Coolest Kids On Kids React

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1 Lia

She's funny hot and the best kid that was on the show

Lia is my Favourite person on the react channel along with a few more

2 Jake

Jakes jokes are absolutely HILAROUIS

3 Elle

Elle acts cool and looks cool.

Elle is very cool :D

Elle is HOT, I want to be her boyfriend

Elle is hot

4 Bryson

He always makes me laugh HILAROUIS dude

5 Jaxon

He is such a cutie. I bet he'll really be a handsome guy someday. Its just so fine to watch him.

Rocking that sweet hairdo

Even though he is a year older I have a big crush on him

He is awesome he makes the show better! Such a cutie!

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6 Lydon

She's really mature for her age we need more of her

She is so fun

7 Sydney

The 6 year that's just so gung and cute

8 The twins

They are so awesome (like Megan the best)

9 Dash

Dash is the coolest kid ever! He is chill and smart just awesome!

Dash is very the best of the show cause he is warm and friendly

His just so CUTE!

10 Anita

She's cool


The Contenders

11 Troy



This is a major problem for me because I have the BIGGEST CRUSH on him.

Troy is my Favourite he is a really funny guy and his reactions are hilarious!

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12 Maxim

He is an incredibly intelligent and open-minded boy, much more insightful and unique than the other kids!

Keep your eyes out for him. This I'd is going to be a star.

Keep your eyes out for this guy. He's going to be a star.

He's cute I like him

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13 Athena

Athena is hilarious and her personality is wondeful!

14 Dylan
15 Seth
16 Claudia

She is the best. Definitely the best looking!

She's very hot. I would want to date her

17 Morgan

She is funny and cute

18 William
19 Ladon

He is super cool

20 Caden
21 Tyler F

So Mature

22 Brooke Monae
23 Emma R.
24 Lucas
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