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1 Ferrari

The best and glorious cars in history and present are by Ferrari.

The first Ferrari was born as a race car. It was born the same year Formula 1 started and is the only car to be in F1 every year. It also has won it more times than any other manufacturer. Their road cars are obviously the envy of other manufacturers, and often copied. Their product line spans from sheer performance to more subdued road cars that are today drivable on a daily basis while still giving extraordinary performance. There is no other brand that comes close to the Ferrari name. The only flaw (as Enzo Ferrari stated) is that he regrets that it was most often the rich that could afford it and not the young... But this is probably true for most cars, considering the world population... I have owned three, and I don't mean to disrespect any other manufacturer, but for me it's either you drive a Ferrari or you don't. I would gladly pay the $30, 000, 000.00 for a 1963 Ferrari GTO if I had the money!

Terrible reliability. Terribly expensive. There are companies out there with exceptional reliability that are really cheap, but Ferrari's are so sensitive that they cannot even be driven daily, and are ten times the price of the good car. It shows just how ignorant and spoon fed people are to consider this the best brand. Like all things in this materialistic society, it's all about image, and emotions, not results. It's why the Democratic Party still exists.

Yes.. Ferrari has a strong history..
Once a Ferrari lover always be Ferrari lover..
Actually Ferrari is the most well known super car manufacturer in the world though many new companies making hybrid awesome design and fastest cars but to be honest they are not going to create a place like Ferrari.
Hollywood produces many movies but you never forget TITANIC like that Ferrari is the unforgettable name of super car..
And yes Ferrari still rules with history and few cars. but Ferrari needs to improve their design and engine. they really stops producing awesome sexy and fastest cars.. they must beat McLaren.. they need to create something awesome design cars with incredibly speed..

2 Lamborghini Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy.

I am not just saying because I like but it's the truth may ferrari be the 1st reputed company yes it should be because it started sports evolution, luxury and the f1 best car but in 2014 I would prefer the best company is lamborghini because it is most sexiest, costly, performance providing company then other. The rest of company are far away then its engineering. It provides muscular pick up, start up sound and the fastest 0-100 kph speed in just 2.5 sec with the Aventador and I love it. It will rule kingdom for the upcoming 50 year remind it... Ferrari! Laugh out loud...

Lamborghini should be one of the top five best car company... Because they have a luxury, sexy, beautiful looking cars.. And also they have one of the best horse power... In history... Lamborghini is the best..

It should be number one, it is just simply the best out there. The cars they make are just pure power, from the Lamborghini 350 to Veneno, they are always batter and many years ahead of the game! And you have to admit these are the best looking cars out there, pure sexy. A true man will never touch a ferrari, because the real big mans toy is a Lamborghini! P.S. can't wait for the Lamborghini Urus to come out, way better than anything Ferrsri can ever make.

All lamborghini cars are known for sharp aerodynamics and aggressive engines. They are artistically sculptured with clay in the designing phase. Todays era is of design and these cars are made fore sighting the future of sports cars. Lamborghini is working on many concepts and they speak of futuristic class. The company does not have a very long history but the future belongs to it already. The company stands out to FERRUCIO LAMBORGHINI'S passion which made him start the company to compete with FERRARI.

3 Mercedes-Benz

So many reasons. F1 history, luxury, first car company, hammer coupe, nurburing times... list goes on and on. It is DEFINTELy the best on this list, and should claim top spot easy

Really, there are only 2 types of cars in this world, Mercedes Benz and every other car. I want my college car to be a certified pre owned Mercedes E350. I would want the E350 because it is only 5 inches longer than the c class and I don't have to hear those Japanese piece of crap cars with the stupid exhaust mufflers driving down the road because the E class has thick windows and a very very solid build. It is library quiet also on the interior. Why do people buy Japanese crap cars when they could have the best right here in safety, reliability, comfort, and performance? No offense to anyone who owns a Japanese car, but they will NEVER EVER be as good as a Mercedes in any category.

