Top 10 Most Beautiful Colors

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1 Purple

Purple. Purple is my favorite color of all time, it makes me feel wonderful and I cannot explain it. I absolutely adore this color, and it is an extremely spectacular color.

The first time I saw purple I was so happy it's such a pretty colour and I don't know if it's something that like it was in the dark and can we write to people and people is really settled and is amazing. That's why I really like the colour purple when you put purple dressing, open the best person in the room with the purple thing that's why a lot of all

I think purple is the best colour because it has this look that reminds me how cool it is, I like pink but I think there's too much of that colour I see it everyday so I think it's starting to get kinda boring no offence to anyone that loves the colour it's just my opinion.But purple should have more likes because it definitely has lots of emotion to it, by that I mean look on google there's so many things it represents and pink has only some things that it represents like the obvious one love.

I really love purple so much! they are part of rainbows I think violets are purple and I really love how it is in 1st place so much it's such good color it's a loyal color like from any other fandom or game or youtuber they are purple! a very aesthetic color. it may be for foods and something yummy I like it so much! agree to me if you want :3

2 Blue

Blue is simply spectacular. Any shade of this color is pleasant, since light colors give a calm and serene vibe, while dark colors show a strong mood. This incredible color has a safe and relaxing feeling, making it insane that a color so commonly associated with sadness, can bring so much joy.

This is the most beautiful color I've ever liked. The one reason that brings me into voting this is because it's the color of the oceans the seas and the sky It also covered half in the center of the earth.

This could also be used in different items/things

It can be the color of your shirt your hat or even your jacket. This is precisely the best color.

Blue is such a calming colour like the ocean or the sky. And before you start attacking me I know it's not blue! It looks blue just let me have this! Anyway blue is just so beautiful and peaceful and though it is common the and people get tired of seeing it the world would never be the same with out it

I love blue it's been my favorite color since I can remember! everyone makes fun of me telling me that blue is a boy color like pink or purple. but to me blue is a mysterious sad color and I would give anything for anyone to understand that blue is such a beautiful color!

3 Red

I used to like red before now I like yellow but all the time am trying to see something red my mind says ooh cute! I love how it looks like it expresses a lot of emotions. Blue is basically people saying "the sky is blue pretty. The ocean is blue pretty." guess what IT'S NOT BLUE I honestly feel ashamed of the people who say that red is ugly I only started liking yellow because I started using it a lot so thank you for the people who voted for red, red can even express right now how you feel of jealous because we're calling blue ugly

Red is a color that represents many things. Love, a thing that is very beautiful to many, think of red and surely you will think of love. Anger a thing that is also a thought brought to mind when you look at the color red. Red is a powerful color and should not be put in second place because of blue. (Also if you look at blues comments they all sound like 6 yearolds compared to the comments in red, red people are true intellectuals)

Red is my favourite colour. I don't think I could even vote for anything else!
Reason I like it is because it's the colour of blood, and, you know, I love blood. Except for when there's too much like at that accident I had at Drayton Manor...

Red is my number one color with just the perfect structure. I don't know why but it's a cool and normal color that represents me and my personality cool and normal.

4 Pink

Pink. A lot of people don't like this color, and I cannot get why. This color is beautiful and vibrant, and it's so fun and nice. It also is elegant, and there is many different shades.

I think Pink is a nice bright colour.However it can be festive on cakes or on Birthday parties and 90% girls when they were young love this colour! I love this colour because it can be beautiful in any shade of Pink and it will look amazing on your school supplies and backpacks, PE, Waterbottles and much more.

Pink is a very nice colour. When I see pink, I think about cuteness and sweetness. It's a well known girly colour but I don't care if it was a boyish colour. I would still love this colour sooo much. Pink is my sixth favorite colour.

I can't see why this colour wasn't first. It is such a happy, bright colour and it is so pretty. It reminds me of beautiful Flowers, butterflies and particularly Blossom trees. LOVE PINK!

5 Cyan

Cyan is absolutely amazing. Cyan is my second favorite color after green. The only reason though is because I never saw true cyan. Cyan is amazing but when you look at true cyan you have to say wow. It's amazing! I feel like it should be higher on the list but thank you everyone for voting.

Cyan, the color of the Arctic, the color of ice, and the color of tomorrow. It's so beautiful. When someone looks at it, they instantly feel 80% better. I love it. It has been a favorite since 2nd grade, that's four years.
-Jacob :)

Cyan is honestly the best color ever, I title it, "The Cooler Blue". Its bright, flourescent texture is very awesome. I used to like blue, but later, I realized that blue was too common of a color, so I picked Cyan as my favorite instead. I always love playing as Cyan in Among Us.

Cyan is the best color ever. It's so bright and nice. A lot of people like it. It's like a brighter blue. Cyan is an icy nice color. Cyan is not really popular, but it's one of the worlds favorite Colors. Cyan is the number one color.

