Best Motorcycle Brands of All Time


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1 Yamaha

Japanese Big 4 are so Huge Companies that you get the slightest difference between them. Especially Honda & Yamaha has the Most Sales. Kawasaki & Yamaha for Best Performance and Track Racing. Honda & Yamaha for Best Chassis. Suzuki for most affordable and cheapest of the Japanese. Now We can see Yamaha comes for Performance, Easiest Handling, Consumers Favourite and OFFCOURSE the YAMAHA Brand Image with all time star riders as brand Ambassadors (Valentino Rossi, Agostini, Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson & Jorge Lorenzo).

Right, the person who made this list is very intelligent, should add suzuki on 2nd position as they made hayabusa, fastest motorbike.

Yamaha and Honda give each other good competition, both are on top, in motorcycle manufacturing. The slight difference between the two is : Honda gives more miles per gallon and Yamaha gives more power per gallon. Thus I opt this performance and joy to ride quality factor of Yamaha over the better economy of Honda.

Yes Yamaha!

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2 Honda Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Honda, without a doubt, has the most reliable, and trail ready bikes of all time. Not to many people can compete with Honda's technology. They may not be "Race Ready" machines, but they sure as hell will get you home when the others are broke down.

No other motorcycle company can compete with Honda's technology. That's why they manufacture reliable automobiles, trucks, planes, and small engines. Who else can say that?

It a awesome strong motorbike brand

Honda is honda

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3 Ducati

Italians knows how to make fast things like Ferrari or Lamborghini - Ducati is the perfect example of joy on wheels

The Ferrari of Motorcycles.

Italians do it better! Everybody knows Italian quality and engineering are top notch. Sure, Japanese bikes are good... But nowhere near as good as Ducati.

I have ridden many motorcycles in my 52 years of riding and ten years of being a motor cycle mechanic. No other machine has impressed me like the Ducati multi strada.

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4 Kawasaki

Eco bushman 150cc is most reliable as it is Chinese better than makes like Honda

I like the ninja series, fast and have a good chassis, good job kawasaki...

Great engines, very reliable.

There's too many innovations, awards, for performance, styling and technological break throughs that have been accomplished by KHI to not be considered in the top 3 of this list. let's not forget how many times Kaw has held the crown as fastest bikes in the world. And how many absolutely legendary bikes have been made by Kaw...Z1, Kz1000, Concours10 Concours14, Zx10, Zx12, Zx14, H2, the widow maker, Gpz900 just to name a few...

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5 Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson


Harley Davidson is everybody's #1 favorite American legend bike company for everybody who wants to ride for the freedom of the open road, I love you so much Harley Davidson and Harley Davidson has the absolute best 20th-21st century history, they make great motorcycles and they are better than any other bike company and Harley Davidson is making everybody having more fun riding and riding Harley's is more fun and more cruising riding on the highway than other bike companies but I want to fall in love with a Harley motorcycle that I always dream of since when I was 11 about 3 years ago and I wanted to ride in Harley gear to the freedom of the open road, HARLEY DavidSON IS AWESOME, THEY ARE A LOT BETTER THAN OTHERS

Most people do not understand what brand means. It has nothing to do with the bike at all. All bikes are made of the same stuff. The brand is the logo and name it carries. I voted for the Harley brand because even 5 year old kids know the name "Harley". I don't own a Harley but people who don't know anything about motorcycles know the Harley name (Brand Winner)

No other bike manufacturer puts as much into everything that surrounds the ride itself. The rallies, the showrooms, the open days, BBQ's, bands. The clothing range is exceptional. No other brand can come close to the Harley experience. I've had Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW over the years and altho they were all great bikes I always dreamed of owning a Harley since I was a teenager. Now I have one its everything I ever dreamed off.

Should be closer to the bottom

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6 BMW BMW BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke in German, or Bavarian Motor Works in English) is a German multinational company which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945.

BMW makes awesome cars, as well as awesome bikes. The revving of the bikes are so powerful, and so is their speed. Plus those bikes look extremely cool. Wish I could have one.

