Top 10 Best Eye Colors

These are the most beautiful eye colors of all time.
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1 Green

What I wouldn't give to have green eyes. they can be so unique. My friend has gray-green eyes except she has a hint of bronze near her pupil and blueish rings at the edges.

Ok so I like green eyes but lot of of the comments saying they have green eye don't if they change between green and blue they are not green, if they are neon green they are not green, if they are emerald green they are not green all of those are hazel because hazel eyes have many combinations. True green are green with a ring of brown around the pupil now if you have that ring but your eyes change shades of green then they are still a true green as long as it keep that ring. True green eyes are very lovely and are why green eyes are so rare my friend loves my true green eye and was confused by the ring of brown but I explained it to her

2 Blue

I have blue eyes, and I love them. I get compliments on them a lot. I just feel like I've met so many other people with blue eyes that are so creative and outgoing, totally confident and unafraid of what might happen to them.

My eyes are blue-blue, as my mother says, all of my family has Blue eyes. The colors range from slate blue, ocean blue and sky blue. I wish, like my cousin my eyes changed from grey to blue but unfortunately they are blue-blue. But I think that blue eyes are the prettiest. Blue eyes make up 8% of the world, by the way.

3 Hazel

My best friend has hazel eyes and I always say "Omg, your eyes are so gorgeous!", because they ARE! They're so rare, and people with hazel eyes always have seemed outgoing and self-confident to me. Also, this friend is one of my best, nicest, and least toxic friends I have.

I have hazel eyes and I like them. They're not the best eye color but not the worst. It's sad that they aren't considered heterochromia though considering they share the same traits....

My best friends eyes are hazel and they're gorgeous. They're really interesting actually, the very outer ring is like a very dark greenish-blue, the centre (which makes up most of the colouring) is green with little strings of brown and the very centre - right around the pupil - is a honey-brown sort of colour. The brown and green sort of fade into each other and some days the green will be more prominent and others it will be the brown. She's also got a few little freckles in the green.

4 Brown

I love brown eyes, I used to be so insecure about my eyes and hate them. I would always wish for blue eyes but now I actually think blue eyes are ugly, ironic isn't it? I have brown eyes and when sunlight hits my eyes they turn gold and sparkle. Everyone overlooks brown eyes because they're "plain" or "common" but there's actually so much beauty in them if you look at them closely. They are very underrated and in my opinion the prettiest eye color as well as green.

Hands down brown is the best, not by looks but by personality. Reading the comments on the list I saw too many narrowminded and biased opinions.
--Unless you have neon green, green looks like mud. Not "beautiful" or "rare".
--Blue eyes are nice if vibrant. Just... not as rich and mysterious.
--Grey eyes are to die for, but I've never actually met a person with grey eyes.
--I don't think violet exists...
--Again, like the grey, never saw a black-eyed person. When I searched it up I found some rather disturbing pics obnoxiously put there. But, because of Severus Snape, I give this color a high rating!
--Last for best, don't you say? Brown may be common, but I'm proud of my eyes. Enchanting and darkish, the light colors can be cute but these are more mature.

5 Gray

I have grey eyes, but quite frankly I dislike them. They're like a light bluish/greyish mix... I remember my friend saying, "Woah! I never noticed how cool your eyes look, they're like... Ash! " I mean, ash? That means my eye color is connected to cigarettes, I'd much rather just have plain blue, thank you very much!

Gray eyes are definitely the most beautiful in my opinion, because gray eyes act as a mirror and reflect all the different colors around you. They also change colors very often, so you could have green eyes one day, hazel another, and sometimes they appear to be blue. They remind me of the ocean.

6 Violet

Violet-Blue eyes actually exist.
Because I'm such a Hamilton fan and my life is dead I found out Alexander Hamilton had violet-blue eyes and dark ginger hair so yeah

I have dark brown eyes and hair to match. Violet would be so pretty and purple is my favorite. colour! I kinda want one eye purple and the other dark brown. If I made a video game I could do that LOL! If you have violet eyes you are super lucky and very beautiful.

This is my eye color and I love it! Violet eyes should be number 1 because they are the prettiest and rarest!

