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Which commercial airplane or commercial aircraft model/family was best in every way possible, or how they revolutionized the aviation industry.

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1 Boeing 777

Safest plane on earth

Range, speed, capacity, economics boeing never skimps on wing design allowing aircraft to directly to high cruising altitude

Massive ge90 engines

The 777 is the best best plane I've ever taken, especially the 300er

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2 Boeing 747

I think that the Boeing 747 is by far the best. The "Queen of the Skies", it changed avation. How did the A380 get on the List? It is such a waste on money via fuel and all. Why would you buy the A380? Boeing planes are very good.

Queen of the Skies! No other aircraft changed passenger aviation more than the 747. She will forever be #1.

The real QUEEN of the skies...The one and ONLY, B-747

How did the a380 get up here? I mean... they are saying they will be put out of production in 2020! the 747 by the way has been flying for over 50 years *cough cough* a380 is a failure and waste of money. (the amount of money wasted is over 20 billion dollars, good job airbus you gave yourself a bad name). Oh the 747 over 2500 have been produced (a lot for a large plane especially at this size). The 747 should be the king of the skies not the queen (because it is the definition of moving forward in aviation as well as state of the art technology). Oh yes Airbus supporters don't get angry about this... oh yes the A350 *cough cough* fake 787 disgraceful and rude. Do not get me started on how the a380 looks...

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3 Airbus A380

Most comfortable, most quiet, no major accident

Best and most comfortable aircraft ever to fly the skies!

Best plane

The Airbus A380 is an Amazing Aircaft, with it's high density passenger layout it could carry up to 853 passengers, not only that, the Efficiency of this Gentle Giant is not matched by any other. The Airbus A380 also boasts multiple arrays of high tech equipment and avionics making it as All Airbus aircraft are, Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Easy-to Fly, Comfortable and much more. The Entire Plane is a Beautiful Feat of Engineering and Design and no other aircraft can compete with it, It takes an A380 to Compete with an A380.

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4 Boeing 737

After the Apocalypse people will still be flying in 737s. Its safe, reliable and utilitarian. Its been flying for over 50 years with no end in site. Its not the fastest, the biggest, the most attractive or the most luxurious. Its just the best.

I have literally flown on almost every series of this plane. It has come a very long way from the original 100/200 series, that flight was on a "metro jet", I remember the red livery like it was yesterday, then working for southwest I have flown on the 300 series, the 400 series, the 500 series and of course the 700 series, recently I flew the 900 series and this plane has come a very very long way and none of my flights have resulted in fear or anxiety. I get more worked up over having to fly on an Airbus A321, I've grown to appreciate the work horse Boeing 737 series it's the do all of the short to medium range commercial jets.

This plane has been around in one form or another since nearly the beginning of the jet age. It's not as beautiful as some other airliners, but it's a proven workhorse! I love Boeing aircraft.

The Boeing 737 has established the best safety record ratio for passenger miles flown. Since it was unveiled by United in 1968 it has been improved continuously over the last 45 years. Today the 737-800 and beyond are the safest, strongest, aircraft. Airbus is good but..."If it ain't Boeing, I'm not going! "

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5 Concorde


Who could forget the Concorde, it was the first and last commercial aircraft to break the sound barrier. This meant that you could go from London to New York in around 6 hours or less that's almost twice as fast as modern aircraft today.

Wish they just improved technology, comfort and fuel efficiency on this record-breaking beauty of an aircraft. Twas one giant leap backwards when taken out of service. I wonder if we will see such an aircraft in the near future, with all the tech we have.

The delta wing icon that was the result of a collaboration between Britain and France. Fastest commercial plane to this day. The 747 that went on to beat Concorde in sales was the result of Concorde beating the Boeing 2707 to production.

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6 Boeing 787

This plane is overrated and dangerous! I love the 747, 757, 767, and 777 much more. They are way safer, and just looks better. And it is just unfair to be comparing that big trent 1000 plane to a little 757. come on guys!

