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1 Ferrari Ferrari

The best and glorious cars in history and present are by Ferrari.

Really deserves for pinnacle because the company provide 1st class features for THE PREMIUM CLASS...

Ferrari is simply the best... No other car in the world could reach near to Ferrari...

The first Ferrari was born as a race car. It was born the same year Formula 1 started and is the only car to be in F1 every year. It also has won it more times than any other manufacturer. Their road cars are obviously the envy of other manufacturers, and often copied. Their product line spans from sheer performance to more subdued road cars that are today drivable on a daily basis while still giving extraordinary performance. There is no other brand that comes close to the Ferrari name. The only flaw (as Enzo Ferrari stated) is that he regrets that it was most often the rich that could afford it and not the young... But this is probably true for most cars, considering the world population... I have owned three, and I don't mean to disrespect any other manufacturer, but for me it's either you drive a Ferrari or you don't. I would gladly pay the $30, 000, 000.00 for a 1963 Ferrari GTO if I had the money!

2 Lamborghini Lamborghini Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy.

Lamborghinis are pure awesome! The aventador is sixty years more advanced than any other car.

Lamborghini should be one of the top five best car company... Because they have a luxury, sexy, beautiful looking cars.. And also they have one of the best horse power... In history... Lamborghini is the best..

Lamborghini is the best forever. I like Lamborghini Gallardo, It is the best racing Car & stylish. It is not possible to drive this car in Pakistan, So sad ...

There cars are so exotic and gorgeous. - Aleca

3 Mercedes Mercedes

Excellent look and perfect car for business peoples... Extraordinary in design... I Love it

Perfect Style... Just grab it... Like it so much... Just need one more!

It's those guys who invented the car more than a century ago...
Mercedes... Not Comment needed...!

We'll for starters they built the first car. Mercedes builds the safest, most luxurious, high tech, stylish, elegant, sporty, cars on the road. They always have been #1 and they will continue to be. They started racing cars, crash tests, and much much more. They invented the air bag, navigation esp, blind spot, manny air bags, SOS call for help, 4 wheel drive and so much more. They created 98% of the safety features found in cars today and still the rest only have a few of them and their versions don't work as well. Their build quality is the best. I have a mercedes and nothing rattles squeaks or anything else like it. Their dealers are amazing and their service is exceptional. They have many layers of paint. Their glass is extremely thick and the seat material is thick and we'll stitched. The interiour a are the best. Super comfortable and super quiet. The styling of the interiour and exterior are beautiful. They have the coolest headlights. Even though mercedes is in mad production ...more

4 BMW BMW BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke in German, or Bavarian Motor Works in English) is a German multinational company which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945.

It is the best driving machine I have a bmw 335i M sport and it is awesome!

B.M.W. is my dream car I would like to drive from one model to another.. I'm in love with it.

I love my beemer, its so fun to drive and handles very well!

There are only two cars in the world.. BMW and others

5 Porsche Porsche

how it is in 8 position it's cars are the best I love 911-gt3 (-_-) if you also then vote!

Its the best, fastest, coolest, trendiest, lightest whatever you say its the best car company in the world. it should be no.1 its way better than the Italian Ferrari. it has all types of cars like the SUV, sports cars, classics and lets not forget the perfectly engineered hybrids. May this go to its deserving position i.e the 1st place!

A Porche is a beautiful classic that does more than people think - JonasStartsARiot

They do everything!

6 Ford Ford The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Ford is best. You get a great and powerful car that looks better than most for a great price! The Ford Mustang 06 is the one that beats all the rest.

Expeditions are twice as good as tahoes... Bigger, more comfortable, better at offroading, and it's cheaper

Can fight toe to toe with the Italian supercars when required to, just look at the original GT.

Super built cosy construction.

7 Bugatti

I just don't know why this best car is 15. it should be first forever

World top car and Most expensive one is BUGATTi VEYRON... Its
model is awesome and very most beautiful car...
No one can beat BUGATTI(THE KING OF CAR)

Bugatti! The world's fastest car it must be number 1 there is no ferrari and other car can destroy the engine of this car why it is not 1 but for me it is still the best and number 1 VEYRON!