Mercedes Benz: A perfect combination of what Men need when driving. Safety, luxury, control and speed. About 8 layers of paint. ABS, Crumple zone, the first car with a modern configuration having the carriage lowered and set between the front and rear wheels, traction control system that worked under both braking and acceleration.
"Car makers are constantly learning how to make cars following the steps of Mercedes Benz"
I rather having a W124 than a new Hyundai, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi. And I am trying to avoid talking about AMG but if...

Mercedes stand out. They are sporty luxurious and elegant, leaders in safety, very reliable. They have the most and best technology. They created most features found in a car and features other cars don't have. Excellent performance and great build quality. They look awesome and are great on and offroad. I can go on and on about them but that would take forever.

Overall they are special cars. Would not trade one for any other car. Mercedes is #1- after all they created the 1st car.

4 BMW BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke in German, or Bavarian Motor Works in English) is a German multinational company which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945.

It is the best driving machine I have a bmw 335i M sport and it is awesome!

B.M.W. is my dream car I would like to drive from one model to another.. I'm in love with it.

We have a 2013 Bww 335i luxury to say the least this car is awesome. We always buy new cars. The dealership people are the best. We live in Phoenix. This car is awesome. Pound for pound the closest car I can compare that I have driven is the Corvette. I chose the BMW it really is the ultimate driving machine.

2008 M6 is an incredible high performance machine with room for four and a proper trunk. A beautiful machine that inspires! That V10 and the handling continue to impress every time I drive it! So many compliments from others every time we take it for a run.

5 Audi Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles

I've had BMW 330CI Sport and then upgraded to M3 for almost 3 years, it was my daily basis car for all of that 3 years... But since I migrated to Audi I never looked back... I would remmend Audi over any other cars... Just give it a try and you wont look back, but to be honest it's a bit pricy but worth every penny... If you definitely want to have the same engine and reliability then go for VW, same engine and components but cheaper, as Audi is the luxury version of VW, and for those have the money in bank, just start with Porsche... Something like Carrera 4...
VW, Audi, Porsche... All of them are built quality cars unlike Ford, Mercedes and so on...

I am fan of audi cars, in fact I named this brand to my baby girl. Fine details.. Great.. Great! Some of there cars are quite simple yet elegance. It's better than other car makers because of its design simplicity and uniqueness.. Very decent.. No question about that. The design was totally amazing! Its fun having this car, they are completely what you are finding best car in the world.

Audi is the best in design, performance, quality, and lets not forget luxury. I have owned an Audi, Mercedes, and a BMW... While BMW might have a great engine, and Mercedes might have the amazing luxury, Audi is the future of German cars and in my mind it is the ultimate driving machine.

Beautiful Car. And if nobody here noticed this you should. BMW is a combination of both Audi and Mercedes. And I think that Mercedes is too old looking and for older people. Audi is the best and is futuristic and is always heading forth with style.

6 Ford The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

I somewhat like Ford, especially their trucks. Nowadays, all of their sedan lineup and most of their SUV lineups are just blatant cash grabs. However, I love the Mustang, Expedition, Ranger, and F-150. The Ford Mustang keeps getting exceptional and standing the test of time while the Expedition outpaced the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban. Meanwhile, both Ford Ranger (I am talking about the 2019-onwards model) and F-150 hold their own.

I own a 2013 Fusion and the thing has much better quality than any car I test drove, plus good milage and fast. 2.0 Ecoboost. I get 30 miles to the gallon now that it is broke in. It drives itself and has to be one of the safest cars on the road. All of the alerts and camera, that stops the car and keeps it on the right track, in case you fail to do so. It is very comfortabe, the ride is better than most makes of cars, but it still holds it's own on cornering and stopping power. This car is a winner in my eyes and would not buy any car other than a Ford. I had a 2009 Fusion and it never went to the shop. Not for one thing. That tells you they are doing something right.

