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Which commercial airplane or commercial aircraft model/family was best in every way possible, or how they revolutionized the aviation industry.
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1 Boeing 777

The Boeing 777 is the biggest single-floor aircraft with four engines. First introduced in 1994, it is a popular aircraft and is the sixth safest aircraft. Rating: 8/10

Technically, the most reliable aircraft in the skies for both passengers and airlines. Taking Emirates as an example, the 777 is the backbone of the company's success. Numerous records have been established by this plane, and its design is probably one of the prettiest so far. With the upcoming 777x, airlines have already placed record-breaking orders, which again shows how reliable this aircraft is. Overall, it is the best commercial airplane in the skies.

The Triple 7 is by far the best and safest commercial aircraft today! Its smooth ride and sheer size are best in class. The trouble is, airlines are jamming in too many seats. But with more complaints and consumers shopping for not just the price but also the type of aircraft, Air Canada is like a can of tuna on its new 787s.

2 Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 is also good. It is very popular. The business class is nice. It was the first plane to have two rows. Known as the queen of the skies. Rating: 8/10

How did the A380 get up here? I mean, they are saying it will be put out of production in 2020! The 747, by the way, has been flying for over 50 years. *Cough cough* The A380 is a failure and a waste of money. The amount of money wasted is over 20 billion dollars. Good job, Airbus. You gave yourself a bad name. Oh, over 2,500 of the 747 have been produced, which is a lot for a large plane, especially of this size. The 747 should be the king of the skies, not the queen, because it is the definition of moving forward in aviation as well as state-of-the-art technology. Oh yes, Airbus supporters, don't get angry about this. Oh yes, the A350 - *cough cough* - fake 787, disgraceful and rude. Don't get me started on how the A380 looks.

This must be the real jumbo jet! NOT THE A380! Because it is the real ruler of the skies. Boeing, keep up the good work! Boeing 747 is the best because, for me, this aircraft made history. This aircraft also played a big role in the jumbo jet monopoly. This great aircraft must be improved to rule the skies again once and for all. This is the greatest of the greatest! This is not a queen. This is a king of the skies! Boeing rules!

3 Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is enormous. It offers Private First Class and a comfy business class. It is the world's second safest aircraft and has a wingspan of 3 Boeing 737s. Rating: 9/10

This plane is the best and much better than the 747. If the 747 is the queen of the skies, then the A380 is the king of the skies. If Boeing supporters think that Airbus is copying Boeing, consider the A350 as an improvement over the 787. How many crashes and hull losses did the 747 have?

The Airbus A380 is an amazing aircraft. With its high-density passenger layout, it can carry up to 853 passengers. Not only that, the efficiency of this gentle giant is unmatched by any other. The Airbus A380 also boasts an array of high-tech equipment and avionics, making it, like all Airbus aircraft, safe, reliable, efficient, easy to fly, comfortable, and much more. The entire plane is a beautiful feat of engineering and design, and no other aircraft can compete with it. It takes an A380 to compete with an A380.

4 Concorde

The Concorde was a much better aircraft than its Soviet counterpart, the Tupolev Tu-144. Although the Tu-144 may have come out earlier than the Concorde, it was involved in numerous accidents due to design issues. This clearly showed that it had been rushed to beat the Concorde to the market and was generally considered a noisy and uncomfortable aircraft. The Concorde was involved in only one fatal crash, which was due to the aircraft running over a strip of metal that had fallen off a DC-10.

I wish they had just improved the technology, comfort, and fuel efficiency of this record-breaking beauty of an aircraft. It was one giant leap backward when taken out of service. I wonder if we will see such an aircraft in the near future, with all the technology we have.

Who could forget the Concorde? It was the first and last commercial aircraft to break the sound barrier. This meant that you could go from London to New York in around six hours or less, which is almost twice as fast as modern aircraft today.