Buggati is quite... overrated I would say. Most of the praise that it gets is just because of how fast it is. - Johnalove

8 Audi

Look is very nice in comparison to other cars,

It's better than ford it should be on no. 2 ford is nothing in front of Audi

Agreed with all-- Vorsprung durch Technik (Progress through Technology), correctly defines Audi.

Made to last.

9 Aston Martin Aston Martin

The Gentleman's Express. More exclusive than a Ferrari, more understated than a Lamborghini and more beautiful than either.
When you look at the most iconic cars in history, the DB5 is a contender for number one. When you look at the most beautiful cars, the DB7 and DB9 are regularly cited (including by Jeremy Clarkson).

its my dream to purchase though it is not in top 10

They're more than just a car, they're a work of art you can drive.

Aston Martin have produced the most consistent best looking fast cars of all time (Lagonda, DB5, DB7, DB9).

10 Jaguar

Jaguar is the one and only one cars give super safety and more power and very smooth drive and it must be the first rank holder in luxury cars. My one of the dream car.

Owned by Indian company Tata Motors is one of the best automobiles in the world.

It is a big cat, a feline in the Panthera genus, and is the only Panthera species found in the Americas. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

It is just super. Expensive but fantastic, comfortable & superfast. Jaguar always be on TOP 5.


The Contenders

11 Chevrolet Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.

My first car was a chevy trooper, and I very sad because my father sold it..
I love a Corvette ZR1 and a Chevy Camaro ZL1..

Sorry to hear that your father sold it Chevy Trooper. I think Chevy is best. - David39

Chevy is the best, I want Chevy to be the 3 best car company, I love Corvette stringer and ZR1, And I think Chevy is better than ford and B.M.W It has onstar service that's awesome and Chevy was founded in 1911 By Louis Chevrolet and General Motors founder 'Willam C durrent and in 1918 General Motors bought Chevrolet and Now It is a Division or a brand of General Motors. General Motors is the Best car company and It ios largest car sales on World, General Motors has 8 Brands, That R Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Opel, Holden, Vauxshall, GMC, and Alpheon. My Father works at General Motors India and Chevy cars have awesome HP Like Chevy Camaro with 580 Horsepower and Corvette with 638 HP.

My grandfather has a 2004 Chevrolet Colorado. IT IS THE BEST TRUCK EVER!

Bowtie till I die!

12 Volkswagen Volkswagen

Long lasting Cars.. very reliable and stylish. Altough they have been dropping costs, they're still good cars

Great car, I have passat and it's big, fast, strong, and look best.

great cars. my dad has a jetta and its luxuries, comfortable and stylish

A middle class father's BMW--practical, relatively inexpensive, great mileage, teutonically handsome fit and trim and, best of all, BMW-like performance (best of all from a driving enthusiast's perspective). VW is the best because it represents the best balance of driving enthusiasm and fiscal prudence.

13 Honda Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

I think Honda is better than Toyota (especially after the latest malfunctions in new Toyota cars). Also they present better looking styles served with great mechanics (engine, shift gear,... Horsepower). And with respect to their quality, Honda is cheap and thus affordable... We have a new Honda and Toyota, and after trying both, I think Honda is better.

Eleven F1 world championship (more that any other company on this list above (years/pp), innovation, research, green vision, economy... Show that Honda is simply the Best!.

Should be #1
Honda has made reliable and nimble little cars for years that out-do any Italian "luxury sport" car in terms of reliability.

Best engines in the world!

14 Toyota Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

Toyota has been a commited car manufacturer and will continue to make amazing cars! Can't believe it's so far behind here!

Toyota all the way! Great cars for great prices!

