Top Ten Creepiest Adverts

There are plenty of adverts out there which are just plain disturbing and creepy. These are those adverts which will scar you for life.

The Top Ten

1 K-Fee (Scary Car)


It's a real advert. The infamous scary car advert which went viral on YouTube. - Cazaam

There are more ads. Check out kfee1, the official channel, or Coffee and More to get the whole bunch.

Sooo scary!

2 PS3 Baby Advert

One of the reasons why I don't like babies

Thus one is weird - blackflower

A demonic baby doll and a PS3 in a white cube together... the baby doll makes creepy movements throughout... What were Sony thinking? - Cazaam

3 Baby Laugh A-Lot advert

I like it - blackflower

Just Google it and find one of the most demented adverts in all of television. - Cazaam

4 1970's match advert

What is this creepy abomination of an advert? It's of an abandoned house with creepy echoey sounds every so often. The lesson here is to not lek kids play with matches... Why did you have to do that in the most horrifying of ways though? - Cazaam

The advert's called "Fire Prevention: Searching" but it's probably the most messed up advert on British T.V..

5 NSPCC advert

Proof adverts can still be extremely creepy without showing a thing. This advert has crying babies, shouting parents, pedo fathers and abandoning mothers only in audio whilst the images show random things on the walls. This almost scarred me for life. so I will not give money to the people who make the most demented ads on T.V.. - Cazaam

6 Cadbury Eyebrows

Those emotionless kids just staring into your soul whilst moving their eyebrows to the music of a mobile phone as if they've been possessed by it... It's a glass and a half of pure horror! - Cazaam

7 THINK! It's 30 for a reason

Please stop. This is creeping me out. The dreary atmosphere combined with the young girl's voice make for one of the most horrifying adverts on T.V.. - Cazaam

8 Richard didn't want to die. THINK! Always wear a seatbelt

These THINK! Adverts in the UK are some of the most demented, horrifying and in this case, gory horror stories.

Richard, who is not wearing a seatbelt, is not killed by the initial impact or striking the windscreen. Because he is not wearing a seatbelt the impact on the steering wheel, even when cushioned by an airbag, broke his ribs which punctures his lungs. And that's how Richard died. - Cazaam

Even if Richard was wearing a seatbelt he would have died anyways

9 Little Baby's Ice Cream

Not that bad - blackflower

A person made of ice cream engaging in self cannibalism... Nice. - Cazaam

This thing makes me physically uncomfortable. Most unnerving ad I've ever seen. Kfee is a jumpscare, I can get over that. But this... this ice-cream person's stare gets burned into your mind.

10 Humpty Dumpty Kinder Surprise

Especially the close up - blackflower

I remember being 10 years old in 2008 and using YouTube for the very first time. And when I saw this advert I immediately wanted to punch my computer screen because of how truly horrifying this ad was. It's that bad.

The creepiest ad I've ever seen, and I've seen many ads. - PositronWildhawk

Why does this thing even exist?!

The Contenders

11 Japanese Tire Commercial

Yeah - blackflower

It gets me every time I watch it

Scary as hell

12 Tampax Shark Attack

Tampax - Now leak proof. - Cazaam

13 Brian The Robot

He Is creepy

Think about it

It's a Creepy ass robot

14 Krinkles the Clown

He's a cereal killer

weird - blackflower

15 Fire Kills - Push the Button, Not Your Luck

This Scared The Heck Out Of Me When I Was 5, And I Had Nightmares Ever Since - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

This was pretty scary, even for UK T.V.. I honestly expected some NatWest advert or something, but all of a sudden, "The batteries in your smoke alarm." And the dad is seen crying over a picture of his family.
What the hell.

16 Baby Wee Wee
17 WSIB kitchen
18 Mental Wealth - PlayStation (1999)

The actress is pretty looking (even today) but the advert is rather... creepy? - Swellow

19 Spider - Audi RS4 (UK 2005)
20 Go Compare
21 Moon Pig
22 The Puggerfly Snapchat Three Advert
23 Guinea Pig - Partnership for a Drug Free Singapore (Singapore, 1999)
24 Polaroid - Scotland Against Drugs (UK, 1996)
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