Top Ten Reasons Why the Zombie Apocalypse Wouldn't Last Long

We all know that, hopefully, the zombie apocalypse probably would never happen in reality. However, if it were to happen in real life, many factors would cut it short. Please note that most of these are scientific reasons/naturally occurring reasons.
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1 Zombies wouldn't be able to survive the four seasons

I'm going to go ahead and put them as a whole; zombies would speed up in the decaying process in the heat of summer, freeze in winter, in spring and autumn zombies may have a chance, though it is incredibly slim considering many animals are waking and preparing to go into hibernation at the time. Sure, in different regions the seasons may be colder or warmer, but at some point in the year [summer for the south and winter for the north], several zombies would be no more.

2 Bacteria would eventually break down the zombies like all other decomposing matter

Zombie, despite being "undead", would still go through all the decomposing processes. Including the bacteria that breaks it down.

3 Natural disasters would demolish zombies

Let's face it, they happen everyday. And humans always seem to be around when natural disasters occur. So would zombies; a zombie plus an earthquake, avalanche, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, flash floods, etc... Zombies wouldn't stand a chance, I'm afraid.

Well it is more rare for it to happen around my area, but zombies in Japan and California would recieve loads of earthquakes

That zombie wouldn't stand a chance against any tornado, or others

4 Scavengers and other wildlife would eat the zombies

A zombie apocalypse would mean just one big lunch for vultures, Tasmanian devil's, crows, coyote, bears, etc...

5 Since their cells are basically all dead, zombies would have the inability to heal

So if you slice their legs off, they would only be able to crawl, unless you slice off their arms too.

6 We would be prepared for it

Considering the copious amount of zombie media out there, it would be hard to see how people wouldn't already know how to fight back against them.

With all the pre-existing knowledge on Zombies, the government and society as a whole would wipe them out in a matter of weeks if not months

7 The virus for zombies would most likely be difficult to spread

It would most likely be like rabies, you must be bitten in order to get it. Even though movies make that appear to happen quickly, it would not. If that were the actual case, diseases such as rabies would be more common. If the virus was airborne, it may spread faster, but as usual, a way to contain it will be done.

8 Zombies would struggle in everyday weather

Depending on the location, there may be heavy rains, extreme winds, sandstorms, etc... In heavy rain, a zombie wouldn't be able to withstand the wet area and be clumsily. In extreme winds, since they're muscle cells are dead, they'd have not strength to move steadily, etc...

9 The Earth is very widespread, so it would take forever for zombies to spread all over

It would take absolutely forever for zombies to get on every continent, considering all the bodies of water that surround us, even by plane or by boat.

10 The landscape itself would make zombies struggle

A zombie in the Rocky mountains, Amazon, or the Sahara desert? Wouldn't last long, if you ask me.

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11 Armies would demolish zombies

Armies would be able to demolish zombies. In movies, it may appear like even high tech weapons are not much useful against so many zombies. However, those weapons will be very useful when used with soldiers. Soldiers are trained well and zombies don't have weapons. This would surely make things easier for soldiers. Furthermore, decaying zombies should not be able to move quickly because their muscles don't generate and because it is stiffened due to not stretching.

12 Genetic mutation may cause immunity to any zombie virus

Who's knows? Some people may just have a immunity to the virus, like some people survived the black death because of a scarce gene that has since become more common.

13 They would explode

When you die, bacteria in your body create gasses and they have nowhere to go so they build up until you burst

14 They are fictional
15 Zombies can not reproduce
16 Bugs will take action

When a person dies and gets buried underground, insects such as maggots, beetles, etc. will take action. Even if you died on the surface and were never buried, the process will still continue. Anyway, let's just say that you are standing in front of 10 zombies (far away, and they are very slow). And let's say they have insects on them. The insects will be working together to digest the zombie faster, but the main problem is that the process is very slow. So, when the zombies are 1 meter away from you, nothing much would have changed because it will take weeks (could also take months) for them to finally just be bones. Just shoot them in the head or something, so it's faster. Maybe animals could eat them, but would that mean they get the virus too? Maybe. I'm not so sure right now, but if the insects don't get affected, wouldn't the animals? Oh well, that's all I have to say, and as always, have a great day (Please comment anything I was wrong about, thank you.)

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