Bullet proof bikes! Made to last and easy to repair! I have had may bikes over my life and BMW is by far the most reliable and well engineered. If you are looking for reliable and problem free BMW is the wise choice. Buying a motorcycle is a personal choice based on many factors but if you can only afford one bike you have to make the right call that you have to live with. It always comes down to Image vs. Reliability but whatever you ride you are respected for having the Balls to Ride it! IMBK

You cannot talk about a fun bike to ride without talking about BMW, they make feel like you are on the top of motorcycle engineering. They make the thing that you wouldn't think is possible like squeezing more and more power out of their bike and comfort and luxury on two wheels

This must be 1

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7 Suzuki Suzuki

They make bikes in a special manner. almost like harley Davidson in the sense that, you don't know what the hype is all about until you ride one. and they are very emotional motorcycles, carries a heart somewhere in there...

I have owned two street bikes both Suzuki. I love my M90. I will own nothing but Suzuki.

They have a great factory. Their fabrication it's great an rarely the bike breaks. The off road bikes has got a exceptional balance with the enginye and the chassis.

It is awsomse!

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8 Aprilia

Fastest bikes for people that knows how to ride a bike
By the way the hayabusa is not the fastest bike in the world, ever heard about Desmosedici or tomahawk

In my opinion, Aprilia have the best naked bikes in the world (shiver 750 ), this bike is full of power and passion.

Best quality, performance, and styling... All for a reasonable price.

Great bike a lot of Americans just don't know enough about!

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9 Triumph Triumph Triumph is a Canadian hard rock power trio that was popular in the late 1970s through the 1980s. Between the band's 16 albums and DVDs, Triumph has received 18 gold and 9 platinum awards in Canada and the United States.

Just take a look at the street triple

Best made bikes in the world

They're pretty decent, although its a bit rare to see people zipping down the highway on them. Then again imported bikes will never beat american classics in terms of availability and popularity in america. (i own a yamaha vstar so I'm not one to talk, but correct me if I'm wrong)


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10 KTM

Ktm is the best motorbike brand there bikes are much better than hondas they should be a close second to yamaha

KTM is the fastest growing brand in America and among the top worldwide. They currently sell more dirt bikes than Honda and Yamaha combined and are starting to eat their market share on the road. They have the most advanced motorcycle stability system in the world. The best bikes. Period.

Innovation is their middle name. Yet they retain their immaculate quality.


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The Contenders

11 MV Agusta

Hands down the most phenomenal machine I have ever ridden. The beauty, the engineering, and innovation are world class. You really feel like your driving an exotic machine, the sound and power of the bike is enough to make you drool...and the looks of the bike is an entire story of its own. I ride an MV Agusta almost everyday to work and I still get chills down my spine every time I twist the throttle and hear the exhaust rumble with all its glory!

Most beautiful, fastest and legendry bike maker. It will take some time to grow its image again but sooner it will be no. 1...

Ferrari of motorcycles, great grand prix records.. Most beautiful bikes. And all of that its " Art Of Motorcycle" man.

In my opinion this is the best company for bikes in the world

Simply "motorcycle art".

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12 Bajaj

It's not only the product that they make but also the price at which they offer matters - so that enthusiasts can go for their bikes. Pulsar 220 is their best bike!

One of the best motorcycle made by bajaj is the Pulsar/Rouser 135 ls for its power, speed and best of all Technology ( 4V DTS-i, TRICS I,

I've been using a Bajaj for 6 years, and it's quite reliable! Especially the twin spark technology rocks! Although the bikes need some love and a lot of attention to run a long life, but I can live with it as long as it gives me more power and mileage per gallon!

Awesome bike manufacturer company

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13 Royal Enfield

Of course this is the best brand for manufacturing touring motorcycles in india they are like harley davidson in india... But wait enfield will also introduce 700 cc-1000 cc segment which will compete against harley... Enfield bikes are build in a way to run for many years... There is no doubt that enfield is the best and oldest survivng motorcycle brand (1890 I think)... Love you re

I guess Because of Indian brand, it was placed in 13. It is not a bike, the machine. Boys rides bike but men rides Enfield. you can feel your soul and heart. World war history can tell you about this machine. Love it...ride it...ride ride ride...

This is the best brand in India...

The oldest bike manufacturing company in the world in continuous production.It's not a Bike it's a machine, the best buke a man can get.

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14 Hyosung

I recently bought 250 cruiser. It is a great bike. Good for 1st time owner. Looks bigger then some models of Harley it is great value for money.