Best car manufacturer since it satisfy my expectation with lowest price and economic running

I can tell you that Toyota while perhaps lacking in overall appearances is an absolutely superb car manufacturer. With almost all of the models being made here in United States, Models excluding that are the Land Cruiser and 4Runner with both being made in Japan. I believe another model is made in Japan like the FJ Cruiser, but I can't remember. Anyways, Toyota is synonymous to having the lowest cost of ownership, high resale value, high reliability, high safety ratings, and being built to a high standard of quality. The new engines for example the 2014 Toyota Camry uses 0W-20 oil, meaning it's fully synthetic and the engine is made completely made out of Aluminum. What this translates to is only needing to change your oil every 10,000 miles and if you like the sound of that then you'll be pleased to know a new vehicle purchase has a 2 year 25,000 mile maintenance plan where all oil changes and tire rotations for 2 years and 25,000 miles is completely free of charge! Tire rotations ...more

15 Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce

Its awesome I have a phantom and a ghost rider man its super cool luxury

I think if you had earned enough money to buy a Phantom and a Ghost, you would be able to construct a sentence. - RewMac0435

It should be on 1st place! Its design, quality and style all are awesome. It is best luxurious car in the world. Its design is also known as best designs in the world.

The NO1 car forever.. The design and the style of the car is unbeatable. Its a high class car and cannot afforded by all, but still it has its own gethu...

It's the best have you seen the cullinan


16 Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian luxury car manufacturer, founded by Frenchman Alexandre Darracq as A.L.F.A.

#1 always the best

A perfect balance of timeless design, high performance and luxury. Stock 164 was more luxurious than the contemporary S-class Mercedes, horsepower per liter is only comparable in BMW or Honda and have I mentioned how sexy they are? Anyone has a MB or a BMW, but it takes superior taste to have an Alfa Romeo. You can't call yourself a petrolhead if you don't own one.

Alfas may never be the cars with the fastest lap time around the nurburgring. They may not be the most economical cars in the world. They may not be the most green.They are certainly not famous for being the most reliable. But that isn't how an Alfa rolls or really what you want from a car. Alfas have this sort of air around them similar to a fine partner in a relationship. It's starts out with the normal customs that you always do with others, going to make sure that you stay with it long enough. Then it breaks down you may well believe that the car is terrible at the mechanics of staying alive and perfectly well. but as you continue with it you realize you don't want it any other way.

Sexy, amazing drive, superior design, atmosphere, great engines, luxurious, tastiness, affordable, rare, Alfa-community, historic.

The feeling you get when you are driving Alfa is something that you just don't get with any other car. It makes you happy.

17 Bentley Bentley

Bentley is the very comfortable car. It is also a royal class car.

Bentley is way better than Rolls Royce

Bently is probably the best type of cars ever it got a fusion between Royal class and speed and it's pretty cool
Bently is known for it high class interior and the contetinal is a fusion between high class and speed.

Most expensive car ever. Worth it? Only 1 way to find out.

18 Jeep

The most power full unique design and runs over non passed areas...JEEP JEEP JEEP

Jeeps started out as WW2 army trucks. Soon, civilians were interested in the Jeep to use it for different purposes. 77 years later, the Jeep is still standing. Besides, it's a Jeep thing. Some of you wouldn't understand. - ItsMehBro

Jeep wrangler is the best car, most reliable and efficient in tough conditions, other cars are only efficient and reliable on normal roads but jeep wrangler is fabulous in every condition I.E. normal roads, motor ways, mountains, deserters etc.

Jeep vehicles are good for the poor villagers and also good for teachers those who are working in villages areas...

19 Pagani

The zonda r is the BEST Hypercar

Pagani is the awesome. Its should be the No.1 Super Car in 2011

It should launch its product in south Asia also...

Look at the doors honey boo boo/honey child

20 Range Rover


Great car, great suspension, great everything to do with 4x4

This is very enzymatic and joyful journey in the car

A range rover would easily beat a rolls Royce

21 Nissan Nissan

I like the nissan gtr with its v6 and fastest transmission speed it can beat an audi r8

Easily better than Ferrari! I mean, what a range of cars!
The NV200, the Leaf, the Quashqai, the GT-R. All by Nissan!