5 Boeing 787

This aircraft has a modern interior. Very nice business class. But there is one disadvantage. It used to catch fire a lot. But now it is back. It's so quiet, with very good fuel efficiency. Rating: 9/10

The 787 is a plane not made out of aluminum, which means it's stronger and can carry more passengers and cargo. It can go farther than a 767 and 757, so it will replace those planes in the future. Overall, it is a better plane and will replace more aircraft. Despite its small size, the 787 can carry a lot of passengers, including first class. So it's small, but also big. It's a very good airplane.

Like the A350 (which came into service nearly a decade after this aircraft), what makes this plane unique is the high technology. Plus, unlike other aircraft, the 787 uses a lighter-weight material for the body of the plane, which is composite plastic, giving the plane less drag and more speed.

6 Boeing 737

The Boeing 737 is the second most popular plane in the world. One of its versions, the 737 MAX, is Boeing's most modern plane, but unfortunately, it is in suspension. The 737 is designed to fly higher than its predecessors. Rating: 9/10

I have literally flown on almost every series of this plane. It has come a very long way from the original 100/200 series. That flight was on a "Metro Jet". I remember the red livery like it was yesterday. Then, working for Southwest, I have flown on the 300 series, the 400 series, the 500 series, and of course, the 700 series. Recently, I flew on the 900 series. This plane has come a very, very long way, and none of my flights have resulted in fear or anxiety.

I get more worked up over having to fly on an Airbus A321. I've grown to appreciate the workhorse Boeing 737 series. It's the do-all of the short- to medium-range commercial jets.

The Boeing 737 has established the best safety record ratio for passenger miles flown. Since it was unveiled by United in 1968, it has been improved continuously over the last 45 years. Today, the 737-800 and beyond are the safest, strongest aircraft. Airbus is good, but "If it ain't Boeing, I'm not going!"

7 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

I can't believe this! This great jet should be in the top 3 because of its S-ducted, center-lined aft engine and horizontal flying stabilizer. It was the world's first aircraft to use carbon fiber in its rear spars! I know this because I was there, in buildings 175/146 at B-1 Burbank. To even come close to the smooth-flying L-1011, you would have to cross a DC-9 or Super 80 with a 727, but you would still be lacking in size, hands-free landings, and quality. Lockheed discontinued the jet because they were losing money on their "build it your way, no extra charge" motto. A man named Les once told me he was a former L-1011 salesman who was paid not to show up to airlines that wanted the jet!

It was way ahead of its time, with full Cat III Autoland capability. The cabin was the quietest until the arrival of the 777-200. Its AC system was the best in the business, and its cabin air exchange rate was every 15 minutes - again, not matched until the 777. Flight attendants loved the lower galley rest area. Pilots who flew it called it the best plane they had ever flown. Customers loved the wider seats and longer legroom. To top off all of this, it only had one hull loss that was attributed to a design or construction flaw, making it one of the safest commercial airliners ever built.

8 Airbus A330

The Airbus A330 is low cost, similar to the Airbus A320, but it has low noise and is versatile. The only problem is that some versions are very noisy. Rating: 8/10

Well, the ride quality isn't as good. However, the fuel efficiency is decent.

It's kind of loud, but spacious and not crammed. It's a beautiful bird.

9 Airbus A350

The Airbus A350 is the most innovative aircraft I have ever seen. It is the most modern aircraft. The plane has more seats than the Boeing 787. Rating: 10/10

This plane is truly the most modern plane on this list. While the Cseries is newer and still a nice plane, it has nothing on the mighty A350. Its size almost competes with the 777. It's more fuel-efficient than the 787. Its winglets, or "sharklets," are better than those on the 737. Its range is farther than the 747's. It's quieter than the 757. And it's sleeker than the 767. While it's just at the beginning of its career as a plane, this aircraft will soar above the competition.

The A350 is highly fuel-efficient yet, at the same time, seems to be the best at ultra-long-haul flights. The longest-range commercial aircraft is the A350ULR, which is used to serve the longest flight in the world: Newark-Singapore, with a total flight time of 18 hours and 30 minutes. The A350 so far has a perfect safety record. Not to mention how highly advanced this aircraft is.

