Top Ten Most Controversial Moments and Episodes from the Simpsons

The Top Ten

1 The Principal and the Pauper (Season 9)
2 Blame it on Lisa (Season 13)
3 There’s Something About Marrying (Season 16)
4 Bart vs Australia (Season 6)
5 Two Bad Neighbours (Season 7)

Homer beats up Bush Sr - RickyReeves

6 Homer's Phobia (Season 8)

Such a stupid and offensive episode it is super offensive to homosexuals should have never been made.

7 The Blackboard gag of 'The Squirt and The Whale'

South Park aired an episode which they showed Prophet Muhammad, which offended a lot of people, and the simpsons responded 'South Park" we’d stand beside you if we weren’t so scared’. - RickyReeves

8 Couch Gag of MONEYBART
9 Bart's Penis is shown on The Simpsons Movie

Strangely only in Europe. If you have the U.S. DVD, a black box with the words, "European Version Only." is seen in front of the area. - DLG

10 Lisa Goes Gaga (Full Episode)

Awww it's the people who hate Lady Gaga.

The Contenders

11 Homer gets raped by a Panda (Homer vs Dignity)

How can a panda rape?

12 Mypods and Boomsticks (Season 20)
13 Melted face Homer (Brother From The Same Planet)
14 Maude's death (Alone Again Natura-diddly)

How it happened, why it happened, did it really need to happen, and all that happened after

15 Lisa the Vegetarian (Season 7)
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