It was one of the quietest planes I've ever flew on

The 787 is a plane not made out of aluminium, witch means it's stronger and can cary more passengers and cargo. It can go further then a 767 and 757, so it will replace those planes in the future. It is a better plane over all, and will replace more airplanes. While also being small, the 787 can cary a lot of passengers and can cary first class. So it's small, but yet big. It's a very good airplane.

Cutting edge Technology. Choose new electrical system compared to bleed air. Increased pressurized cabins. Airbus backed away from these concepts.

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7 Airbus A330

Best landings period.

This is a very efficent and comfortable aircraft, one of the smoothest landings I've ever had.

Very beautiful aircraft. - altariel

Fuel efficient, very quiet, very wide, and obciously the best aircraft ever.

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8 Douglas DC-3

10,630 DC-3 built. That alone says it all!

It's not the quickest nor the quietest, but it has charm and character. A truly cool plane and a thrill when you rarely see one.

A plane that change everything, and don't know what retirement is. Almost a century after her first flight, she just keep flying for war and peace. Try to name any aircraft that could come near her in service record.

At one time nearly every passenger airplane in the world was a DC3. It did more to move commercial aviation forward than any other plane.

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9 Boeing 767

Without a doubt the best I've flown. You have to get to the airport pretty late to have to fly in a middle seat.

This mid sized jet is one of the best planes I have ever flown on in my entire life. Although it was only a one hour flight from Melbourne to Sydney, I was able to notice how smooth the landing was, how quiet the engines were and how easy it was to move around the cabin.

Most comfortable plane to fly. Plane designed by pilots for pilots, great plane, Boeing had to work more on efficient engines instead of designing something new with such many problems. Concentrate in making what is good even better and stop the race with airbus for Gods sake...

Takes down buildings - Blazeitzane

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10 McDonnell Douglas DC-10

After all of the kinks were worked out in the 70's and it did get a bad rap, deservedly so.. I can bet you will never find a flight attendant who didn't love working the DC-10! We had a blast on that plane because we had the Lower Lobe galley to escape to, giving us a break from the passengers after our work was done and we took a short break.. It gave you a mind clearing relaxation break with out the annoying fear of being interrupted by a passenger while taking a break unlike all main floor galley planes! I just loved working down there too! Passengers loved it because of the large area in back to stretch out and 4 bathrooms straight across the back of the plane! We miss you "the 10" as we called it!

It was the first jumbo with less than 4 engines this was a great aircraft

The DC-10 did have a bad rep but after the 1970s it all seemed to clear away. The DC-10 may not have been one of the safest planes but it was one of the most innovative, revolutionary, and beautiful airplanes ever built.

Thank you for your cooperation

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? Airbus 350-1000

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11 Airbus A350

Very sexy plane

Just good

A 350 B 787 and A 220 the most advanced airplanes in the market.

Nice nose design.

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12 Boeing 727

Was a flight attendant and we all loved flying the 727-200 that is. The 727-100 not so much.. It was awkward and discombobulated working on it! The 200 was safe, spacious and you always felt safe!

My 1st jet flight was a PSA 727- 200 in 1970. I used the Airstairs to disembark at SAN

13 Airbus A320

Very good airplane, a pleasure to fly on. - altariel

A320 is number 1

It seems we are mixing things up a bit. Is this about planes or nations? A lot of them great craft in their day, but it seems that a 707 is better than an A330? 727 better than an E190? Its like saying that a P51 is better than an F16! In their time great! But because craft are made in another country does not mean that they are inferior!

I completely agree that many people here are mixing up this and are only focusing on where the plane was made. Anyway, I have been on a 747, 767, 737, 727, and 757. For airbus I have been on 320, 330, 340, and 380. The 320 was my favorite for a number of reasons... BUT, what I find weird is that the 320 is behind the 787 by several planes. I didn't see any Airbus sitting on the ground for four months!

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14 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

I have only flown on L-1011s a few times but it was always very nice-quiet and comfy. I have crossed the Pacific Japan-West Coast many times, usually in DC-10s which I disliked mostly because it lacked adequate overhead bin space. I flew SFO to Tokyo NRT once on an L-1011 and it was the best crossing I ever had. I rate it as my favorite plane.