Ford... Henry Ford. The the cool crisp clean feel of a brand new century- the 1900s. Meanwhile while everyone was celebrating the turn of the century Henry was working on his first car, the Model T. He also started the idea of the moving assembly line in the process. This had never been invented. By the mid '30s, he had produced over 430,000 model Ts. After many different models of vehicles he stumbled onto the Edsel, a ugly car but it was just ugly enough to become famous and a little bit cool. By this time Henry Ford was no longer president of Ford Motor Company. Then in 1964 1/2, the Mustang came out. This revolutionized the muscle car era. The mustang started the PONY CAR era. This included the Chevy Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird. the were faster and lighter than the muscle cars which resulted in quicker all around cars. The mustang did really well in the '60s and early '70s until they got genuinely gutless. Sales dropped until the mid '80s and the. The Mustang got good again. ...more

Found On Road Dead is more like. They may have started the car, but they sure haven't finished it. Their cars are unreliable, have poor gas mileage and barely sold outside the US. GM, Toyota and Volkswagen stand very tall above Ford in quality and performance. Especially GM and Toyota. They make quality cars that LAST. They are the three most successful car companies ever created. Ford can barely keeps tabs on their performance. The only car worth buying from Ford is a Mustang.
Not only on the road are they a poor vehicle manufacture, they also lack performance on the track. The Camaro smokes the Mustang, and the fist American sports car The Corvette (Stingray) whips the GT into the shop. Nothing says Ford. Mustang performance problems like stalling throttle when taking off in a race. And nothing says ' don't buy me' like a $150,000 GT. when GM's (Chevy's) Corvette only starts at $70,000. The worlds most inexpensive sports car to sports car power. In other words. The Corvette is ...more

7 Bugatti

Bugatti makes amazing cars, they can actually be used unlike Ferraris, and they actually make sense for their price unlike Ferraris. I just don't get why Ferrari is in number 1.

Bugatti is the most awe inspiring car company ever. Obviously because of the high price not many people can have it so it's not mainstream but it is something for everyone to look up to and aspire to because it is even more exclusive than Ferrari, Lamborghini and even rolls Royce. Not only are the cars incredibly fast and beautifully styled, they are also luxurious on the inside and so are still practical, unlike lamborghinis which are extremely uncomfortable.

Bugatti has became very successful with only one car. Their Bugatti Veyron. It has in 28 different versions. The website gives you the version to customize your own Veyron. It is also the worlds fastest car. It has a very beautiful model, and it is very expensive. Bugatti came out with the worlds, sexiest, and most astonishing car. Therefore, it's the best.

Best car no doubt what are these losers talking about huh? Seriously it is the most expensive car, the fastest car with the most features. But what do these people say it is not 16 it is definitely 1st place or else. I mean really a car doesn't cost 2 million bucks for nothing. Even hondas and toyatas are better according to theis list. This is outrages. Really it is.

8 Porsche

Wonderful classic cars to go down in history that are beautiful. In addition, RWB widebody kits on some classic Porsche's are awesome!

The Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti lovers surely didn't read the title properly. It is Top Ten Best Car Companies, and not Top Ten Fastest, Most Expensive, Most Luxurious, Most Useless and Most Impractical Car Companies Ever Made by a Human. Try driving any of the three car manufacturers models on the road, during winter, in Canada, in the most damaged road in Montreal, and see the colossal number in your repair bill... These cars are not suitable for everyday use like getting children to school or going to work. Porsche is the only perfectly balanced sport car that can be used for everyday activities. It may not be the most powerful and fastest car out there, but that doesn't matter a lot. Porsche may not be number 1, but it definitely needs to be at least number 5 on the list.

Let me prove that Porsche should be at #1 and not #7. (I love every brand above Porsche except Lamborghini & Bugatti)

Ferrari vs. Porsche: You can't bring a Ferrari over a bump without having to replace an oil pan.

Lambo vs. Porsche: Same problem as Ferrari except these look bad and have terrible engines that never run out of problems.

Mercedes vs. Porsche: Porsche are faster and handle the road better (and look better in my opinion).