Nissan is my dream because nissan is the best car company of the world. Nissan is the best and very good ferrari, mercedes, and all company good but nissan number 1 company of the world

berry nice

22 Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors that designs and builds luxury vehicles.

My uncle had one and I always took it for a ride. IT TOO AWESOME AND FUN TOO RIDE!

Very nice car

These are some of the best luxury cars, Period. Strong, beautiful, and simply something you would want to get an never let go of. No wonder the US government uses them.

My family has quite a few cadillacs and we all agree that they are good cars.

23 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer, founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994. Only producing about 15 cars a year, Koenigsegg is one of the rarest cars to see on the road.

I love the cars from this company I don't know why this is at 57 because the some of their cars are nearly as fast as the bugatti veyron this should be at least at number 4

The fastest Koenigsegg is actually faster than the fastest Bugatti - SelfDestruct


Koenigseggs are the most underrated cars of all time, in all of human history. Seriously, Bugattis and SSCs are just dull by comparison.
I want an Agera R. I want it more than any other car, as it is fast, high-tech, easy to use and excellent in every way.
I also like the sound of the Koenigsegg One:1; named after its power-to-weight ratio (1250bhp, 1250kg)!

Instead of shooting for outright top speed (which will only be reached on a drag strip), they go for top acceleration and handling. Whereas a Bugatti will struggle on fast turns because of its two-tonne kerb weight, a Koenigsegg will take it with ease! What's more, they're innovative and are constantly coming up with new technology such as FreeValve, a camless valve system that could lead to power gains of up to 50% while reducing fuel consumption and emissions considerably. They can make a hybrid car without a gearbox that reaches 250mph in 20 seconds! Whereas Pagani relies on borrowed tech like engines from AMG, Koenigsegg are constantly coming up with their own solutions. They are the ultimate future-proof car company, even more so than Tesla.

24 Maserati Maserati


Very underrated

Maserati are the best. Good looking, fast, comfortable and spacey

Luxurious Touring cars. I have a GranTurismo, it's fun. Not the fastest or newest technology, but good driver's car. Maserati is owned by Fiat/Chrysler group, which also owns Ferrari and Alfa Romeo

25 Renault

My first Car and I love it
Renault sandero

They make cars which are grand in style... Also they are better than Ferrari in F1

Good car company super models I like Renault many more new models released in cars

My dad drives Renault... And so does my uncle and my sister an mother...

26 Peugeot

Shouldn't be here it sucks. the front of the cars look like a persons who's jaws been ripped out.

Peugeot 206 is a reliable, economic and sport car that is driven by lots of people in Iran.
I wish Peugeot company can introduce new models in Iran.

The 504 had made greatest name among all cars in Africa and is still valued especially in Nigeria till date by commercial drivers
I wish the company can make a newer model of it with glamour

Peugeot are really economics and reliable cars but unnfortunately not known in America.

27 Land Rover Land Rover

Wherever the Indian goes make the world small in front of us...

Its obvious why Jaguar Land rover really... The Range rover, Evoque, Sport, Discovery 4, Free lander 2, XJ, XF, XK! The cars speek it all! And there British! Just look at the interiors! BEAUTIFUL! Not like boring BMW's

whatever it may be if there is an Indian touch it is of high quality

I like land rover

28 McLaren McLaren

Its look catches your eye, best quality.
NUMBER 1! - BloodFang

Why is Ferrari on first?
I thought they were just blown away by the Senna.

Smoothness in handling and quality looks make it a blend of Ferrari and Audi. Unbeatable.


29 Vauxhall Vauxhall

Very good car brand. Never fails to meet expectations, also looks great in pretty much every colour and shade.

Nice car with pretty good engine! !

Vauxhall astra the best

Very reliable and good.