I wish I could fly on one of these!

Rode the L-1011 twice in the 80s/90s on Delta and ATA. Loved the RB-211s and the living room feel. From all pilot accounts it had the best air conditioning system. It was ahead of its time in terms of technical advances and flight control. Of course, it's design was a cut above the rest.

A stellar aircraft. Bring it back, please!

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15 Boeing 757

Very useful to get to Hawaii from LA.

Shut up a321 lovers

Most versatile (if not overpowered) commercial jet ever built. Should not have gone out of production. Basically a jack of all trades on routes up to 4,000 miles in length.

Fantastic plane! Very smooth and as quick as a modern day 747 despite being over 20 years old.

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16 MD-11

I like this plane although I'm quite happy that they're retired and now only cargo planes because safety record: like 3 stars. It's still overly nifty for cargo.

DC-10 twin but top of the line newer, nicer more modern but NOT BETTER! Constant electrical problems, video problems looked nice but most passengers were displeased as their videos were no operative on long flights and lots of complaints! Was ok to work on as a flight attendant but no Lower Lobe Galley to escape to and the way they were set up not as much stretching space for passengers like its older sister the DC-10 as this was a all main floor galley plane taking up the space in the cabin unlike it's predecessor! Not my favorite!

This is is the coolest plane - hello2014

If I rated it 1/10 I would rate it a 12...

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17 Airbus A350 XWB

The A350 XWB is a technologically advanced twinjet which was meant to compete with the Boeing 787. This plane is unique in its own ways, and is still an efficient, long range, and comfortable aircraft

The A350 XWB is one of the most advanced aircraft, it is a great mix between fitting in with the rest of the Airbus family and leading with innovations. It's an aircraft of the future.

I've been to the Boeing plant and they said if it's not Boeing I'm not going

This just proves airbus is copying Boeing.

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18 Boeing 707

The Mighty 707. One of Bill Boeing's last directly influenced designs. Its smaller brother the 720 was good but not produced in large numbers.

The great great great grandfather of all the commercial Boeing jets! Started the American commercial jet age. Although no longer in service, 707 "look" hardly any different than todays commercial jets.. The 707 was at least as fast and had quite a long range (some 5000nm) for a narrow-body aircraft.
I loved the Boeing 707.

What a great workhorse!

Sleek, beautiful jet, the grand-daddy of all the commercial Boeing jets. 1950s technology yet the 300 series with its JT3D fanjets could fly for nearly 12 hours nonstop, over 600mph, at a ceiling of 42,000 feet. Long forgotton yet one of the most influential jet of all time!

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19 Piaggio P180 Avanti

Great plane!

I don't even know what this is.

I don't think that is even a plane


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20 Airbus A321

Air bus always better then Boeing they are more safer then Boeing I afraid to fly with Boeing airplanes

Agreed Airbus is way better


21 Bombardier CSeries

Beautiful dependable aircraft

Very quiet, smooth aircraft

A beautiful, comfortable and capable airplane. - altariel

Probably the best plane on the market right now.

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22 Airbus A320neo

Very efficient. Small but has a very good flying range. New engines,wings,... A perfect small commercial airplane.

All you love about the A320 CEO but better. Outselling the 737 MAX for a reason!

23 Embraer E-190

Very balanced for such a small plane.

I already rode this plane and in mine opinion it has an smoother landing than an Airbus 330.

This plane is one of my favourites as it has the best engine sound ever in my opinion. Also this plane can climb really fast for its engine power

24 De Havilland Comet

The beginning of it all...

Best plane everr!

I would like to recognize this aircraft as being the first ever aircraft to use jet engines. It's only fault (and biggest one that doomed the bird) was it's extremely thin skin, and poor design that was probed to attract metal fatigue. It was a tragedy.. Two comets brought down by a flying bomb. When the metal fatigue finally gave way, the aircraft ripped itself into pieces. This aircraft honestly could have done better, but by the time they improved the Comet, it was too late. Boeing had already made the 707 and the Comet slowly disappeared, out of aviation.