7 Amber

Amber is such a pretty, deep golden-red color. I wish I had amber eyes--but I'm Korean, and I have brown eyes, which is to be expected. Any hopes of carrying a rare, iris-changing mutation in my genes has long since faded. *Sigh.*
Come on, guys. Amber is pretty cool.

I have amber eyes. I haven't seen anyone else with this color eyes. People say I am so lucky but I don't know I can fell very lucky about them and the. The next day I don't car, but since they are so rare I guess I'm lucky

My eyes are kinda hazel but they are yellowish brownish so I think they are amber. Hazel just means 2 mixed colors

8 Light Blue

My eyes are sorta between silver and blue. I get compliments about them all the time. I guess I was blessed with good looks.

Light blue and blue are basically the same thing except light blue is better

9 Honey Brown

I have honey brown eyes. And ma friends always. Ask me about this

10 Blue-Green

I had these eyes but they kinda changed.. I kinda miss them.

Blue-green eyes are so fierce and beautiful.

The Contenders
11 Black

Whatever idiots vote...
But still Black eyes are the best. They have a terrific mysterious but sexy look.
Black hair and black eyes with pale skin looks just killing my soul...
Go BLACK... They will rock every time.

I hate to break it to you, but no one in this world has black eyes and it is absolutely crazy to say you have seen someone with black eyes. Except for cartoon characters who almost always have black eyes

I love black eye color, they are so stunning and gorgeous. You could stare into them all day and sink deeper and deeper into the black ocean.

12 Golden

To me, they're the most captivating and bewitching of all eye colors.

13 Purple

Don't these only appear on albinos though?

14 Light Green

My friend with green eyes keeps bragging about them, which is SO annoying, okay. I have brown hair brown eyes (I'm half Asian, and my European dad has the same combo) and she's also blonde. I'd like this eye colour a LOT more if she could just stop talking about how rare and pretty they are, she thinks she's the prettiest and rarest person in the world and she's better than all of the brown-eyes people (we live in Japan so yeah). They *are* a really pretty colour so if you have them don't feel bad. Just my friend won't stop talking about hers (they're more grey than green anyway).

15 Red

This is the rarest eye colour. I've never actually seen someone with red eyes that is not fictional or is not from a screen. Red is a cool eye colour by the way. So cool!

I've never seen anyone with red eyes unless they are using contact lenses. Anyway, it would be amazing to see real red eyes.

Hannibal Lecter has supposedly got red eyes so why not just let this one number one eh?

16 Brown/Hazel
17 Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown eyes are one of the most enchanting eye colors. Yeah, they might not be the most rare, but honestly they look so much better than my puke green ones lol. The only reason it (and so many others) aren't higher is because there are already variations of it higher on the list.

I have cholcate brown eyes that are slowly turning lighter. I've always hated my eye color and have wanted blue instead since I want to look pretty

18 Aquamarine
19 Dark Brown

Dark Brown eyes are beautiful! I have Dark Brown eyes and I love them! One of the first compliments I get when I meet someone is your eyes are beautiful! I always catch people starring in my eyes! It's amazing!

I used to think that my eyes were black because of how dark they are and it was really hard to see the dark brown in them. But something about it is beautiful.

Dark brown is the best! Michael Jackson had dark brown eyes and in my opinion he had the most beautiful eyes in the world.

20 Turquoise

I have brown eyes and brown hair, I look very plain and I'm pretty jealous of people with unique features. I secretly love when people have two different eye colors, like one green and one blue, but blue is my second fave, and turquoise is my second favorite shade of blue.

21 Cyan
22 Dark Green

I have dark green eyes mixed with a honey color in the center towards the pupil and I absolutely love them! When I'm near light they shine so gorgeously, I love green eyes and how the change from a dark green to a bright green when I cry, or on happy days they are bluish/green and on sad days they are deep dark green. I used to have hazel which was a chestnut/dark green but as I got older they became a dark green. Love your green eyes, only 2% of people have them!

These are so beautiful and you can get lost in these eyes in seconds.

23 Blue-Gray-Green

This is an amazing eye color! It's what I have, too. It is a combination of three of the most beautiful eye colors. This eye color has so much meaning.

I have that eye colour and every time my face is red or something, my eyes glow really bright.

Yea, umm I really think this should be in the top five or more.

24 Ice Blue
25 Blue-Gray

This is my eye color and most people think I have grey eyes and just like a blend sorta

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