30 Dodge

This Snake Packs Venom

Under the Viper's long hood is the hand-built, all-aluminum 8.4-liter V10 that Viper owners have come to know, love and fear in their SRT-powered snakes. In its latest form it delivers 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, giving it the most torque of any naturally aspirated production car engine in the world. Improvements to make those numbers possible include a new, ultra-high flow and lightweight composite intake manifold, high-strength forged pistons, sodium-filled exhaust valves, new catalysts to reduce back pressure and an aluminum flywheel that reduces reciprocating losses.

Despite all of the upgrades to the engine, Dodge engineers actually managed to shed over 25 lbs of weight - just from the engine. In terms of the entire vehicle, roughly 100 lbs have been dropped, partially due to the all-new aluminum and carbon fiber body. Returning to the powertrain, the 8.4-liter V10 is mated to a Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission with an ...more

Not to be fast. not to be the best. just to have some FUN. dodge is by far the company with the best mentalety.

MAN this should be #1! Ha ha ha! Hiondi is last! They suck! I owned a hiondiy and it broke down six times! The dodge grand caravan is the best you could play video games in there holds seven people too I know!

LOVE Dodge products; purchased a convertible for my daughter for college in 1997 and she drove it forever. Purchased a Caravan in 2000 for myself and drove it 150,000 miles and finally decided to buy a new car. Wish I had kept the Caravan and just had problems fixed at a garage.

31 Lexus Lexus

Are you kidding me? The lexus IS-F is faster than a mercedes S550, it has a bigger engine, gets higher reliability, is cooler, and it costs over thirty grand less than the benz, and it is owned by toyota, the company with the highest reliability according to consumer reports. In fact, toyota won five of the ten best car awards, while benz won zero, as did BMW, as did audi, as did every other brand that is from europe, Japan won 7 best car awards, korea won one(hyundai), america, two, and if you know how to count than you'll see that european brand won zero awards. That's right, ZERO, ZIPP, ZILCH! Go toyota/lexus/scion!

Lexus produce the most best cars in the world when I get money I will use it to purchase one LX570, LS600h, GS11

Lexus should be 6th at least not 24th haha

I have land cruiser from toyota but still looking forward to get the lexus land cruiser it's the most perfect car I ever seen

32 Buick

Old Buicks are the most comfortable and luxurious cars I have ever known.

Buick has a strong record of reliability. I've had my 2003 Buick Century for almost 7 years and haven't had single problem with it.

great car

33 Holden

Holdens are one of the best - HoldenFanatic

Holden love right here

Best car ssv redline

Love Holden

34 Mini

The cooper S... I love it.

These are so cool!

It I s a too small and lovable

35 Corvette

Corvette's are the least expensive premium sports car on the market and the quality is unmatched by any other company for such a price! Love the new C7!

Super Cool, this car is nice, built by Chevrolet, and is super cool. The front is sick, and so as the back, the interior is awesome, and for 75K. THAT'S CHEAP FOR AWESOMENESS! This deserves a top ten. - floridiancat

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36 Citroen

The greatest innovator in the car world. No more words needed.

I love the car. It looks really nice. I don't have one but I go nuts when I see a image. There are so many fascinating types. I want it to be at least 20

Citroen's are a combination of beauty and grace. Driving a classic ciitroen gives you a feeling you've never felt before. Their DS class won third in the Car of the Century Concept, and their newer models, such as the Citroen GT concept, are breathtaking in their beauty

I guess it's reversing speed is really good lololololol (hint: its a french car lololol

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37 Lotus

Lotus cars are great personally the elise it's affordable fast enough and luxurious!

Lotuses are very luxury cars which stand out amongst the rest. I wonder why Lotus is not even in the top 10.

Fantastic cars! Been to the factory in Norwich, it is sublime!

More performance for less money

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38 Pontiac

Amazing quality. Lasted many years. Great cars all together

Probably will run out of business in a couple years lol

Pontiac is the best because they have that beaififul pontiac sltoice

39 Volvo Volvo Volvo Cars, stylized as VOLVO in the logo, is a Swedish luxury vehicle manufacturer established in 1927. It is headquartered on Torslanda in Gothenburg and is a subsidiary of Chinese automotive company Geely.

