Top 10 Greatest Ford Cars of All Time

Ford has been an automotive giant for over a century, and in that time, they've given the world some truly legendary cars. From sleek sports coupes to tough trucks and innovative family movers, Ford has a history of breaking boundaries.

But what are the all-time greatest Ford cars? The ones that made us fall in love with driving, that pushed the limits of performance, or simply defined their era?

You've got strong opinions, and we want to hear them. We've put together a list of Ford's most iconic vehicles. Some are classics with decades of history, others are newer models that have already made their presence felt. Now it's your turn to help us rank them.
The Top Ten
1 Mustang

There is no doubt that this lovely car should be number one. I agree with the comment saying that '67 was the best year for the Mustang. There were some years where I was wondering what the hell Ford was doing, but since 2010, I have been impressed with the newer Mustang models. Good job, Ford!

I really like this car! It's not like the crap-maros, as some other guy said. My uncle has a Mustang in red, and it's a beauty! It looks better than the Camaro he had before and has more horsepower.

Transformed the American buyer. Still the best pony car available. Sorry, Camaro.

2 Consul Capri

These cars are not only distinctive. They are captivating with their transatlantic styling from a sadly gone period of exciting automotive flair, which has now been replaced by mundane, computer-generated designs.

Stunning cars with lovely detailing, especially for an English, transatlantic-styled vehicle. If you haven't seen one, Google some images, and I'm sure you'll be delighted by what you see.

Love the fins, the chrome, and the coupe roof - perfect design of that period. If you're not convinced, just watch people flock around them at car shows. Then you'll know why.

3 GT40

Best car ever. It shuts out Ferrari easily, no joke. But don't forget about Chevy. They don't come close!

The GT40 made Ferrari look like snails at Le Mans. This car was a legend, despite the short number of wins it scored.

4 Boss Mustang

The Boss trio of Mustangs (302, 429, 351) may be the greatest thing Ford ever did. The 302 went on to dominate Trans Am, while the 429 tore up the drag strip. And of course, the 351 was the best of both worlds. It's lucky that Ford brought back the Boss 302 for 2012 and 2013.

5 Shelby GT500
6 Focus

I just love my Ford Focus MKI. I wouldn't trade it for all the cars in the world.

Brilliant car - the Mark 1 Focus RS looks amazing and it's perfect to drive!

7 Thunderbird

The '57 T-Bird has no equal in styling among all the cars Ford has made. The '33 and '34 come close.

The '57 T-Bird is the most beautiful Ford ever!

Such a beautiful car! The '57 Thunderbird will always be my favorite.

8 GT90 Concept

My first car was a 1937 Chevy. It was a great car, a four-door, Al Capone-type car. My second was a 1949 Ford with a flathead V8. It was a great car for drag racing, except I couldn't beat a Pontiac straight-eight.

9 Mustang Cobra R

Amazing. My cousin has one, and it is just powerful and great for drifting. It's also faster than a friend's Camaro ZR1.

10 GT

I adore the Mustang, but that won't put us in world competition, not even close. Seven hundred horses. So beautiful, it makes me want to cry.

The Contenders
11 F-150

It's a great hauling truck. I would get another one.

12 Escort MK2
13 Anglia

Cool-looking and easy to modify. I fitted mine with a modern Zetec engine, and it was awesome.

14 Fiesta

It is a nice, small car that has a great history. I think it is the best. Also, the new Fiesta has the latest technology, like a sat-nav.

It's a nice, small hatchback and is quite stylish!

15 Sierra XR4
16 Cortina MK5
17 Cortina MK1

MK1s and MK2s were truly the forerunners to the MK1/2 Escorts. Ford made a Cortina for everybody, from a 1300cc shopping car all the way to the Lotus version. The 1600Es were built to cater to more discerning customers. Without knowing it, Ford had built a cult car, and the streets of the 70s and early 80s were full of them.

18 Capri MK1
19 F-150 SVT Raptor

Very tough - tougher than Silverado, Ram, and Tundra.

20 Model T

The car that sparked the automotive industry. Thank the two Hungarian immigrants who designed the Model T!

21 Mustang GT
22 Fusion

This thing is durable, but issues abound for my 2012 Fusion SEL. One issue is that when my tire blew, it killed the tire sensor. Also, the check engine light was on for a bit. My dad hit a deer with it, and the car only has a minor trim issue. Great car, though.

I have a 2012 Ford Fusion SEL. Other than a tire pressure sensor fault, the car has been amazing. It has had no engine breakdowns, even though it has 50,000 miles on it. The new one is okay, but get a used 2012 Fusion SEL. You'll be glad you did.

23 Crown Victoria

I have a Crown Victoria, and this car has a big engine and is really powerful. Also, you have to take into consideration that the Crown Vic P71 is used by most police departments in the U.S.

The Crown Vic is one of the best cars that Ford made. It's strong and lasts longer than any other car that I have ever seen. It is also powerful. This car has amazed me.

It's the most reliable car out there. Big engine, full-size, and still good gas mileage. And you don't look as ugly as you would in a Focus or Prius.

24 Futura
25 Shelby Cobra 427

The car that made Carroll Shelby a legend. Too bad he died 4 years ago (comment posted 2016).

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