Crazy Things to Do for Charity

The Top Ten

1 Die

That's some SERIOUS dedication! - Britgirl

please no - ChuckLaunching

2 Get Buried Alive For Thirty-Six Hours

Hmm... Daring. But what if you were forgotten about? - Britgirl

3 Spend The Night in the Tower of London
4 Stick Your Head Through Railings
5 Eat Your Weight in Your Most Unfavourite Food

Eat my weight in CHEESE? For CHARITY? I'd have to think long and hard about this. Cheese. Ugh! - Britgirl

6 Give Up Your Life Savings

Dumb. You'd end needing charity yourself! Couldn't lend me my bus fare home could you? - Britgirl

7 Walk Forty Miles in Shoes That Are Two Sizes Too Small

It feels like I've done this before - without good cause. - Britgirl

8 Balance on a Beam Three Hundred Feet in The Air Without a Safety Harness
9 Outstare a Baby

Haha! Pos, you'd walk away with a slapped face! - Britgirl

This would be funny. Just go O. O at it for as long as you can, and when the mother looks, just say, "she'll be hot when she grows up! " - PositronWildhawk

10 Spend Twenty-Four Hours Shackled to The Person You Least Like

Haha please not! I love this list! - keyson

The Contenders

11 Shave your head
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