BMW vs. Porsche: "The Ultimate Driving Machine" behind Porsche. BMW simply don't perform as well.

Audi vs. Porsche: I own an Audi S4 so there is no bias here but the Porsche just drives better, I don't know how else to put it.

Bugatti vs. Porsche: Finally I get to rip into the overrated sack of Veyron. First it looks terrible in my opinion, it weighs about 4000 lbs and can not turn to save itself. They also are only as fast as they are not because of great engineering but because the car has V16 engine.
1 ...more

Except the germans rare people are able to say their name right. But they are making an awesome job. Their cars aren't expensive for what they deliver. I myself am not able to get one. But if you are lucky enough to effort one you get a car that is just pure awesomeness. Sure are cars out there with better acceleration and top speed. But in my eyes this is not what a great car is about. If you are looking for Numbers get a Bugatti, or what else you can get in those categories.
I think a Porsche Car is more about a balance between all of it, it is made to be a sportscar in every aspect. And a good sportscar doesn't need the highest speed and so on... It is just a package that fits together and that's it...

9 Volkswagen

A middle class father's BMW--practical, relatively inexpensive, great mileage, teutonically handsome fit and trim and, best of all, BMW-like performance (best of all from a driving enthusiast's perspective). VW is the best because it represents the best balance of driving enthusiasm and fiscal prudence.

Outstanding cars with very powerful engines and also from the point of comfort, safety and entertainment. I think Volkswagen should bring its latest models of cars in India as soon as possible as there is a high demand for the cars in the Indian market.

Best value, hands down; nobody can compete with German engineering and now that German excellence is inexpensive too! German handling, simple elegance married to practicality.

Volkswagen are good and increase sale like give car in lowest price and best option. Indian mentality was sedan car. Service charge are very costly it is main causes of affected your reduce your service charge and improve your sale. Best wises

10 Aston Martin

Fancy, nice cars that are nice to drive. Most of their cars are more average but it has a couple of surprises up its sleeve. Including the amazing Valhalla concept car, and the new Vanquish Vision that will come out in future years to come.

The Gentleman's Express. More exclusive than a Ferrari, more understated than a Lamborghini and more beautiful than either.
When you look at the most iconic cars in history, the DB5 is a contender for number one. When you look at the most beautiful cars, the DB7 and DB9 are regularly cited (including by Jeremy Clarkson).

The Aston Martin is almost reminiscent of a Ford Mustang. Almost. The former is infinitely more refined than the latter, with cleaner lines and a smoother look. If the Aston Martin became any more refined, it would probably turn in to a liquid. Probably.

Not sure where in the world and who has been voting on here! Aston Martin was voted the world's coolest brand and the Vanquish voted the 3rd most beautiful car ever designed! What on earth are Renault, BMW, Ford etc even doing on this list. It's a joke

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11 Jaguar

It is a big cat, a feline in the Panthera genus, and is the only Panthera species found in the Americas. The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

Jaguar is the one and only one cars give super safety and more power and very smooth drive and it must be the first rank holder in luxury cars. My one of the dream car.

If you have the gift of slight- which nearly everyone has- you see that the Jaguar E-type mark 1 is the best looking car from it's era. Also back in the 1960's it was very cheap.

All sourced from the Best T.V show of all time, Top Gear

It is just super. Expensive but fantastic, comfortable & superfast. Jaguar always be on TOP 5.

12 Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.

Seriously, 10nth, it should be at least 3rd. But I think it is always 1st. FORDS SUCK Chevy Avalanche hauls more weight, Silverado has more fuel economy then F15O hauls a lot also. Cruze is great for getting around comfortably with environment friendly tech. Corvette's are just cool so are Camaro's. Equinox is a excellent crossover too. Impala needs some work.

Fords are the worst cars in history. My dad used to own a ford pickup broke down very easily. My dad bought a chevy pickup never had to change the engine or transmission. He never had a problem with it It has been with him for eighteen years straight. Of course nissan and Toyota pickups are better, but nothing beats a duramax diesel.