6 Green

I love green. When I look at green it feels like I'm surrounded by nature. It has such a good meaning to it and really is just beautiful.

Green is just amazing. I don't like shades of green that are, like, puke coloured or too bright. I think of green as a calm, peaceful colour. I love the shade of green on leaves when they're in the sunlight. Just wonderful. Green makes me think of peace because grass is green, and when is grass NOT peaceful? I just love green.

Green is so beautiful, it is one of the main four colors...and the only one that's not a primary color! It is on every plant and so many birds...God must love green, too. Great green, Gracious Green, Godly Green, Gorgeous Green, Ghostly Green, Groovy Green, Garden Green, Gallant Green,'s a wonderful color.

Green is the best color because 1) green is most snakes and I LOVE snakes and 2) it is the color of grass and leaves which help us survive.

7 Yellow

Yellow. Just so pretty. It makes me think of that song Happy by Pharrell Williams, and we all know that song is HAPPY! Get it? Song's called Happy... It's happy, you know what, you get it. Jokes are never funny when you explain them, right? Yeah. Back to the colour. It's also the colour of the sun! Who doesn't love sunny days? That's... Kinda all I have to say. I LOVE YELLOOOOW!

Honestly yellow is just such a beautiful, bright colour and it looks got on everyone. It is just so aesthetic, definitely my favourite colour, puts a smile on my face anytime!

It's a great color for aesthetics I make. It also is very pretty and aesthetic with black which I wear black a lot so I probably will start wearing yellow a lot too.

Yellow should DEFINITELY be higher up on this list! It is one of my FAVOURITE colours! It just makes you want to smile and hop up and down! All and all a very pretty colour! :P

8 Gold

Gold is a rich type of yellow that brings wealth towards everyone.

I think gold is a fascinating color as it is my personal favorite!

Love gold. This sample isn't very gold but it's STILL pretty.

This sample is a bad type of gold, but I still love gold!

9 Black

Sexiest color of all time. Some idiots don't understand the beauty beyond it. Only cowards find it scary. Everything in black look so mysterious and sexy. Humans with black hair and eyes with pale skin are the hottest.

I like black. It is mysterious, dark, sexy at the same time. It is a soothing colour. I don't know why, But black just has a different type of appeal. I mean blue is everyone's favourite but black is for intellectual people.

Black goes with everything, it is always good for the tone. There isn't a color that looks bad with it. As a fashion and design major I always find it important to have black fabric, and it always makes this look good.

This is my all time favorite color I don't know why I guess it's just because it seems calmer than the other colors. It's also like a break from the bright colors that might hurt your eyes.

10 Aqua

Aqua is so beautiful and vibrant. I actually thought of painting my room aqua for a time but decided to keep the color it is. When I see aqua my mind bolts with ideas. I loooove aqua and feel it should be higher

Aqua is sooo nice. It's almost identical to cyan, which is my favorite colour, except it has more green and cyan is more bright. Also, it reminds me of turquoise, except turquoise is a bit more dull. Aqua is my second favorite colour.

The IMPROVED version of green and blue. Such a tropical colour. The ocean is beautiful when it is an aqua colour - I want to swim in it straight away.

Seagreen/Aqua is beautiful in every way. Green and blue have always been a little too bright for me but this is perfect. It reminds me of the coral settling under the ocean

The Contenders
11 Silver

It is one of the rare eye colours and is very mystically beautiful. I think the only reason why people don't say it's attractive is because they don't normally see it.

Silver is the colour of the moon, the side which I have been on since the beginning of time.

Silver, a beautiful shining star. THe most shining color.

Silver is very pretty and plain. It's very minimalist and versatile. I love it

12 Orange

Orange makes me feel confident and I believe it is the most beautiful color I'm sure it is.

It's a bright beautiful rich colour

Moods me up and my favorite are green and orange!

The colour of the Dragon Balls and also of Goku's Turtle Hermit gi!

That picture looks more yellow than orange to me...not sure whether that's just me or not

13 Midnight Blue

Okay peeps look at this colour it is so mysterious like it holds the worlds secrets in it. It's like a colour you know you can trust. Like the night sky as you whisper your secrets in it before you go to sleep.

Midnight blue is very nice. It's just like navy blue. Usually I would see a difference in between them but I think they're the same colour with different names. Midnight blue is my tenth favorite colour.

I like midnight Blue because every time I see this colour it reminds me of the stars and it looks like a wonderful night to celebrate parties! It also reminds me of SPACE!

A colour that truly holds all the wonder of the night sky, it is very similar to indigo.

14 Lavender

When I look at the colour lavender, I think if the flower called lavender with the soothing sent. Lavender is like light purple with more blue. This colour is my third favorite colour.