Best bike and very cheap

Hyosung are excellent reliable bikes. people who say otherwise have never owned one. I've owned mine for the past 16 months and not had a single problem with it. Plus it Looks amazing

I have seen many bikes...Hyosung Aquila 650 pro is something very sexy, mascular, comfortable and value for money. It is complete package for the intelligent customer. - ManishAgar

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15 Hero

Hero honda earlier bikes are really awesome

Hero is the best bike in quality, fuel economy, lowest price

It is the biggest manufacturer I think this site needs more indian voters

Super Bikes

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16 TVS

Apache is the best bike ever made by an Indian manufacturer. Especially the 2012 upgrade, which made it even better

I own a TVS star city bike. The product is too good. I had a good experience in price and class. Even after 5 years of the product I took, the performance of the bike is awesome.

TVS ROCK Z 125 much better

Perfect bike tvs radeon, star city plus, tvs jupiter, tvs xl 100 and most wanted bike tvs apache rtr

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17 Indian

I love my Indian, greatest bike I have ever owned. Everyday when I am riding people pay it complements.

Indian Chief and Kawasaki Drifter are the coolest bikes ever made. The style, body lines, and flowing fenders are over the top compared to any factory made bike.

Finest bike I have ever ridden. Thank you Polaris for their resurrection in classic style and modern technology! Way better than my Honda

Good bikes

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18 Benelli

Made some of the best looking motorcycles ever

I love this brand the most...very beautiful Italian design turned up with best trellis frames...awesome performance and build quality...when u ride it you trust bike blindly...great handling also with super comfort...and when u roam around the streets or the highway, you'll definitely get to turn up to see which bike was that!...also I admit prices are heavy but trust me!...this thing is worth the price!

One of the oldest motorcycle brand in the world and it's a good looking motorcycle with affordable price...

Feeling good sound

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19 Moto Guzzi

Oh, where do I start with Guzzi? The layout? The ease of maintenance? The reliability? The surprisingly low cost of buying, owning & running one of these things? All this despite being 100% made in Italy? Yep, I'm a Guzzisti alright. I have long loved Moto Guzzi & wanted one ever since I first saw one. So you can imagine the joy when I finally bought a Guzzi - a 2002 Nevada. Sure, it's not the quickest, but it's got plenty of torque, sounds awesome, goes off road without issue, the geunuine parts are much cheaper than aftermarket on a honda, & it's tough, too. In an accident that would've totalled most Japanese bikes (& they're great bikes, don't get me wrong), this thing needed a spark plug, spark cap, & a blinker lens (blinker itself still works). Was still running the whole time. The only thing I can fault is it's lack of power, but hey, you can't have it all


Pure coolness and style and so different

Style, easy to maintain. Chep parts, great access to the mechanic.

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20 Norton

If Norton is home to Lotus it's great!

Superb unique bike- wow!

Cool! Norton's rule.

You are bad

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21 Mahindra

Awesome bike!
Unique features, great mileage, very comfortable bike.
I love mahindra centuro!

Mahindra is incoming brand...


22 Keeway

Very high quality motorcycle can compare to honda and yamaha..

Design And Comfortable just Awesome

It's Strong, Fast and Good quality motorcycles.

Not that way but keeway

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23 SYM Motors

Reliable bikes, the performance it looks like honda and the best seller and number 1 in Taiwan scooter and motorcycles. that's why I own one sym bonus 110.

The sym it's so powerful its looks like a honda I own one sym bonus 100

More strong and reliable motorcycle

I own one [wolf classic 150].I must say it is an excellent bike.Good quality and cheap.Owning 16 japanese bikes before this little taiwanese.I know what I am talking about sym.They made parts for honda.Sym is honda in different name

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24 Lamborghini Lamborghini

I like Lamborghini cars but they should Change the style of their motorcycles and Have a stronger Motor. So I mean like a 1000cc Motor. :-)

I wish that I could get a Lamborghini

La Lamborghini goes so fast think its huidini


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25 Rusi

Dapat number tong RUSI more unit on the road eh

I love rusi rango style

Buy today, junk tomorrow...

Nasa gumagamit and itatagal ng motor.