Very reliable, good quality vehicles

Nokia car

Volvo focuses on people's safety first! They care about safety and protecting us, more than just making a luxary car, thumbs up!

Volvo should be much higher on this list. Expensive but very beautiful cars - Alexandr

40 Rover

I have the car and it’s great

41 Ascari
42 Lancia

Greatest Rally Car of all time by far. Only flaw was the body quality, but it was only that way because they were one of the only car companies actually willing to take a risk every once in a while. They stuck out their necks, and showed some courage. Lancia is the best by far.

No other car deserves to be at the top more than Lancia. It won 7 rally championships, and even though their cars might have a few problems, they have something Ferrari has never had: real heart and soul.

I'm staggered that Lancia is this low. The greatest and most beautiful and exuberant of all, which perfectly sums up what a sport car should make you feel, that's the perfect car, an unmatched legacy, with more humble roots and foundations than any other Italian marque. Forget the build quality, forget the rust, forget the Beta, that doesn't matter, EVERY other car that came out of their factory was oozing with automotive passion, and can you name any other car make that can boast that?

Ford 2nd
Nissan 3rd

If you have never owned a pre-Fiat Lancia, you don't know what a great car is.

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43 Chrysler Chrysler Chrysler is one of the "Big Three" automobile manufacturers in the United States, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Top quality ever in the world. Very long lasting and really luxury style

Best car brand I have ever owned. If you want value for money and quality consider chrysler.

No one on this list has a Ferrari or a lambo these are quality cars made in Detroit. And if you want a supercar look up the chrysler me 4 12

Absolutely awful build quality

44 Subaru

Love it's what makes a Subaru!

This is a good car company

The abosilute best cars ever... Always overlooked only because the brand is a niche brand and instead of seeking out others car companies customers... I see that they focus on building relationships with their current customers and being past-down from generation to generation as they last long enough to do so... Super reliable, and safety is another key aspect to the companies reign. Also, what other companies out there keep having sales increase? Not to sure, But Subaru is one of them

Great cars, safe, reliable, great handling and great driver prediction of on road behaviour, perfect for icy and wet conditions as well. Customer service and dealership servicing is top notch and affordable.

45 Tata Motors

Its nice to see TATA motors in top 70 car company's in the world. I want you to come within top 10 car company's in the world. Hop my dream with come true soon. All the best TATA.

They have good designs to come in future

Best car ever seen before in Auto market, Tata is major player Indian market...

Tata rules.

46 Eagle
47 Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki - Swift is the best combination of power and look... Experience the drive.
Its really awesome car with a sexy and sporty look I ever seen.

Cheap and best car in our country!
Maruti suzuki is the best!
Swift is the most selling car in our India!
Keep going maruti!

Looks;Fuel economy and service cost just awesome

Maruti Suzuki is a indian car company and we indian was proud to say maruti is a indian and maruti 800 is best selling car and dream make true car for all indians

48 GMC

I have owned GMC Trucks since 1950... Very dependable, good mileage, smooth
Running, easy to drive.

I really love jeep I don't know why it takes 20th place

49 Infiniti

As nice as any of the other luxury brands, more reliable, and less expensive to repair.

Just look up 2019 Infiniti qx30 copper color and you will fall in love

Best cars out in market at a reasonable price and full loaded luxuries and best customer satisfaction. Best warranty and service provided by Infiniti.

It should be one of the top ten! Don't know why it is all the way at the bottom of the list!

50 Saturn Saturn The Saturn Corporation, also known as Saturn LLC, was an American automobile manufacturer, a registered trademark established on January 7, 1985, as a subsidiary of General Motors.

Saturn is life - XEROEARTH

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Named after the Roman god Saturn.

My Saturn sky redline bring all the sport of these top car companies but keeps it affordable with a expensive look

Derp derp derp derp derp

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