderful! I wish ALL my clothes was this color. It's my 2nd favorite

Never seen this color but now that I have its legit my fave

Reminds me of a deep forest

23 Maroon

It is so unique and sometimes it makes your personality show more

When I'm done looking at aqua I look at this for non-binding moments

I think Maroon is one of my favorite colors. Such a pretty shade.

In my opinion Maroon is one of the prettiest colors and it’s also one of my favorite colors.

24 White

My favorite color, its simple but beautiful. It's like a bitter color, if white was a person, I think they be beautiful, but, they'd be cold, unkind but at the same time sweet and quiet. Anyway, I love this color along with black and silver!

I don't think we can live without white

Don't know why but I love this colour.

Basically you see white every day.

25 Dark Grey

It's like chill and relaxing. And it's the color of the moon which is my favorite thing ever. BEAUTIFUL.

Now this is a colour.

Its just a calm cosy colour... Make's me feel a bit disapointed though... o.o

it's a really nice color

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