One of the worlds most reliable, comftorable and and stylish vehicles in the world, and they are American! I grew up around Chevys and GMCs and have only herd nothing but great things about them. My first vehicle is 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada which is just a luxury Chevy blazer and I love that SUV to death. Have had no problems with it and am always 100% comftorable in it. It also performs amazing off road in the mountains!

Chevrolet is the one company which always makes there customer get satisfied after buying any car from chevrolet it always gives good service to every cars I really thanks general motors...

13 Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

My parents have the 2017 Toyota Sienna and the Highlander. They are one of the most reliable cars along the road. Though I don't own my own car yet and the first car I ever drove is a 2007 Honda Odyssey, I currently drive my mom's Highlander. The Toyota Highlander is my most-driven car. It has a powerful V6, power seats, backup camera, touchscreen, blind spot monitoring, etc. I think that Toyota should be near the top of the list.

Toyota should be the first company in the list because this company selling a lot car in the whole world. Rather than any other company they selling car but not that much. This company reputation is not only in the U.S.A. it's world wide. Toyota is the car its can suit with any kind of people they have all class car. So, east or west Toyota is the best!

Toyota's cars are 70 percent of the best selling cars in the world, the best one in Japan, and also it sells a lot and I mean a lot. How is this not above Honda?

Everyone has a Toyota. I mean most of the people. It's reliable with it's value pricing. Packs a lot of stuff for less. With dealership network almost everywhere in the world, Toyota has to be in the top. Plus the luxury division, Lexus, is a committed luxury car manufacturer with reliability, luxury, safety and what not. Definitely has to be in the top 10.

14 Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce are the most luxurious car ever. The interior is just fantastic and they are the most comfortable and quiet car ever, as well as having lots of tech. More expensive than a Bentley and worth it. If you ever need a super luxury car, a rolls Royce is the brand to buy

It should be on 1st place! Its design, quality and style all are awesome. It is best luxurious car in the world. Its design is also known as best designs in the world.

The NO1 car forever.. The design and the style of the car is unbeatable. It's a high class car and cannot afforded by all, but still it has its own gethu...

Rolls Royce is the most luxurious car maker. The interior of the phantom is beyond belief. More luxurious than Bentley. They will build you anything if you have enough money.

15 Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Honda is a reliable Japanese brand that everybody should love. Might seem boring, but it really isn't. The best car ever created comes from this company, the 1st Gen NSX!

I think Honda is better than Toyota (especially after the latest malfunctions in new Toyota cars). Also they present better looking styles served with great mechanics (engine, shift gear,... Horsepower). And with respect to their quality, Honda is cheap and thus affordable... We have a new Honda and Toyota, and after trying both, I think Honda is better.

HONDA is #1. With a dedicated focus on quality and innovation, Honda stands out as the best car company in the world. I've owned 3 Hondas and they bring nothing but joy for countless reliable and dependable miles. Simply the best from the car company that embraces The Power of Dreams.

Have owned an 04, 05 Honda accords both k24 4 cyl, a 2002 Honda civic ex (dangerous) and a 2001 crv ex, I absolutely LOVE the 7th generation accords and enjoyed the crv minus having to adjust the valves on the b20 motor it seemed every four months about 40,000 miles. All in all I love Honda but can appreciate other brands such as Subaru and Mitsubishi.

16 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer, founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994. Only producing about 15 cars a year, Koenigsegg is one of the rarest cars to see on the road.

Wonderful rival to the way overrated company Bugatti. Love to see this brand crush every achievement Bugatti has made. Besides that, Koenigsegg is just wonderful.

Instead of shooting for outright top speed (which will only be reached on a drag strip), they go for top acceleration and handling. Whereas a Bugatti will struggle on fast turns because of its two-tonne kerb weight, a Koenigsegg will take it with ease! What's more, they're innovative and are constantly coming up with new technology such as FreeValve, a camless valve system that could lead to power gains of up to 50% while reducing fuel consumption and emissions considerably. They can make a hybrid car without a gearbox that reaches 250mph in 20 seconds! Whereas Pagani relies on borrowed tech like engines from AMG, Koenigsegg are constantly coming up with their own solutions. They are the ultimate future-proof car company, even more so than Tesla.