Shame this beautiful plane couldn't stand the pressure of high altitude

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25 McDonnell Douglas DC-11
26 Airbus A300

This was the K-MART version of the 767! As a flight attendant it actually was a nice plane to work on but we were always a little frighted of it! We flight attendants called it the "SCARE-BUS" and for good reason! Several incidents of very bad turbulence and the back of the plane was notorious for fish tailing and throwing us around like you dolls! I personally was thrown through the ceiling in the galley during turbulence smashing the galley lights with my head coming down on the ovens and ripping up my back! Blood all over badly injured and my coworker grabbed on the hand holder along the bottom of the overhead bins, ripping his shoulder out of the socket, screaming bloody murder in pain. Have had several back and neck surgeries since then all due to this plane! It was also made very cheaply and broke down allot as well! SAFE TO SAY NOT MY TOP RATED pick!

I understand your hate for this plane but your story is just absolute baloney.

It looks descant had an advanced cockpit for the time it flew and I'm trusting you about it being a K-Mart 767.

27 Boeing 777x
28 Dash 8 Q400

Great runway numbers, payload capacity, and efficient.

Very comfortable and quiet.

29 Vickers VC10

Been on the RAF vc10 many times, a lovely plane, you sat facing backwards as the raf said it is the safest way to fly, wish I could fly it today.

British bird with 4 RR engines across the rear. Prettiest passenger jet made-came along too late as a single isle to be commercially successful.


30 Embraer E-Jet Series

The E series don't feel like regional jets at all, but still have no middle seats. Also wider seats in coach is helpful.

Embraer E-170 up to E-195. Very safe and reliable modern jet. Smooth and comfortable.

31 Bombardier CS-300

Just for trying to break the duopoly of Airbus and Boeing gives this spot to Bombardier. While the actual plane may not be all that special (it does have some nice features though), it's the bravery of Bombardier with this plane to challenge Boeing and Airbus that makes this plane awesome. Image this possible future- riding on a double decker jumbo not made buy Airbus or Boeing, but instead Bombardier, Embraer, etc.!

32 Tupolev Tu-144

Sabotaged by the French

To be completely accurate, the fastest commercial jet EVER was actually the Tupolev tu 144. Poor thing. Disappeared into time.

Not just into time into the ground as well as smouldering metal

The tupelos was a 727 - HATOOTEH

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33 Airbus A319

A smaller version of the A320.

34 CRJ-700


35 Embraer 195

It's a very good plane, if your looking for something cheap.

36 Vickers Viscount

An elegant early turbo prop

37 de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver
38 BAe 146

Best selling British plane

39 Bombardier CRJ 1000
40 Short Sandringham

When travel was an adventure

41 Piper J-3 Cub
42 Embraer E145
43 Airbus A340

A very elegant airplane. One of the most beautiful ever built. - altariel

A better 707. I’d trust four engines over two any day. - vpitt5

It looks so graceful

Unique layout and ability to go to any airport (that has a runway long enough) to any other airport in the world.

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44 Boeing 797

People they might make it in 2020

It actually did exist 55 years ago but there is no such thing no due to bad safety and fuel tank not big enough to store enough fuel for a flight longer than 30 minutes

Why have we got this on her? It doesn't exist yet

This plane doesn't exist!

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45 Antonov An-225 Mriya

It's not that hard to build a big plane if you've got a lot of money

Its just a cargo plane no a big deal

Excellent Jet, Excellent loader

Biggest aircraft yet. Mwuhahaaha

46 Airbus A318

The smallest plane in the A320 family.

47 Boeing 737-MAX 8

It's out but not available yet

48 Lockheed Constellation Super Connie

It was really fast food a prop driven airplane, not as loud as even today's jets and it was reassuring to know how amazing the safety record is on one. Everything was fine especially with the glamour of air travel back then. When I flew on one, it was towards the end of its career though, but I'll never forget that amazing flght

49 ATL-98 Carvair
50 747-8i

It's a nice plane because its mixed with a 747 and 787

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