Top Ten Creatures That Should Exist


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1 Unicorns

Imagine how neat it would be to see such a majestic horse-like creature, its golden horn glinting in the light. - Ku

They already exist. I AM THE UNICORN! - Merilille

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2 Phoenix Birds

These long-necked,crimson birds would have tears containing healing properties. They would be loyal companions of those who keep them as pets. - Ku

3 Dragons

I would love to actually ride one. For the mean time, let's give a Komodo Dragon wings. - Fandom_Lover

With various elemental powers! (Like in games. Fire dragon, forest dragon, wind dragon, water dragon,light dragon, darkness dragon etc) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

These large beasts have been wanted to exsist for a long time. They could have spikes or breathe fire depending on the species. - Ku

4 A Dog Cat Hybrid

The dogs vs cat war has been raging on for ages. Settle the battle with the brand new combo! Best of both worlds! Loyal and intelligent! Good at fetching and sleeping! - Ku

5 Peacock Flamingo Hybrid

A pink bird with shiny tail feathers that lives in water and can be kept at farms? Yes please! - Ku

6 Bigfoot

Old people would be scared of them and just stay inside so we wouldn't have to deal with their grouchiness.

Found in forests, sleeps in large caves. - Ku

7 Flying Purple Fish

This fish has wings and fly through the sky, its royal purple color easily recognized as it glides over its home: mountains, geysers, or volcanoes. - Ku

8 Sea Llama
9 Narwhal and Horse Hybrid

It would look like a swimming unicorn! - Ku

10 Cat-Dog

The Contenders

11 Mermaids

Well, there's a parable here that Mermaids are cannibal and rabid. So... I'm never swimming again. - Fandom_Lover

Beautiful half fish half women swimming in lakes, rivers,and oceans. They'd have colorful tails. - Ku

12 Mini Hippo
13 Hairless Gorilla
14 Furry Snake
15 Chupacabra
16 Sea Monsters

Large, serpentine creatures that dine on seaweed and fish. - Ku

17 ManBearPig

Ha, I see what you did there. - Ku

18 Jumbo Hamster
19 Pug Faced Monkey
20 Land Shark

This reminds me of an inside joke I have with my family. Once my younger brother couldn't sleep because he had watched Shark Week all day and had developed a fear of sharks. When he told my parents, they told him not not worry because sharks lived in the ocean. Then my brother started crying and said "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LAND SHARKS?! " Now whenever my brother gets scared we say, "Watch out for the land sharks." - Ku

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