This is my favorite car company. How is it 24? It's faster that Ferrari, Lamborghini, and almost the same as Bugatti. If Bugatti is better than Koenigsegg I accept that but this company is beaten by Jeep, Rover, and Ford? I don't know what to say.

Koenigseggs are the most underrated cars of all time, in all of human history. Seriously, Bugattis and SSCs are just dull by comparison.
I want an Agera R. I want it more than any other car, as it is fast, high-tech, easy to use and excellent in every way.
I also like the sound of the Koenigsegg One:1; named after its power-to-weight ratio (1250bhp, 1250kg)!

17 Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A. is an Italian luxury car manufacturer, founded by Frenchman Alexandre Darracq as A.L.F.A.

Alfas may never be the cars with the fastest lap time around the nurburgring. They may not be the most economical cars in the world. They may not be the most green.They are certainly not famous for being the most reliable. But that isn't how an Alfa rolls or really what you want from a car. Alfas have this sort of air around them similar to a fine partner in a relationship. It's starts out with the normal customs that you always do with others, going to make sure that you stay with it long enough. Then it breaks down you may well believe that the car is terrible at the mechanics of staying alive and perfectly well. but as you continue with it you realize you don't want it any other way.

Why is this 15? Ford and Chevy are above this and they are crap brands. Slow and Unreliable. Alfa Romeo is like Ferrari, It's made by Ferrari. Its fast, reliable, and looks good. Needs a top 10 spot at least.

A perfect balance of timeless design, high performance and luxury. Stock 164 was more luxurious than the contemporary S-class Mercedes, horsepower per liter is only comparable in BMW or Honda and have I mentioned how sexy they are? Anyone has a MB or a BMW, but it takes superior taste to have an Alfa Romeo. You can't call yourself a petrolhead if you don't own one.

Sexy, amazing drive, superior design, atmosphere, great engines, luxurious, tastiness, affordable, rare, Alfa-community, historic.

The feeling you get when you are driving Alfa is something that you just don't get with any other car. It makes you happy.

18 Pagani

I used to be a Koenigsegg fan but I switched to Pagani because they are so awesome. I mean, just LOOK!

Pagani's are beautiful Italian pieces of art. Not only beautiful, but great to drive.

Greatest car ever produced by man kind. Pagani Zonda Revolucion looks the best. RARE Machines!

It should launch its product in south Asia also...

19 Bentley

Bentley is nearly as luxurious as rolls Royce and less expensive. Also, they are more sporty leaning an area rolls Royces biggest rivals

Bentley is the very comfortable car. It is also a royal class car.

Most expensive car ever. Worth it? Only 1 way to find out.

Bentley has a richness and comfort with facilities to drive more smoothr.

20 Land Rover

Land rovers cars are the best car in design and power I ever seen, and I suggest you to take and just grab it to your home.

They have been around a long time and are one of the greats. They are also an iconic car manufacturer in all countries.

If you want a luxury 4wd, you obviously need a Range Rover. It is more luxurious than everything except the cullinan, and the cullinan is very ugly so the Range Rover is the obvious choice

Wherever the Indian goes make the world small in front of us...

21 Nissan

Nissan is underrated. It might not be but that's just what I think. I believe this brand should be appreciated more because it is fantastic for one thing and one thing only. JDM. Yes, Nissan has some of the best JDM's cars ever.

Come on people. Let's be fair about the world. Simply look at the price of Ferrari's and Lamborghini's and Jaguars and etc. Since a long time ago Nissan has been developing best performance with great Engines in a good car. What I mean is that take a look at the Nissan's Cars. Look at the price tags. Since its very first cars to its NISSAN MIGHTY GT-R.
Nissan Cars are having the same performance as a lot of other expensive brands with way much lower price tags possible.
Now that you've read this, Now vote for the best Car-Companies EVER!
These voting thing, is important don't shilly-shally.