10 Boeing 707

The Boeing 707 was the first widespread aircraft. It was very popular in the late 1960s. A very successful aircraft, it is still in military service. Rating: 6/10

Sleek and beautiful, the 707 is the granddaddy of all commercial Boeing jets. Despite being based on 1950s technology, the 300 series with its JT3D fanjets could fly for nearly 12 hours nonstop, at over 600 mph, and reach a ceiling of 42,000 feet. It's long forgotten but remains one of the most influential jets of all time.

God bless the 707! It is an immaculate aircraft and was an extreme advance in aviation technology. I love the engines - thank you, Pratt and Whitney JT3D!

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11 Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 is arguably the best cargo aircraft. It was the first plane to be equipped with a CAT III ILS system. Still in commercial service with Delta Airlines and United. Rating: 8/10

Okay, as a flight attendant, this was one of my favorite planes to fly on. It's not so big that it's ridiculous, but it's big enough and comfortable to work on, as well as to travel as a passenger. I don't think you'll find anyone who didn't like the 767, or the 76 as we called it. It's a great, safe, comfortable all-around aircraft. Loved it!

This is the most comfortable plane to fly. Designed by pilots for pilots, it's a great plane. Boeing should focus more on efficient engines instead of designing something new with so many problems. They should concentrate on making what is good even better and stop competing with Airbus for heaven's sake.

12 Airbus A320

I completely agree that many people here are mixing up the discussion and focusing only on where the plane was made. Anyway, I've been on the 747, 767, 737, 727, and 757. As for Airbus, I've flown on the 320, 330, 340, and 380. The 320 was my favorite for a number of reasons. However, what I find weird is that the 320 is ranked behind the 787 by several planes. I didn't see any Airbus sitting on the ground for four months!

The A320 is one of the greatest aircraft out there. Why else would there be more A320 sales than the 737NG? Most major airlines prefer it for short-haul flights. With its innovative ideas, it is a leader in aviation!

The Airbus A320 is affordable, with lots of safety features. It is a very reliable aircraft and is very fuel-efficient. Rating: 7/10

13 McDonnell Douglas DC-10

After all the kinks were worked out in the '70s, and despite initially deserving its bad reputation, the DC-10 became a favorite among flight attendants. We loved working on this plane, largely because we had a Lower Lobe Galley to retreat to. This provided us a break from the passengers and allowed for uninterrupted relaxation. Passengers also loved it because there was a large area in the back for stretching, and there were four bathrooms situated straight across the back of the plane. We miss you, "the 10," as we called it!

The DC-10 did have a bad reputation, but after the 1970s, it all seemed to clear away. The DC-10 may not have been one of the safest planes, but it was one of the most innovative, revolutionary, and beautiful airplanes ever built.

14 Boeing 727

I was a flight attendant, and we all loved flying the 727-200. Not so much the 727-100. It was awkward and discombobulated to work on. The 200 was safe, spacious, and you always felt secure.

My first jet flight was on a PSA 727-200 in 1970. I used the Airstairs to disembark at SAN.

15 Airbus A300

It looks decent and had an advanced cockpit for the time it flew. I'm trusting you about it being a K-Mart 767.

16 Boeing 757

The 757 is elegant in every way. It looks the way a commercial aircraft should look. Paired with Rolls-Royce engines, it has one of the highest thrust-to-weight ratios of any commercial aircraft.

The 757 is the most versatile (if not overpowered) commercial jet ever built. It should not have gone out of production. Essentially, it's a jack of all trades for routes up to 4,000 miles in length.

The 757 is a cool aircraft with a nice cockpit. I've been in it about 11 times, and I love the fast take-offs.

17 Douglas DC-3

A plane that changed everything and doesn't know what retirement is. Almost a century after her first flight, she just keeps flying for war and peace. Try to name any aircraft that could come near her in service record.