Lavender is my favorite color because it's so versatile. You can use it for so many things and it is very pleasing to the eye. Lavender is also my favorite flower so it makes it even prettier in my eyes

I love lavender. It's just such a beautiful and calm colour. In my mind, lavender represents calmness and wisdom.

Lavender is just like purple but lighter,I think this colour is beautiful just look at the smoothness of it when you put it between other colours.

15 Blood Red

It's a cool shade of red that reminds me of fear.

Looks like it could be used in a horror movie.

Ahhhh yes blood red is used for gory speed paints and is a colour that I think would look great in horror movies!

I'm on my period

16 Scarlet

Scarlet isn't too bright but its not too dull, its just in the middle which makes it a good color. Like reddish-orange but lighter, it calms me.

Yes. It is beautiful, rich, and deep. It is a color that many find beautiful.

Just a red and orange mix. Don't like red but this color is beautiful

Even the name is beautiful, isn't it?

17 Violet

Violet is absolutely beautiful. I cannot explain how magical this color is to me. It is my favorite color of all time, and it is so magnificent. I look at it and I feel so much better. This is a spectacular color, and I cannot put it into words.

Okay violet is basically a shade of purple and purple is my favourite colour. This colour deserves respect it I wouldn't call it gorgeous not because it isn't it just doesn't seem to be the right word it reminds me of lavender. But in stead of hypnotizing me it almost seems like a trusting friend.

Violet is amazing! A sibling to lavender, violet is purple but more light with more blue. The only difference (that I noticed) with lavender, is that violet is more dark than lavender. Violet is my fifth favorite colour.

Violet makes me feel comfy, safe, alive, home, and it kind of brightens the mood for me sometimes. Have a great day for whoever sees this

18 Amber

Amber is one of my most favourite colors. It must be higher on the list.

Amber is for geology but still kinda looks like gold.

Amber is just awesome. Fight me.

I really liked this one!

19 Indigo

Indigo is such a nice color. Its close to my favorite colors (basically a bunch of different shades of purple), and its beautiful.

This colour is so dark and deep I really like it. It's very similar to midnight blue and like midnight blue it holds all the secrets. Something about it being so dark is very calming.

Indigo is a very fancy colour. It reminds me of midnight. It's a very close colour to midnight blue, except indigo contains more purple. Indigo is my seventh favorite colour.

A colour that holds all the wonder of a night sky full of stars, it truly embodies the beauty of the universe.

20 Turquoise

Turquoise is something I can feel the salt and sea water blowing off of, so fresh and awesome. Beach vibes all around.

Turquoise is such a pretty colour. The sea when it is clear looks like this colour and it is ever so lovely.

Turquoise is sooo cool. It reminds me of the ocean I'm tropical places. Turquoise is definitely my eighth favorite colour.

My third favorite color (after Aqua and Cyan), Turquoise is a very bright color and makes me happy!

21 Magenta

Magenta is just like pink with a touch of purple. Magenta reminds me of certain flowers and of late spring. This colour is my fourth favorite colour.

Magenta is the best color ever, it doesn't make me think of piss kink at all unlike yellow.

Magenta is actually very nice, I'm not exactly a big fan of it but its sweet.

I love it! It has that settle combination of a pink and purple.

22 Viridian Green

This is my favourite colour. It just reminds me of some of the plants in Australia. Some people don't like it because they think it looks gross but I see colours allot different from most people.

And finally Viridian Green, my fourth favorite color (after Turquoise, Aqua, and Cyan) this is one of the best shades of green! The second best shade of green in my opinion is Lime!

Viridian Green is the best color ever, it doesn't make me think of piss kink at all unlike yellow.

This color is very calm but cool at the same time it should be very nice to most people.

23 Ruby Red

Ruby Red is so captivating and pretty, and I love how sweet it looks. Like a super pretty cherry? I don't know. I just love it.

There's just something about this shade of red that I can't take my eyes off of.

I love it. I'm not a big fan of red-- I think its okay, but warm reds are so pretty.

24 Maroon

Maroon is so elegant that who can say no to it! I love it! My friends and I used to draw pretty designs on each other's hands with gel pens, and one of my 2 friends I did it with had dark skin. I decided to use a glittery maroon on her hand and it was so beautiful that she kept it on for the rest of the day. In short, LOVE IT.

In my opinion Maroon is one of the prettiest colors and it's also one of my favorite colors.

It's my all time favorite color it holds so much meaning to anyone who stares at it.

I think Maroon is one of my favorite colors. Such a pretty shade.

25 White

My favorite color, its simple but beautiful. It's like a bitter color, if white was a person, I think they be beautiful, but, they'd be cold, unkind but at the same time sweet and quiet. Anyway, I love this color along with black and silver!

White is so smooth and plain. I love it. It can be used for so many different things. It goes with everything, too.

It is the opposite of black so it has opposite meanings.

This color shows the purity of life an brings a light.

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