Nissan has an enormous range of cars. From the family friendly cars (Nissan Tida), to the luxurious cars (Nissan Altima or Nissan Maxima), to the 4x4 cars (Nissan Pathfinder) and of course the sports cars (Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370 Z, Nissan GT-R), it just has all you need. I don't like the fact that the comments are only about the Nissan GT-R and believe that all the other models deserve more recognition for their reliability, quality and affordability. In the end why would you buy a Ferrari when you can get similar results for less than half the price?

Nissan is my dream because nissan is the best car company of the world. Nissan is the best and very good ferrari, mercedes, and all company good but nissan number 1 company of the world

22 McLaren

The greatest exotic brand to exist. It has the greatest hypercar ever created, the McLaren F1. Plus, it makes the best exotics to exist.

Still very young but rapidly growing! They've wasted no time in developing and increasing their reputation worldwide. I honestly think that McLaren will cement themselves as Ferrari's biggest rival within the next decade, if not already!

I love the cars from mc they are amazing! The mp4-12 would beat a ferrari 458 any day! Alough the ferrari is better looking the mc is faster, cheaper and its much more powerful. And I can't wait for the p1!

If you took the first car made by all car manufacturers then Mclaren should be on top with their insane F1.

23 Jeep

Jeep wrangler is the best car, most reliable and efficient in tough conditions, other cars are only efficient and reliable on normal roads but jeep wrangler is fabulous in every condition I.E. normal roads, motor ways, mountains, deserters etc.

Jeeps started out as WW2 army trucks. Soon, civilians were interested in the Jeep to use it for different purposes. 77 years later, the Jeep is still standing. Besides, it's a Jeep thing. Some of you wouldn't understand.

Jeep vehicles are good for the poor villagers and also good for teachers those who are working in villages areas...

There's a reason that you don't see a Ferrari attempting to drive up a mountain. You just can't beat a Jeep.

24 Maserati

One of the Italian car comppanies that "own them selves". This car is fast and spacious too, It should be on the top 10 list. I do like some of the other car companies from Germany, Italy, etc. But this car is one of the ones I plan on buying.

Luxurious Touring cars. I have a GranTurismo, it's fun. Not the fastest or newest technology, but good driver's car. Maserati is owned by Fiat/Chrysler group, which also owns Ferrari and Alfa Romeo

I am vijay from India. I like the models which are available in Maserati. And style of cars are very like full. And I wish to be a TOP ONE automobile company in the world. I LOVE MASERATI

Maserati make brilliant sounding, brilliant looking and just overall brilliant cars. They should be much higher in the rankings.

25 Volvo Volvo Cars, stylized as VOLVO in the logo, is a Swedish luxury vehicle manufacturer established in 1927. It is headquartered on Torslanda in Gothenburg and is a subsidiary of Chinese automotive company Geely.

Volvo cares about people living their lives without any disturbances. They give pure comfort, safety and design at Volvo. If you looked at their all new XC90 you would be shocked at how well they have built it. They spent 4 years on this world changing car and it has definitely been worth it. I'm positive that they should be number 1 on the list. It is a rival for all the top car companies : Audi, Mercedes and Land Rover.

When Volvo started up in 1927 they said "people drive cars, people need to be protected". From then on they decided to protect us. Currently their cars focus on 3 important things that can make a human live their life in ease: Luxury, safety and practicality. The new Volvo XC90 is said to outgun the Q7 and the X5 and the Range Rover Sport!

Beautiful, very safe, extremely comfortable, reliable, well built, and very fast! By far the most underrated car company! I think Volvo's are a lot nicer than a lot of the big German cars. Volvo 4 Life!

Very underrated and discreet, also of late they have produced some really very good looking cars. As well as being incredibly safe. Definitely should be higher up the list.

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