At one time, nearly every passenger airplane in the world was a DC-3. It did more to move commercial aviation forward than any other plane.

It's not the quickest nor the quietest, but it has charm and character. It's a truly cool plane and a thrill when you rarely see one.

18 Antonov An-225 Mriya

It's not that hard to build a big plane if you've got a lot of money.

19 Airbus A340

Other than being the only operating single-deck, quad-engine aircraft, the A340 is another plane where ultra-long-haul flights seem to be a major virtue. The A340-500 was the original plane for the Newark-Singapore route before the route was discontinued and then brought back with another aircraft called the A350ULR. One drawback is that, unlike the A350, the A340-500 can be fuel-inefficient. The older A340s can also be underpowered.

This aircraft has a pretty good safety record. The only major crash I remember was an Air France crash back in 2005, and that was due to nothing but pilot error and bad weather.

Unique layout and ability to go to any airport (that has a runway long enough) to any other airport in the world.

20 McDonnell Douglas MD-11

The DC-10's twin, the MD-11, is newer, nicer, and more modern, but not necessarily better. It frequently experienced electrical and video problems. Although it looked nice, most passengers were displeased because their video systems were inoperative on long flights, leading to numerous complaints. As a flight attendant, it was okay to work on, but it lacked a Lower Lobe Galley to escape to. Additionally, the MD-11 didn't offer as much stretching space for passengers compared to its older sister, the DC-10. This was due to the all-main-floor galley design, which took up cabin space unlike its predecessor. Not my favorite!

I like this plane, although I'm quite happy that they're retired and now serve only as cargo planes. The safety record is mediocre, around three stars, but the plane is still incredibly useful for cargo.

It's unfortunate that the MD-11 is only used as a freighter these days. I would love to fly onboard one. Just listen to the sound of the engines, and you'll understand how fascinating this plane is.

21 Airbus A321

If Boeing had a rival for this plane, it would be the 757.

22 Airbus A350 XWB

The A350 XWB is one of the most advanced aircraft. It is a great mix between fitting in with the rest of the Airbus family and leading with innovations. It's an aircraft of the future.

The A350 XWB is a technologically advanced twinjet that was meant to compete with the Boeing 787. This plane is unique in its own ways and is still an efficient, long-range, and comfortable aircraft.

It is an incredibly new plane with high-level technology. It is only one inch narrower than the 777 but five inches wider than the 787. The range of the -900ULR that comes out in 2018 will be able to fly the route from Sydney to London direct, as well as Singapore to Newark direct.

23 De Havilland Comet

I would like to recognize this aircraft as being the first ever to use jet engines. Its only fault (and the biggest one that doomed the aircraft) was its extremely thin skin and poor design, which were prone to metal fatigue. It was a tragedy. Two Comets were brought down by flying bombs. When the metal fatigue finally gave way, the aircraft ripped itself into pieces. This aircraft honestly could have done better, but by the time they improved the Comet, it was too late. Boeing had already introduced the 707, and the Comet slowly disappeared from aviation.

I flew many times as a passenger. The takeoff was powerful and the design was beautiful. I once heard it said that "this is the plane pilots would fly on their day off."

It's a shame this beautiful plane couldn't withstand the pressure of high altitude.

24 Bombardier CSeries

Bombardier is known for bringing good products to the market, and the CSeries aircraft is no exception. In fact, it's even better. Good recipes take time, and Bombardier made sure that before they put this aircraft into service, it would be the best in the sky. It will be profitable for airlines, and travelers will enjoy it. Now the question is, do airlines want to build their future with an aircraft of the 21st century or with 20-year-old upgraded models?

Probably the best plane on the market right now.

A beautiful, comfortable, and capable airplane.

25 Airbus A320neo

Very efficient. Small but has a very good flying range. New engines, wings, and more. A perfect small commercial airplane.

All you love about the A320 CEO but better. Outselling the 737 MAX for a reason!

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