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26 Victory Motorcycles

Best bike I have ever rode. Problem is, they aren't being made anymore, and weren't THAT well known to begin with. Love how smooth and fast this bike is on long trips. Victory Kingpin

I own a victory cross country and hands down its probably the most dependable best riding bike I've ever owned and I've had a lot of other bikes.

Why did they stop making these bikes? Way better than Indian and Harley. I have one and believe that it is TOPS. I sold my BMW for it and enjoy it thoroughly.

Own a legend before prices start rising!

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27 Buell

They are the coolest motorcycle on the planet. They should never have stopped making them.


28 Passion Pro
29 Lifan

Great bike in price to performance ratio.

I think best bike for Bangladesh

Lifan kpr 150 is good for performance.

I like lifan bikes, I have KPR 200
Performance great, value for money
Amazing bikes by lifan

30 Haojue

Haojue top 1 Chinese brand, manufacturer of haojue and suzuki

My weekend ride never had any problem

I like haojue

Very good

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31 Motorstar

Motorstar is the powerful motor in China manufacturer and it is strong and reliable motor so ihave own a motorstar well 110 it's so powerful and aggresive like honda

What a great motorcycle xplorer200r d best

Exclusive dealer of ZONGSHEN! The original and largest most successful motorcycle manufacturer in China! Cheapest Quality Motorcycle! Planning to acquire their new look explorer 200r, CBR look alike... ride your own big bike for only 59k! In pesos.. this would be my 4th acquired motorcycle manufactured by ZONGSHEN!

Magkano and unit ng MXS125-11?

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32 Walton

They are light and agile. Though they don't make powerful bikes. They are super affordable and their bikes have good power to weight ratio and in good hands so you can compete with other bikes.

Affordable motorcycles with good configurations

Value of money

Yes! it's a great bike makers. I used and enjoyed this

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33 Skygo

Skygo has proved you don't have to be one of the big four to succeed, Skygo put together a team of experts in the Motorcycle field went to China and picked the best parts, built their own assembly plant and have over one hundred dealers and service centers, they are outselling Honda and the other Japanese cycles here in the south Philippines, as far as business motorcycles, use in every day work they will last, the big four have lost 10% sales and the China Bikes have gained 20%

Skygo 125 and 150 just as good as Honda and outsell Honda for business bike in south Philippines

Skygo wizard 125 or 150 is the powerful model of skygo it is the equivalent of tmx 125 or 155 but skygo is 5th gear unlike honda 4th gear only and you can't get alow price of this pair

The best speed motorcycle. All parts are metallic

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34 Piaggio

The only scooter & motorcycle have a clubs around the world and finally they get together in Vespa world club

Vespa is one of most famous icon of the world

MP3 is a great scooter so are the Vespas. Shame their service and parts availability are so lacking in the US.

Vespa new PX is luxury

35 CF Moto


cool bikes

36 Ideal Jawa

The best 2 strokes bike

Super motorcycle

Very reliable two stroke bike

Best 2 stork bike

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37 CZ Moto
38 Racal Motors

Better than rising and euro

Low price at good for use

Jr 125 is fast

39 Kymco

Kymco agility city, good scooter for the money.

I have one and I never regret.

The best in terms of tire wheels & brakes!

Own new AK550 and absolutely love it, price, quality and pleasure to ride

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40 Puch

Very well-made, reliable and classy bikes

41 Demak

Demak skyline 200 own all cheapo bike

Demak is the best affordable motorcycle.100% trusted

Yay so proud we're better than cagiva


42 Can Am

Engineering motorbikes from a different perspective.

The best piece of enginerring ever

43 Megelli

New upcomming English motorcycle brand.


44 Bimota

Bimota is one of the best brand in motorcycles. All motorcycles are totally handcrafted. It's like Rolls Royals and Ferrari mixed together for motorcycle.

45 Dayun
46 Vyrus
47 Derbi
48 Racal

Best motor I use

49 Birmingham Small Arms

A thing of beauty

BSA - Proper English bikes. You can't argue that these were the best bikes of days gone by.

I'm glad they made Rifles,but more glad when they made working class bikes.As the Triumph's where a little out of reach in the 1950' to 1972.

We only bought BSA bikes, and were never disappointed in the early 50s. Werneth Proud!

50 Sokół

One of the oldest four stroke eastern european motorcycles

Polish hors 1000 cc loved and proud is biutty.

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